Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 51.2

After Yan Hao left, someone immediately discovered the empty seat and came over to sit down. He Shao didn’t stop the person, after all, with Old Pang’s relationship, Yan Hao seriously didn’t need to attend this open class, so they should leave this opportunity to these ordinary students.

Ten minutes later, Yan Hao arrived at the tenth floor of the laboratory building. He first went to Old Pang’s lab, saw that no one was there, then sent a message to him.

Yan Hao: [Teacher, I am here. Are you not in the lab?]

Old Pang: [I’m in the lounge, turn left out the door and walk to the end]

Yan Hao turned left, went all the way to the end and sure enough, he saw the lounge. He knocked on the door and it was opened from the inside.

“Hello , I’m…Yan Hao?!” The smile on Baby Bug’s face froze instantly.

“Baby Bug?” Yan Hao was also a little surprised to see Baby Bug.

“What are you doing here?”

“My teacher told me to come.” Yan Hao said.

“……” There couldn’t be such a coincidence, right? Was Yan Hao Old Pang’s disciple?

Yan Hao reacted quickly after a brief moment of shock. His teacher had asked him to come here to meet someone, but Baby Bug was also present and Baby Bug had said that his teacher was also in the school. Could it be that the person his teacher wanted him to meet was Baby Bug’s teacher, that is, Old Zhong?

“You two, what are you doing at the door?” Old Pang’s voice came from inside.

Baby Bug moved back somewhat stiffly and Yan Hao walked in. He first bowed respectfully to Old Pang, and then nodded in greeting towards the other strange old man.

“What, you two know each other?” Baby Bug’s voice had been so loud that Old Pang and Old Zhong who were inside the lounge had heard it.

“Yes, we’re online friends.” Yan Hao nodded.

“Oh, such a coincidence?” When Old Pang heard this, he only thought that it was a coincidence, but when Old Zhong heard this, he felt that it was more than a coincidence.

With a sinking expression, he looked at his disciple for confirmation.

Baby Bug nodded hesitantly at Old Zhong.

“That’s good then. Let me introduce someone to you. This is your online friend’s teacher and my friend, Professor Zhong Gao Xuan. He has a gift for you, hurry up and come and get it.” Old Pang said with a smile.

Naturally, Yan Hao wasn’t stupid enough to go up to ask for a gift, but he walked up respectfully to Old Zhong and bowed respectfully: “Hello, Old Zhong. And…. thank you for the information you gave me the last time, it was very helpful to this junior, thank you. “

After saying this, Yan Hao stood in place in a somewhat constrained manner, his fingers tugging at the corners of his coat tightly to ease his nervousness.

“He gave you information?” Old Pang asked.

“Yes, I was researching mimetic piloting systems during the summer and Old Zhong asked Baby Bug to pass me some information which, after reading it, was extremely helpful.” Yan Hao answered.

Old Pang looked at Old Zhong whose expression was livid and with a twinkle in his eye, remembered something. When had this old man been so kind as to just give out information to anyone? This was clearly a plan. Could it be that he had also taken a liking to Yan Hao and wanted to take him as his disciple?

“You’re working on the mimetic piloting system, so the information he gave you, do you understand it?” Old Pang asked.

“I can only understand half of it but the other half is related to Mech Building and my knowledge in mech is still lacking, so I don’t really understand it.” Yan Hao replied honestly.

Yan Hao was still in his first year of university and had only learnt the basics of Mech Building, so if he was saying he understand half of it, then it definitely meant he understood the part related to mimetic programming. The fact that Yan Hao could understand most of the information when his knowledge of mech wasn’t yet full showed that Yan Hao was very talented in both programming and mathematics.

When Old Pang first took a liking to Yan Hao, it was only because he was so gifted in the control of mental energy, so calm and so perceptive in the assembly of mech parts that he had the idea of taking him as his disciple. As a result, he didn’t expect that this little guy was not only highly gifted in the control of mental power…..

“It’s okay if you don’t understand, I’ll teach you later.” Old Pang suddenly felt that he had found a treasure.

“What the h*ll can you teach him? You’re not as good at maths as I am.” Old Zhong couldn’t stand it any longer.

“Didn’t you hear Yan Hao say that he understood the maths part? It’s only the mech part that he didn’t understand. Can you beat me in that respect?” Old Pang sneered back, “Besides, Yan Hao is my disciple. If I don’t teach him, could it be that I should let others teach him?”

After living the most part of his life, Old Zhong could very well spot the nature of a person with a glance, and his eyes had fallen on Yan Hao when he entered. Although Yan Hao didn’t say more than a few words, he could tell from Yan Hao’s eyes, his manner and the tone of his voice that Yan Hao wasn’t the materialistic person he had thought he was, but a young man with a simple mind.

Furthermore, the information he gave Yan Hao was basic, but for a freshman, it wasn’t something he could understand simply by reading it. He had assumed that Yan Hao was the same age as Ba Yun and that he was at the very least a level 5 Mech Building Master, which was why he had given him the information. But now in comparison, Yan Hao was better than he had assumed and he seemed to have very good mental strength too.

Old Zhong had already been interested in accepting him as his disciple, but the more he thought about this situation, the more enraged he became. He had been beaten to the punch by someone else, and that someone who had beaten him was the same Pang Tianhe who he had been fighting with in all respects since they were students.

Wait a minute, Pang Tianhe had only taken him as a disciple a few days ago but he had met him a month earlier. This wasn’t the case of the swift-footed arrived first, it was Pang Tianhe, this old man who had stolen his disciple.

“What do you mean by your disciple, he’s my disciple.” Old Zhong turned fiercely, giving a roar that came straight from his diaphragm.

Yan Hao looked at Old Zhong with a dumbfounded expression on his face, when did he become his disciple?

“What a joke, if Yan Hao were your disciple, would he not know you?” Old Pang sneered.

“I asked Ba Yun to give him the information to test him, but I was busy with my research some time ago, that’s why this matter was put on hold.” Old Zhong said, “I gave him the information more than a month ago.”

“Hey!” Old Zhong glared at Yan Hao, “Did you receive the information more than a month ago, what’s more read it?”

“Yes.” Yan Hao nodded honestly.

“Did you hear that? He passed the test more than a month ago and is my disciple.” Old Zhong looked at Old Pang smugly.

Old Pang was somewhat convinced by Old Zhong’s words, otherwise there was no way to explain why Old Zhong had inexplicably given Yan Hao the information: “A delay is still a delay. Anyways Yan Hao is now my disciple.”

“Those who have studied must have had a teacher. He saw the information I gave him and studied it, so he is my disciple, otherwise tell him to give me back what he has learned.” Old Zhong was being unreasonable, “Besides, there is always a two-year internship period before you accept a disciple, so he is still your intern, right? Kid, did you serve him the tea that shows that you have accepted him as your teacher?”

Still dumbfounded, Yan Hao didn’t know how to answer.

“It seems you haven’t.” Old Zhong observed.

“You shameless old man.” Old Pang became angry.

“You are the one who is shameless, stealing my disciple.”

Yan Hao and Baby Bug stood dumbfounded and a little speechless as they watched the two bigwigs in the circle behaving like three-year-old children fighting for candy, getting more and more moronic as they argued.

“Teacher, it’s time for the open class.” In the end, Baby Bug couldn’t help but remind him.

Old Zhong was already tired of arguing and had just been about to take a break, so he took the opportunity to say, “I’m going to class first, don’t try to steal my disciple.”

After Old Zhong left, Old Pang sank back in the sofa angrily, picked up his tea and drank most of it, still very furious.

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