Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 131.2

Editor: Jodi

Two minutes later, Sima Mingxuan returned to the dining room, and the first thing he looked at was the empty seat: “Where’s Yan Hao?”

Yan Fei’s hand that was holding his chopsticks tightened, however he still answered, “Gone back to his room.”

Hearing this, Sima Mingxuan turned and rushed upstairs. This made Yan Fei so angry that he snapped the chopsticks in his hand in half. Lu Si Ying also found it somewhat strange and couldn’t help but ask him, “Xiao Fei, why is Mingxuan looking for your big brother?”

“I haven’t been able to finalize my prescription, and Mingxuan has seen how much I’m struggling, so he’s probably going to talk to big brother.” Yan Fei answered her, suppressing his anger.

“Wait a few more days and I’ll go and talk to your big brother.” Lu Si Ying told him.

“Thank you mum.” Yan Fei said, however his eyes remained fixed on the second floor. Then after a moment, the sound of Yan Hao struggling violently came from upstairs. “Sima Mingxuan, what are you doing? Let go of me!”

The three Yan family members froze, then they all turned to look in the direction of the stairs and saw Sima Mingxuan holding Yan Hao’s arm with one hand in a death grip, practically dragging him downstairs.

Father Yan’s face darkened immediately. “Mingxuan, what are you doing?”

Even if Yan Hao had done something wrong, he couldn’t treat him like this in front of him. Wasn’t this just stomping his face into the ground?

“Uncle, Aunt, Yan Fei, you have to leave this place with me immediately.” Sima Mingxuan said with a serious expression, his tone not allowing any refusal.

The three of them were confused, and Yan Fei even asked directly, “Mingxuan, what’s going on?”

“A spatial passage has appeared near Z Star Planet and zergs are jumping out from it. The fastest reinforcements will take at least twelve hours to arrive, and with Z Star Planet’s current military strength, they won’t be able to hold the large zerg army back, so we have to leave this place immediately. If the large zerg army arrives, it won’t take half a day for half the planet to fall.” Sima Mingxuan explained.

“Dad, Mom, let’s go.” When Yan Fei heard this, he didn’t dare delay any longer, pulling his parents towards the door.

“Wait. We have a Tianhe One warship stationed on Z Star Planet, and it can destroy the spatial passage.” Father Yan was a former soldier, hence he knew a little bit about the military deployment on Z Star Planet. Moreover, when Z Star Planet purchased the Tianhe One warship years ago, the whole planet had been notified. Z Star Planet was his hometown, so as long as there was a glimmer of hope, he didn’t want to leave.

“The Tianhe One warship is broken.” Sima Mingxuan told him.

“How is that possible?!” Father Yan couldn’t believe it.

“Although I don’t know why it’s broken, the information I received is accurate.” Sima Mingxuan continued, “I have a small military ship parked at the harbor. If we leave now, we can leave through a special channel, but if we wait any longer, we’ll have to wait in line at the harbor once the citizens start to run.”

After Sima Mingxuan finished saying this, he stopped paying attention to them and pulled Yan Hao towards the door. At this moment, the only person he cared about on the entire Z Star Planet was Yan Hao. As for the others, he couldn’t care less if they chose to leave or not.

Two minutes later, everyone was on board a hover car, speeding toward the harbor. Shortly after they left, a military aircraft landed right at their doorstep.

Cong Yi jumped off the aircraft like a rocket and rushed inside, only for his face to darken after he searched the whole house but didn’t find anyone. 

“Lieutenant Colonel, the food in the dining room is still warm. They must have left not long ago.” Yan Rong reported from the dining room.

“I’ll try calling him again.” On the way here, Cong Yi had tried repeatedly to reach Yan Hao through his communicator, but it never connected.

“Huh, why is there no signal?” Cong Yi was about to lower his head to make a call when he suddenly realized that there was no signal on his light brain. This was a military equipment, how could it not have a signal?

Yan Rong also noticed the issue. “There must be a signal blocking device. I’ll go look for it.”

“No need, we’ll make the call outside.” Cong Yi got up and headed for the door, and sure enough, the signal was restored the moment they left the vicinity of the Yan family’s home. He called Yan Hao again immediately.

