Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 114.1 Mr. Soft Rice

[Is a mimetic mech really that powerful? That a level six mech can kill a level nine zerg?]

[Did you guys see the way the mech maneuvered in the video? When it evaded the zergs’ attack and simultaneously sank and shot, it changed moves at least a dozen times. If it were a traditional mech even with the best skill, such maneuvers couldn’t be executed.]

[And his particle cannons. It’s obviously a level six mech, yet its weapon can blast off a level seven zerg. Does this mean that the weapons of a mimetic mech are more powerful?]

[Yes, yes, I wanted to ask the same thing just now. Isn’t it said that different mechs have different circuits and that high level weapons can’t be equipped on low level mechs?]

[Upstairs, the ones you’re talking about are traditional mechs. The circuits of a mimetic mech are obviously different.]

[D*mn, this mech warrior is so cool. Even though it’s a mimetic mech, being able to single-handedly kill a level nine zerg amidst thousands of zergs isn’t something just anyone can do.]

[Yes, what’s more a level nine zerg also has mental shock waves that only those with level A mental energy can get close.]

[Speaking of which, has the mimetic mech already made its debut? Does anyone know anything?]

Having seen the power of the mimetic mech, people naturally wanted to possess it. More so since the development of the mimetic mech was a direction that the Federation was actively researching. So for a while, a majority of netizens on Starnet began asking about the origins of the mimetic mech. Even those who had friends or relatives in the War God legion didn’t hesitate to reach out directly for information, making it so that the situation escalated to the point where, after obtaining Old Zhong’s approval, the War God legion released the names of the makers of the mimetic mech, Old Zhong and Yan Hao to the public.

The name Old Zhong was known to everyone in the entire Federation, hence Yan Hao, who was announced as Old Zhong’s disciple didn’t attract much attention. They just assumed that this mimetic mech was mainly made by Old Zhong and that his little disciple merely assisted.

Old Zhong was a level ten Master Mech Builder and one of the earliest researchers of the mimetic system, so it was only logical that he could make a mimetic mech.

However, didn’t he say a few years ago that he wouldn’t let the mimetic mech leave the laboratory?

Could it be that he had changed his mind? The mimetic mech could be sold to the public?

Immediately, a bunch of people wanting to purchase the mimetic mech began leaving comments on the official website of the Federation Research Institute.

[Master Zhong, please I want a mimetic mech. I will buy it no matter how much it costs.] This one came from a tycoon.

[Old Zhong, give me a mimetic mech, I also want to kill a level nine zerg.] This one came from someone who was just adding in the excitement.

[Old Zhong, is this money enough to buy one? If it’s not, I’ll gather more.] A screenshot of a bank account was attached to the message, showing an account balance with so many zeros that they couldn’t be counted.

[D*mn, a real-life tycoon.]

[So much money, I can’t count all the zeros.]

It was as if the tycoon above who had provided a screenshot of his bank account had started a trend, because immediately afterwards, more and more people began to post screenshots of their accounts as they asked to buy a mimetic mech, and the amounts mentioned always one upped the one before it, making the comments section look like bidding in an auction, making the netizens question their lives.

Was the gap between the rich and the poor so wide?

As the commotion started becoming a little too big and the Publicity Department of the Federation Research Institute was finding it difficult to cope, they contacted Old Zhong hurriedly and asked him to find a way to explain.

Frowning, Old Zhong opened Starnet, found the thread for buying a mech that had countless layers and left a comment directly: [Not for sale, this mech is a teaching prop and a meeting gift for my disciple’s wife.]

Immediately, his comment was highlighted and pinned by the head of the Research Institute’s Publicity Department and as soon as this comment was made public, the tone of the netizens suddenly shifted.

No one cared about the word ‘prop’ written at the beginning, all their attention was focused on the latter part.

[Disciple’s wife? Meeting gift?]

[Which disciple? Old Zhong has a total of seven disciples, right?]

[No, it’s eight. Didn’t you see the list of mimetic mech makers published by the War God Legion before? There’s one called Yan Hao. It seems he’s Old Zhong’s new disciple.]

[F*ck, could it be that the warrior who solo killed the level nine zerg in the video is this Yan Hao’s boyfriend?]

[If I may ask, little brother Yan Hao, do you still need a boyfriend?]

[If I may ask, do any of Old Zhong’s other disciples lack a boyfriend? The kind with a level four mech certificate after graduating from University.]

[If I may ask, does Old Zhong still need a wife for his disciple? No matter which disciple you pair me with, I’m fine with it.]


After that, there was a series of love-seeking comments and in just half a day, Old Zhong’s disciples became the most popular golden bachelors throughout the federation.

“……” The crowd of disciples.

The person you guys love isn’t me, but my master’s mech.

Fortunately, the exception made by Old Zhong was explained this way, making the purchase messages online disappear gradually. As for the military and other forces that came to inquire through internal relations, they were also rebutted by Old Zhong’s comment— not for sale.

However Sheng Heng became the most envied man who ate soft rice in the entire federation.

When Sheng Heng found out that he had received such an evaluation, not only was he not angry, he was even very happy. With his popularity, if he were a celebrity, this would be considered as him going public.

“That’s too much. How can they say that? It’s not the mimetic mech that killed the level nine zerg, it’s clearly senior’s mental energy.” Yan Hao said angrily.

“But if it wasn’t for the mimetic mech, I really wouldn’t have been able to reach the level nine zerg.” Sheng Heng said with a smile, comforting a certain little cutie who was voicing his grievances for him. Someone who obviously had a very good temper was actually getting angry over such a thing.

“But big brother clearly said that your fighting was excellent, and that if it was someone else, even if they were piloting a mimetic mech, they wouldn’t necessarily have been able to do what you did. The people on the internet saying this about you are obviously negating your merit completely.” Yan Hao felt that it was unfair for Sheng Heng.

“It’s okay, I like eating soft rice.” Then probably because Yan Hao’s angry expression was too cute, with his cheeks puffed up like buns, making one unable to help but want to take a bite, it made Sheng Heng follow his heart’s desire, because opening his mouth, he took a bite gently.

“You…..” Yan Hao covered his face, a bit dazed. However he didn’t move away, still standing in the same place.

Sheng Heng’s heart leapt with joy. This was the first time Yan Hao didn’t avoid him instinctively after being kissed.

Not bad, progress had been made.

As the atmosphere was perfect, he raised his hand then wrapped it quietly around Yan Hao’s waist. However just as he was about to pull him towards him, the door to the dormitory was suddenly knocked on twice.

Suddenly snapping back to his senses, Yan Hao turned around and walked towards the door.

Sheng Heng looked at his right hand that had been raised speechlessly, sighed, then let it fall silently.

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