Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 44.2 Present for present

Federal University.

Yan Hao calculated the time and estimated that the data he had given Baby Bug yesterday should be ready by this morning, so instead of continuing his research, he sat down to assemble the arm of a mech.

Although he was already familiar with the wiring layout of a level 4 mech, he realized that there were many problems that hadn’t been mentioned in the book when he actually started to assemble the mech himself.

“Sure enough, practice is the only way to test theory.” After finishing the assembly, Yan Hao tapped the keyboard a few times and completed a command. The moment the command was completed, the arm that had just been assembled immediately made a fist, “Two seconds to make a fist, it’s true that not everyone can be a mech warrior.”

Yan Hao hadn’t thought anything of it when he’d had Sheng Heng help him demonstrate the move; it was only when he used the command to manipulate the arm of the mech himself that he realized the difficulty of it. A simple fist-clenching motion required nine keystrokes and took him about two seconds. And in combat, a mech had to make a fist, then extend it, punch out, control the direction, and so on. It would take him a minute to complete these set of moves.

“Senior’s hands are injured like that and he is still able to perform such difficult commands. If his hands are fine, how powerful will he be?” The more Yan Hao thought about it, the more he felt sad for Sheng Heng and the more he wanted to finish the mimetic system.

“Ding Ding.”

At this moment, beeps suddenly sounded from his light brain.

Yan Hao clicked on it to check the message and saw that it was from Baby Bug.

Baby Bug: [Ri An, you are a genius. The data you gave is correct; the Super light brain has already generated the data model].

Yan Hao breathed a sigh of relief: [That’s wonderful.]

Actually, before the Super light brain generated the data model, Yan Hao himself hadn’t been 100% sure, that was why he had waited here to see the result.

Baby Bug: [You’ve helped me a lot this time. Give me your address, I’ll give you a present].

Ri An: [No, you’ve helped me out a lot before.] And I even got a hundred starcoins for myself.

Baby Bug: [The questions you asked me before aren’t comparable to this. The data model you solved saved our team at least half a year, and this is a gift that I won in a bet, which means you won it for me, so take it, it’s something you can’t buy. If you don’t take it, I won’t dare to ask for your help again, after all, every piece of data you have is for sale].

Seeing that Baby Bug was insistent, Yan Hao didn’t resist any more and gave him his address.

Baby Bug: [Federal University, you are at Federal University?]

Ri An: [I’m a student at the Federal University].

Baby Bug: [I also graduated from the Federal University. You said earlier that you were working on mimetic systems, which means you’re a disciple of Old Pang?]

Ri An: [No, my teacher is Qin Ren, Professor Qin.]

Baby Bug didn’t reply right away, seeming to pause for a moment before asking: [I just looked it up, Professor Qin is taking freshmen this year, right?]

Ri An: [Yes.]

Baby Bug: [……]

Baby Bug: [……….]

Ri An: [What’s wrong with you?]

Baby Bug: [You’re a f*cking freshman this year?]

Ri An: [Yes.]

Baby Bug: [You’re not lying to me?]

Ri An: [What is there to lie about about such things?]

Baby Bug: [So you were just a primary student when we first met?]

Ri An: [It was summer vacation, and I had just finished primary school.]

What the f*ck difference does it make?

Baby Bug suddenly felt very tired, not wanting to talk to Ri An anymore. The person he had made friends with at that time, had been a primary school student. It was too shocking.

Baby Bug: [I’ll send the stuff over later, remember to pick it up. Right, I also sent you an email, read it when you have time.]

After that, Baby Bug’s avatar faded out, showing that he had gone offline.


Yan Hao didn’t feel Baby Bug’s change of heart. Clicking on his mailbox, he checked his new emails and with just one glance, he froze. Gradually, a look of ecstasy appeared on his face.

Senior Sheng had been right. If he was a friend, he wouldn’t let him suffer, he would reciprocate. He had only helped him solve a math problem and Baby Bug had actually sent him such valuable information.

These were all research materials on the operation of mech mimetic piloting. With these materials, he could reduce a lot of detours.

“So that’s how it is, it’s not that one can write a program and then be able to manipulate a mech smoothly.”

“Sure enough, to change the operation, the core software must be changed….. it seems mechs below level 5 without the Tempest Stone can also work, and any high-level ore above level 7 can be used after it is refined.”

“It will save costs….”

“The mech wiring also needs to be adjusted. Yes, the mimetic system requires tens of thousands of times more computing than command operations, so the wiring certainly needs to be rearranged.”

“So that’s how this place works.”


Yan Hao muttered to himself, looking at the email Baby Bug had sent him while he experimented on the mech arm he had just finished assembling.

Yan Hao was still a novice in the field of mech building. He was definitely talented, had a great learning ability and could even write a mimetic system on his own, but there were still many things that needed to be taken care of in order to perfectly integrate this system with the mech, and these blind spots could only be discovered by Yan Hao when he modified the mech himself. Although there was no advanced technology in it and the things mentioned were small and basic, each point was a stepping stone for the operation of the mimetic system, and were all blind spots that Yan Hao had overlooked before.

This was something that only someone who had tried to build a mimetic mech could conclude.

Yan Hao spent the afternoon going over the basics. After dinner, instead of continuing his research in the lab, he went to the mall and bought a bunch of new parts. For the next twenty days or so, he used these parts and combined with the points mentioned in the email, reworked the arm of the mech.

When the arm of the mech was completely improved and he was sure that there was nothing wrong with it, he went to the school’s Super light brain room with his pre-written formula, paid for the use of it and spent a day building the data model. After that, it took another week to program mimetic system of the level 5 mech.

After all this was done, it was only a week until school started again, but he was still short of a brand new console.

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3 thoughts on “Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

  1. Ahahahaha, I may laugh but I do feel sorry for Babby Bug having found out that HaoHao is actually so young but so smart. 😅
    And if I understood right, HaoHao will have a surprise for his senior/brother at the end of this holiday, and not the one next year. Happy!

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. The researchers are trying to turn mc into a less materialistic boy while ml is fighting for mc to be more materialistic with his life. I like this novel!

  3. Isn’t it more taboo to send a research result to unrelated party? Like how old is this professor, why can’t he understand that? Money is the most neutral exchange value, you pay people for their service, as simple as that, and with no string attached.

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