Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 120.1 Threat

Editor: Jodi

Sima Mingxuan opened the door, only to find Sheng Heng standing outside. He raised an eyebrow in surprise but quickly masked his surprise with a gentle smile, as if he had figured something out.

“Junior Sheng Heng, what brings you here?” Sima Mingxuan asked.

“May I come in?” Sheng Heng nodded in response.

“Please.” Sima Mingxuan stepped aside, gesturing for Sheng Heng to enter.

Without hesitation, Sheng Heng strode in. The training room was immaculate, showing no signs of recent use. It was clear that Sima Mingxuan had just arrived.

Of course, he had been pestering Xiao Hao in the cafeteria not too long ago, so calculating the time, Sima Mingxuan had only just gotten here.

“Junior, what would you like to drink?” Sima Mingxuan asked politely, opening the refrigerator.

“There’s no need. You probably know why I’m here.” Sheng Heng replied, cutting straight to the point.

Sima Mingxuan gave a slight smile, took a bottle of water from the fridge, and offered it to Sheng Heng.

Sheng Heng neither looked nor accepted it. Sima Mingxuan opened the bottle himself and took a sip. “Junior Sheng Heng, you’re not one to visit without a reason. What can I do for you? If I can help, I will.”

“Then please stay away from my boyfriend.” Sheng Heng told him.

Pretending to be confused, Sima Mingxuan responded, “Junior, what do you mean by that? Is there some kind of misunderstanding?”

Sheng Heng wasn’t in the mood to engage in verbal games with him. “Whether it’s a misunderstanding or not, you know in your heart. Just stay away from him.”

“Junior, you’re quite overbearing. The streets aren’t owned by your family; what, do you think you are the only ones allowed to walk on it? If you’re so concerned about your boyfriend, why not just take him home and hide him? Asking others to stay away, what? Do you think you’re on top of the world just because you killed a level nine zerg?” Sima Mingxuan mocked.

“How could I dare? Didn’t Senior also kill a level nine zerg?” Sheng Heng said in reply.

A smug look flashed in Sima Mingxuan’s eyes. Although both of them had killed a level nine zerg, Sheng Heng had just been lucky, especially with the help of his mimetic mech. In contrast, he had fought and defeated the zerg head-on. Thus, in his heart, Sima Mingxuan always considered himself superior to Sheng Heng.

“Junior, you’re wearing your training suit. Were you training downstairs? What a coincidence, I need some exercise as well. How about we spar?” With that, Sima Mingxuan released his mech.

A majestic black and red level eight mech appeared, standing tall between the two of them. Its powerful presence and intricate design making it clear it wasn’t ordinary.

“My ‘Red Flame’ might not compare to Old Zhong’s mimetic system or Old Pang’s weapon system, but I’m quite fond of it.” Sima Mingxuan said, hinting at something.

Sima Mingxuan already knew that Xiao Hao was Old Pang’s disciple?

Yan Hao having two Masters at the same time was a secret known only to him, Cheng Wenkang, He Shao, and Professor Qin who introduced Yan Hao, and while Old Zhong had announced publicly that Yan Hao was his disciple, Old Pang hadn’t, so it wasn’t without reason that Sima Mingxuan shouldn’t know about this.

It seemed Sima Mingxuan had been paying close attention to Xiao Hao.

Thinking this way, Sheng Heng’s expression darkened even further.

And Sima Mingxuan, seeing the change in Sheng Heng’s expression, was delighted. Good, get angry. Get so angry that you accept my challenge so I can teach you a lesson.

“Congratulations on becoming a level eight mech warrior.” Sheng Heng congratulated with a false smile.

“Junior, there’s no need to be envious. Your mimetic mech can already defeat a level nine zerg, so even if you can’t advance further, it’s enough. It’s better than before when you were nothing but a cripple.” Sima Mingxuan retorted.

By saying this, he was reminding Sheng Heng that he was merely a cripple who had luckily obtained the mimetic system and would forever remain a level six mech warrior.

“I heard that Senior reported back to school a month late. Were you injured when you killed the level nine zerg?” Sheng Heng suddenly asked.

“It’s normal to get hurt when killing a level nine zerg. Didn’t junior also come back to school a month late?” Sima Mingxuan said back.

“Senior and I are different. I’m just a cripple who luckily got a mimetic mech, whereas Senior, on the other hand, is the one favored by the heavens. However, I watched the video and your mech didn’t seem damaged. I’m guessing it’s your mental energy that got injured, right?” Sheng Heng asked.

The pupils of Sima Mingxuan’s eyes shook. The issue with his mental energy was a highly classified secret within the Legion, so how did Sheng Heng know about it?

“I’ve heard that mental energy enhanced by phantom elixirs can be very unstable, so you need to be careful. Mental energy isn’t like other aspects. If something goes wrong and your sea of consciousness explodes, it’s not as simple as my hands being crippled and having a mimetic mech to compensate for it.” Sheng Heng told him.

Sima Mingxuan’s smirk faded and he looked at Sheng Heng with a dark expression, “That’s not something you need to worry about that.”

“Oh right, didn’t senior just mention a spar? You’re already a level eight mech warrior, and I’m just a level six mech warrior, so it doesn’t seem fair. Why don’t we spar with our mental energy instead? It just so happens that we both have S level mental energy, and even though you’re a year above me, I was born with it, so I won’t be at a disadvantage.” Sheng Heng said with a smile.

Disadvantage my f*cking foot. You already know my mental energy’s unstable so you’re threatening me, right? Threatening me that if I ever go near Yan Hao in the future, you’ll attack me with your mental energy.

With a ‘crack’, Sima Mingxuan crushed the water bottle in his hand and the half-drunk water inside burst out, spilling everywhere. However neither of them looked down at the mess.

“Junior, clever move.” Sima Mingxuan sneered coldly.

“Thank you senior for the compliment.” Sheng Heng replied gracefully.

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