Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 117.2 Old Pang’s request

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But in the end, Yan Hao did register a patent for his energy block converter. However, after he registered it, he announced directly through the patent office that his patent could be used for free. This way, both businesses and individual mech builders could find the creation method of the energy block converter on the official patent website, greatly reducing the price of the energy block converter.

At the same time, he pulled the students who had ordered the energy block converter from him into a group chat, then announced this news and told them that if they wanted him to make it, there would be a 50,000 starcoins service fee, and he would only provide two pairs of energy block converters per day and that those in a hurry could go back and ask their own mech builders to do it.

When Yan Hao’s news came out, except for those in a hurry, the rest chose to go back and have their partners make it. After all, they would have to buy it back and ask their partners for help in installation and weapon replacement. It would be more convenient to let the partners make the whole set and switch weapons.

Yan Hao’s approach received high praise from Old Pang.

“At such a young age, not being confused by money, you are much better than I was at your age.” He and Old Zhong made a lot of money using their mech talents when they were young. It was only after they reached middle age and experienced the battlefield that their mindset gradually changed.

Yan Hao was a little embarrassed by Old Pang’s praise: “I’ve been studying with Master, so there’s not much I need money for.”

“That’s true, the Second Young Master of the Sheng family is your wife, so you really don’t lack money.” Old Pang continued to tease with a smile.

Yan Hao’s face turned so red it looked like it was about to bleed.

“Speaking of this, I get angry. I was obviously the one who first sent Sheng Heng a meeting gift, but it’s actually Old Zhong who is known by the whole internet first.”

Startled, it took Yan Hao a long time to react. What was this development?

“These people only know how to uncover the mimetic mech, don’t they know to uncover those particle cannons? Is that something ordinary people can make?”

Master, there’s no need to uncover it. Everyone knows that it’s only Master Zhong who can make a mimetic mech.

“Xiao Hao, I’ve set a goal for you this semester.” Old Pang said.

Yan Hao looked up, listening attentively.

“By the end of this semester, I want you to make a level six mech. Especially the weapons part, you must master it.” Old Pang said.

The current Yan Hao was no longer the novice mech student he once was. He knew that for a university student, it was a great achievement to become a level four mech builder by the time of graduation.

“Master, isn’t this too fast?” Yan Hao was somewhat unsure, “I’ve just started learning parts building.”

“Who gave you that illusion?” Old Pang glared at him.

Yan Hao didn’t speak, his eyes silently looking at the spare parts room where he had spent a semester.

“Did you only learn parts building last semester? You have completed the mech foundation of six years of middle and high school, plus the parts building and mech maintenance of the second and third year of university.” Old Pang said.

“!!!” I learnt so much? How come I didn’t know?

“The knowledge taught in your class from now on, you don’t need to listen to. Of course, if you want to continue going to class, I won’t object. Consider it relaxation.” Old Pang said.

“But I’ve only learned parts of a level four mech.” Yan Hao told him.

“I mixed several level six parts in there, which you have disassembled. I saw that you did well in both disassembling and assembling.” Old Pang had been secretly observing. When he saw that Yan Hao successfully disassembled and repaired a level six part, he secretly changed his teaching method.

“Middle and high school teaches the basics of parts, and university teaches the basics of building. As long as these two fundamentals are solid, the subsequent level five mech, level six mech, and even level nine mech are all evolved from the original basis. It’s just that the building process becomes more complex and requires higher mental energy.” Old Pang said. “From the beginning, I noticed that your mental energy was higher than your peers and your control was good. This time when you encountered a level nine zerg attack on the interstellar battlefield, you could even remain conscious amidst the sudden psychic shockwaves. With such aptitude, I dare not say for level nine mech, but for level eight mech building, your mental energy is definitely enough. So, a level six mech will not be too difficult for you.”

“Master, I will work hard.” Seeing his Master’s confidence in him made him feel more confident as well.

“When you have completed the building of the level six mech, go to the Mech Builder’s Association to register as a level six Mech Builder, and when you get to the section to list your Instructing Master, remember to write my name.” Old Pang said.

“…” This is your real motive, right?

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