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Chapter 96.1 Converter

Yan Hao was a straightforward person. Simply put, if he liked someone, then he liked that person. However this was an area he had zero experience in; but even though he had never confessed his feelings to anyone before, he had watched enough dramas to know that confessions weren’t always accepted, so he decided to make some preparations first, like getting a gift Sheng Heng would like.

In response to this however, He Shao told him that it was completely unnecessary: “Trust me, it doesn’t need to be so complicated at all. You just need to go over and tell him you like him, or better still, just send a message and that’s it.”

Sheng Heng has been pining for you for almost a year now, so if he wants any gift, you yourself are the best gift.

Just the thought of that scenario made He Shao feel suffocated. Forget the fact that his cub was being yearned for, the result, it was his cub who was still going to confess first. It felt like a loss no matter how he thought about it.

However no matter what He Shao said, Yan Hao still insisted on preparing a gift first, and he also quickly decided on what to give and dove headfirst into his lab, where he stayed for ten days straight.

During these ten days, for the first five days, Sheng Heng purposely avoided Yan Hao, afraid that his presence would remind him of his inappropriate behavior that day. However, during the last five days, when he stopped avoiding him, he found that it seemed as if Yan Hao was the one avoiding him now, because Yan Hao was nowhere to be seen in the cafeteria during lunchtime and only replied with messages saying he was busy.

However Yan Hao had clearly mentioned that Old Pang had given him a break during this period so he could prepare for the finals without stress. What’s more, given Yan Hao’s intelligence, he wouldn’t be so busy with the finals that he wouldn’t even be unable to be seen right? So that just sounded like an excuse.

The moment Sheng Heng realized Yan Hao was avoiding him, he headed straight to his dorm in the middle of the night, impulsively wanting to go in, drag him out, and tell him everything. However in the end, reason won over impulse and he just stood under his dorm for a good half hour before finally just sending a message.

Sheng Heng: [We are partners.]

Yan Hao’s reply was quick and very brief: [Of course.]

Seeing Yan Hao’s affirmative response, Sheng Heng’s heart that was restless with anxiety finally settled down. Yan Hao still acknowledged their partnership, which meant he didn’t really dislike him.

Unbeknownst to Yan Hao, Sheng Heng had come silently and left silently while he was engrossed in the drawing of the schematic for a converter in his dorm. The next morning, he couldn’t wait to fly to the lab to ask for Old Pang’s guidance.

“Master, could you please take a look at this? If I modify the wiring like this and pair it with an advanced level energy block, would it be possible to equip a low level mech with a high level energy weapon?” Yan Hao asked for advice.

Taking the drawing, Old Pang scrutinized it carefully, and the more he looked at it, the more pleased he became. No matter who this drawing was shown to, he/she would never guess that it was the work of a newbie who had only recently begun learning about mech.

It was important to note that the classification of the level of a mech wasn’t only differentiated by the level of its parts, but also by its internal wiring. The higher the level of a mech, the more complex its wiring was, which made it so that simple wirings couldn’t be interfaced with complex ones. Which also led to the fact that mechs of the same level could only be composed of parts of the same level. However, Yan Hao’s converter could facilitate the interface between complex and simple wirings.

“Explain your thought process.” Old Pang had already understood it, but he still wanted to hear Yan Hao explain it.

“High level weapons can’t be installed on low level mechs because the wirings of high level weapons are more complex, so I want to design a converter that has an independent wiring system that can reorganize and redistribute the energy in completion. If I install this converter in the weapon, it can….” Yan Hao explained his design process meticulously.

“This converter will consume a considerable amount of energy, won’t it?” Old Pang asked.

“There’s a consumption rate of 19.23%.” Although this converter could make two different wirings interface, the merging of the wirings would still result in a loss of energy. A level four mech, equipped with a level five weapon could only output 81.77% of the energy of the same weapon in a level five mech.

“If it goes up by another level, it may consume about 10% more energy. If the converter is used directly across two levels, it can only transmit 50% of the energy.” Yan Hao added, “This is just my preliminary estimate. The exact loss of energy will depend on the specific weapon as well as its condition.”

“That means if a level six weapon is installed in a level four mech, one can only be able to utilize half of the weapon’s original power. It doesn’t seem very practical.” Old Pang commented.

“The loss of energy loss is indeed quite significant, so the effect isn’t very obvious when used on weapons below level six.” If a level six weapon lost half its energy, the power outputted wouldn’t be much stronger than that given by an original level four weapon.

“Although it isn’t very practical, the fact that you were able to design such a converter is already very impressive.” Yan Hao’s excellence had exceeded his expectations.

“Master, can you help me find high level weapons?” Yan Hao suddenly asked.

“You want to learn weapon making?” Old Pang frowned. “Although your foundation is solid now, in terms of weapons, I suggest you learn it next semester. And when you do, it’s better to start with a level four particle cannon.”

“Master, you’ve misunderstood. I don’t want to learn, I want to find two high level weapons to test to see if I can install this converter.” Yan Hao explained.

“It turns out it’s like this.” Old Pang laughed, responding easily, “That’s not a problem. What level do you want?”

“Will a level eight one be okay?” Yan Hao asked.

“A level eight weapon?” Old Pang remembered that his little disciple’s partner’s mech seemed to be a level six mech. What was his name again?

“You want to upgrade it for that kid from the Sheng family?” Old Pang couldn’t remember his name, only his surname.

“En.” Yan Hao nodded somewhat shyly.

He was blushing? Why was he blushing?

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