Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 100.1 Miserable Senior Brothers

After a night of rest, Yan Hao began his official life at the Research Institute.

Unlike his senior brothers who had been learning with Old Zhong at the Institute for many years, Yan Hao was here on a vacation internship, so it wasn’t fitting for him to take part in any of the ongoing projects, hence Old Zhong made other arrangements for him.

Setting up a small lab just for Yan Hao, he granted him access to their database as well as the use of the Super Light Brain. Then, he picked out the system knowledge he thought Yan Hao needed to catch up on the most.

“Systems can be improved, but the construction of a mech is difficult to change. Traditional piloting systems might be complex, but they are the closest to the mech itself. You’ve learned a lot about mechs this year, so you’ll gain new insights looking at these systems.” Old Zhong told Yan Hao.

Listening attentively, Yan Hao’s eyes sparkled with the thirst for knowledge.

“This lab was where I developed the mimetic system. This mech…..” Old Zhong pointed to a mini mech about two meters tall in the corner, “was designed specifically for the mimetic system. I’ve changed the internal wiring, so you can test the new system you’ve developed inside it.”

“Thank you, Master.” Yan Hao hadn’t expected Old Zhong to prepare a testing mech for him; he had originally planned to test it in Black Soul when he returned to school after the vacation.

“I’ll be in the lab you visited yesterday for the next few days, so if you don’t understand anything, you can come and ask me.” Old Zhong instructed.

”Okay, thank you, Master.” Yan Hao replied gratefully.

Grunting in response, Old Zhong waited in place for a moment.

“??” Yan Hao tilted his head, his face filled with confusion. His Master seemed to have more to say.

“You….. understand everything?” Old Zhong asked.

“I understand.” Yan Hao nodded.

With that, Old Zhong didn’t say anything more. Nodding, he turned around and walked out. After he left, Yan Hao couldn’t wait to start his studies, delving into the mech’s traditional piloting system. He immersed himself in this research for three days, during which, aside from leaving the lab to sleep and to eat, practically lived in the lab.

And during those three days, Old Zhong would pass by the lab daily. However whenever Yan Hao saw him, he would only call out, ‘Master’ respectfully and then continue with his work.

Old Zhong: “…..”

It’s been three days. Doesn’t he have any questions for me?

Old Zhong was very upset. While it was good for a student to be engrossed in his studies, without any feedback, he had no idea how well his student was grasping the material.

Finally, when he entered Yan Hao’s lab again on the fourth day, he saw him frowning at a program in the system, seemingly struggling with the underlying principles. His eyes lighting up, he walked to him, initiating the conversation with, “Encountered a problem?”

Having gone from the first generation system to the third in four days and only now encountering an issue, Yan Hao was already impressively efficient.

“This program is based on…..”

“Ah, I understand!” Yan Hao suddenly shouted. Then bending down, his fingers began to clatter away on the keyboard. Half choking on the words he had been about to say, Old Zhong just watched as Yan Hao wrote out the original formula.

“….” Old Zhong.

After typing, Yan Hao looked up at Old Zhong. It seems he had just heard him speak. “Master, please what did you just say?”

“Nothing, continue your work.” Old Zhong strode away with a wave of his sleeves.

Having a student who was too outstanding wasn’t necessarily good. It simply didn’t give him the sense of teaching his student at all.

Three days passed in this manner and one week after his arrival at the Research Institute, Yan Hao finally met Baby Bug again. They bumped into each other in the cafeteria during lunch, but compared to a week ago, Baby Bug looked much more haggard. He appeared as if he had just returned from drifting on a desolate planet: he was pale, skinny, red-eyed and had limp hair clinging to his head, looking as though he hadn’t bathed for a week.

Alright, it seems as if he really hadn’t gone back for a week.

After receiving his meal, Yan Hao carried his tray over and sat across from Baby Bug. However even after sitting down for a long time, Baby Bug showed no response, poking at his rice listlessly with his chopsticks, then feeding himself bite by bite mechanically.

Yan Hao was shocked. He didn’t look like he was just exhausted from staying up late; he looked like he was on the verge of dropping dead. Putting his chopsticks down hurriedly, he reached out to check Baby Bug’s pulse.

“En? Little junior brother, you’re also here to eat?” Baby Bug finally noticed Yan Hao.

“…..” I’ve been taking your pulse for a minute now and you’ve only now just seen me?

After checking his pulse, Yan Hao let out a sigh of relief. Although Baby Bug looked ghastly, his bodily functions were still okay. He wasn’t on the verge of dropping dead.

“Sixth Senior Brother, were you spacing out just now?” Yan Hao asked.

“Did I scare you?” Baby Bug, seemingly aware of his condition, smiled as he explained, “I was just in standby mode.”

“Standby mode?”

”I’ve been working non-stop recently, overusing my brain, but I can’t go back to sleep, so whenever I have some free time, I just make my brain go blank.” Baby Bug explained.

“Is there still no progress on the improvement of the third generation system?” The fact that Baby Bug was the only one eating in the cafeteria showed that his other senior brothers were definitely busy.

“Third Senior Brother said it would take half a month and it’s only been less than half of that time, so how can we possibly be done?” Baby Bug said.

“How about you guys take a day off to rest and recuperate? Maybe after resting for a day, you might find a solution. Your brains will become sluggish if you don’t rest well.” Yan Hao suggested.

“There’s no need. If we’re really too tired, we’ll just sleep right in the lab. I’d love to go back to the dorm too, but I’m afraid that once I hit the bed, I won’t want to get up again.” By the end of his sentence, Baby Bug looked like he was about to cry.

Who wouldn’t want to sleep in a warm bed if they could?

Yan Hao opened his mouth, but for a moment, he didn’t know what to say.

“Little junior brother, don’t worry about me. I’m used to it.” Saying this, Baby Bug’s eyes turned red.

It was always like this. When someone quietly endured pressure without saying anything, it wasn’t so bad. However when someone showed concern, it would become harder to keep it together.

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