Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 70.2 Applying medicine

Yan Hao quickly arrived at the door of Sheng Heng’s room and was just about to knock when the door suddenly opened from the inside.

“Xiao Hao?!” Seeing Yan Hao, a hint of surprise appeared in Sheng Heng’s eyes, “You came to look for me?”

“En.” Yan Hao nodded.

“What’s wrong?” Sheng Heng asked.

“Can you take off your clothes so I can see your back?”

“!!” Sheng Heng.

“!!” The two classmates who happened to be passing.

“Come in.” Pulling Yan Hao into the room, Sheng Heng closed the door with a snap, blocking out the two pairs of increasingly heated gazes outside.

Caught off guard, Yan Hao was pulled into the room. As he stood up straight, he looked up and met Sheng Heng’s eyes that were now close enough to touch, eyes that were extremely bright that Yan Hao dared not look into them directly. He stepped back a bit to adjust.

“You want to see my back?” Sheng Heng asked.

“I….. I just wanted to see if you were injured.” Yan Hao remembered the real reason he was there and lifted the medical kit he was carrying, explaining, “Earlier, when the spaceship shook, things fell all over in the maintenance room and I was worried that some parts might have hit you.”

It turns out it was like this.

Sheng Heng’s bright eyes dimmed slightly, but Yan Hao’s concern still kept him in a more pleasant mood than usual: “I was hit a few times by parts just now.”

“Let me see quickly.” The moment Yan Hao heard that Sheng Heng had really been hit, he put the medical kit down urgently and tried to pull Sheng Heng’s clothes off.

“It’s alright, mech warriors have a better physique in general. Getting hit a few times isn’t considered an injury.” Sheng Heng held Yan Hao’s hand, but didn’t use much force, so after a struggle, Yan Hao managed to pry open a corner of Sheng Heng’s clothes.

In an instant, a large patch of purplish-blue appeared in his line of sight.

“You’re all bruised up.”

“It’s okay, it will be fine in a couple of days.” Sheng Heng turned around and put his shirt, which had been lifted up by Yan Hao back on.

“Let me apply some medicine on for you, it will heal faster this way.” Yan Hao opened the medicine kit and found two kinds of ointment for the symptoms.

“I don’t need medicine.”

“I’m the pharmacist, I decide whether you need medicine or not.” Yan Hao insisted.

This was the first time Sheng Heng had seen Yan Hao being so ‘dominant’. He didn’t dislike this ‘dominance’; instead, he felt a hint of pleasure. Yan Hao had always been polite and cautious with people, so this ‘dominance’ must be because he considered Sheng Heng to be someone close to him.

“Oh.” Sheng Heng complied obediently. Turning around, he took off his shirt, which revealed his strong back, as well as the various-sized blue and purple bruises.

Earlier, in the maintenance room, metal parts had flown about everywhere and the place where they had been standing had also been piled full of various discarded parts. What’s more the spaceship had swayed back and forth several times. He, in order to protect Yan Hao, had definitely gotten smashed quite badly.

“Lie down.” Yan Hao gestured for Sheng Heng to lie down on the bed.

Sheng Heng breathing tightened as he looked at his bed. He hesitated.

“If you lie down, it will be easier for me to massage the blood clots out in a moment with strength.” Yan Hao explained.

Massage with strength?!

The muscles in Sheng Heng’s back bulged and he became tense all over.

“Don’t use force, relax.” Yan Hao slapped Sheng Heng’s back. However this slap not only didn’t relax Sheng Heng’s back muscles, it made them become even more tense. Fortunately, Sheng Heng reacted and quickly turned around, walked to the bedside, and lay down without a word.

Taking out the ointment, Yan Hao sat on the bedside and began applying the medicine on Sheng Heng’s back.

The ointment was very cool, but Yan Hao’s fingers were very warm. Sheng Heng buried his head deeply in the pillow, feeling the alternating cold and warm sensation on his back.

“Senior, does it hurt a lot?”

“It doesn’t hurt.” Sheng Heng’s voice was muffled.

“Then can you relax? Otherwise, it will be difficult for me to massage the blood clots out.” Yan Hao told him.

“I’ll….. try.” It wasn’t that Sheng Heng didn’t want to relax, however the person he liked was rubbing his back, so how could he do that?

As a result, the original 10 minute application process was dragged to 30 minutes, and after the task was over, both were covered in sweat.

“Alright, we’re done.” Yan Hao gestured to Sheng Heng that he could get up.

Sheng Heng didn’t get up immediately. Instead, he buried his head and panted heavily three times before calming his upward surge of qi and blood, but when he sat up and saw Yan Hao, whose face was flushed and covered with sweat and whose breath was coming in slight pants, that qi and blood went downwards violently, right to his lower abdomen.

His face changing drastically, Sheng Heng grabbed the quilt on the bed and covered himself with it.

“??” Yan Hao looked at Sheng Heng in confusion.

“I….. suddenly feel a bit sleepy.” Sheng Heng said awkwardly.

“Then, Senior Sheng, rest well. I’ll be leaving first.” Yan Hao got up quickly, tidied the medicine kit up and bid farewell before leaving.

After Yan Hao left, Sheng Heng jumped off the bed immediately, turned around and rushed into the bathroom but came out shortly after with a frustrated expression. It was because he suddenly realized one thing— if he took a cold shower, the medicine that Yan Hao had just applied on his back would be washed off as well.

Forget it, just endure it.

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