‘Beep’, the call connected.

Cong Yi was overjoyed.

On the other side, Yan Hao was brought forcefully into the car by Sima Mingxuan, then the group sped towards the harbor.

Once they were inside the car, Sima Mingxuan pressed Yan Hao and whispered, “When we get out of here, you’ll help me configure the medicinal liquid. Consider it a repayment for me saving your life.”

“I didn’t ask you to save me.”

“Before you cure me, you can’t die even if you want to.” Sima Mingxuan snorted coldly.

Just then, the terminal of Yan Hao’s light brain rang. Both of them looked down at the same time and saw the name: Eldest Senior Brother Cong Yi.

Yan Hao reached out to answer it, but Sima Mingxuan’s actions were quicker. He disconnected the call first, then pulled it out of Yan Hao’s hand directly, clutching it.

“What are you doing?!” Yan Hao said angrily.

“Cong Yi has just been assigned the task of repairing the Tianhe One warship by the military command, so now that he’s reaching out to you, it’s because he wants you to help him repair it. Tianhe One is a top tier weapon, not something just anyone can repair. You’ve only been studying mecha for a year and a half, so you’ll only be going to your death.” Sima Mingxuan said.

“Who are you to decide what I should do? Give me back my light brain.” Yan Hao stood up to snatch it back.

Sima Mingxuan snorted coldly, then clenching his five fingers tightly, crushed Yan Hao’s light brain directly.

“You!” Yan Hao was so angry his eyes turned red.

“I’m saving you right now.” After Sima Mingxuan finished saying this, he stopped paying attention to him and lowered his head to contact his guards at the harbor with instructions to prepare for takeoff.

Yan Hao took his light brain which had been flattened by Sima Mingxuan back and tried to repair it, however after fiddling with it for a while, he realized that there was no way to do so. Sima Mingxuan had crushed the chip directly with that one move.

D*mn it!

The car continued toward the harbor, however after only five minutes of driving, the internal alarm of the hover car suddenly went off, then interstellar traffic police cars surrounded them on both sides closely.

“The owner of vehicle V879001, stop immediately.” The voice of the interstellar traffic police sounded over the alarm.

Father Yan who was driving froze for a second, but then pulled over to the side immediately.

“Don’t panic, they’re probably just conducting a routine check.” Sima Mingxuan told him, fearing that if he appeared too nervous, it might attract the attention of the traffic police and they might end up asking more questions, which would only delay their escape.

Nodding, Father Yan rolled the window down and was about to ask what was going on when they heard a deafening roar coming from the sky.

A military aircraft descended from above, landing just two meters in front of their car. Then a middle aged man in military uniform with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel rushed over and not wasting any words, immediately opened the door of their hover car and began scanning the interior. Then his eyes landed on a teenager sitting at the far end.

“Little Junior Brother!” Cong Yi shouted excitedly. He had finally found him.

“Eldest Senior Brother.” Yan Hao’s face lit up with joy. He was about to stand up, however the moment he began to get up, he was pushed back down forcefully.

“Yan Hao, if you go with him you’ll probably die. Don’t you want to see Sheng Heng again?” Sima Mingxuan almost stuck to Yan Hao as he whispered in ear.

“Senior isn’t like you. He wouldn’t run away at a time like this.” Yan Hao said, then looking in Cong Yi’s direction again, shouted, “Eldest Senior Brother, save me! This person is trying to kidnap me.”


Cong Yi’s pupils contracted, then he pulled out a g*n immediately.

“…..” Sima Mingxuan.

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3 thoughts on “Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

  1. Sima Mingxuan deserved to have a gun facing him.

    He is kidnapping Yan Hao in order to save his own life and putting everyone in the planet’s life in danger. This shows what kind of soldier is he. He is only one who cares about getting fame and not really caring about people’s life or to serve the people.

    I hope everyone realises what kind of person is Sima Mingxuan who Sima family brags is such a hero.

    1. For real, and I thought he deserved that Marshall rank that he had in Yan Hao’s previous life.

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