Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 89.1 I dislike you

Recalling the purpose of his visit, Sima Mingxuan composed himself and said with a smile, “Even though Junior Sheng Heng has already recovered and has been discharged from the hospital, let’s consider this fruit basket a get well gift.”

Sheng Heng didn’t even glance at it as he rejected it flatly, “Senior Sima, you should take it back and enjoy it yourself.”

Sima Mingxuan’s expression remained unchanged, “It seems Junior Sheng is still blaming me. This accident was indeed my fault.”

As he said this, he suddenly took a green stone from his spatial button, “I heard you went to that forest because you wanted to find a suitable ore for Junior Yan Hao. As it happens, I have a Wind-Thunder Stone here. I’d like to offer it to both of you as compensation. What do you say?”

Sheng Heng hesitated as he looked at the Wind-Thunder Stone, not saying a word. If he accepted this stone, Sima Mingxuan’s wrongdoing would be considered resolved, at least on the surface. However, if he didn’t accept it— the Wind-Thunder Stone was a rare ore in the market, and its status among ores was comparable to that of a phantom beast’s blood.

“The phantom beast was discovered by Heng Ge and lured out with his mental energy. If you want to compensate us, shouldn’t you return the phantom beast first?” Yan Hao interjected.

Sima Mingxuan looked at Yan Hao who was still hiding behind Sheng Heng. Although his voice was a bit louder and more confident than before, his actions still conveyed his inner nervousness and though he was demanding something, Sima Mingxuan didn’t find it annoying; he found it somewhat cute instead.

“Does Junior Yan Hao want the phantom beast’s blood?” Sima Mingxuan asked.

“If I say I do, would you return the phantom beast’s blood to us?” Yan Hao asked.

Sheng Heng didn’t want Yan Hao to have too much contact with Sima Mingxuan. As someone who also came from a prestigious family, he knew Sima Mingxuan’s kind all too well. Moreover, Sima Mingxuan was the heir of the Sima family. As an heir, cunningness and resourcefulness were essential skills. Sheng Heng didn’t dislike these traits, as they were necessary for someone in the position of an heir. However, Yan Hao was too naive and so could easily be misled by just a few words.

He wanted to intervene, but Yan Hao wasn’t a three year old child, what’s more he couldn’t restrict his actions, so despite his concerns, he didn’t stop the conversation between the two.

“If you want it, I can give it to you.” Sima Mingxuan surprisingly agreed without hesitation.

Hearing this, the three had different reactions: Sheng Heng frowned, Cheng Wenkang was puzzled and only Yan Hao asked in surprise, “You’re willing to give it back to us?”

This was an answer that even he hadn’t anticipated.

“As I’ve said before, if you want it, I can give it to you. However…” Sima Mingxuan paused, “I hope you can help me refine an elixir that can soothe mental energy. In return, I’ll consider the phantom beast’s blood as payment.”

The reason he had come to capture the wild phantom beast was because Yan Fei had mentioned that if they could obtain more wild phantom beast blood, he might be able to research a better soothing elixir to treat his headaches. The original plan was that they would capture the phantom beast quietly and then raise it themselves, ensuring that there would be a sufficient supply of its blood. But now that the phantom beast had been accidentally discovered and handed over to the Federation, the amount of blood he could obtain was limited. Even if he gave it to Yan Fei for research, he wasn’t sure if he could achieve any results.

However Yan Hao was different. Whether it was the prescription formula he had sent to Kang Ren three days ago or the unknown medicine he had refined himself yesterday, both were genuine and had a notable effect in suppressing and alleviating problems of the S-level mental energy variety.

Sheng Heng’s eyebrows rose, immediately realizing that Sima Mingxuan had noticed Yan Hao’s talent in Pharmacy and wanted him to help him refine an elixir.

“You want to….” Catching on as well, Cheng Wenkang instantly became anxious. He was about to blurt out his objections and persuade Yan Hao to refuse when he was silenced by a single glance from Sheng Heng.

Although he didn’t understand, he still shut his mouth and stopped talking.

Sima Mingxuan looked at Yan Hao earnestly as he said with utmost sincerity, “According to the Federation’s rules, handing in a phantom beast can get you ten millilitres of phantom beast blood. This phantom beast was discovered by both Junior Sheng Heng and I, so we each get five millilitres. As long as the elixir you refine is effective, I can give you all five millilitres of phantom beast blood and even the blood for the next two years.”

As for how effective Yan Hao’s elixir was, everything was just speculation before actually taking it. However he had always been a decisive person. Since he had decided on Yan Hao’s elixir, he was willing to exchange it for phantom beast blood.

Make an elixir for him? Isn’t that Yan Fei’s story line? How did it end up coming to me?

Unable to figure it out, Yan Hao’s contemplation took a bit longer and as time passed, the once confident Sheng Heng began to feel a little uneasy. Was Xiao Hao really planning to help Sima Mingxuan refine the elixir? Although it was his freedom to do so, but….

His eyes darkened as he tried hard to suppress his abnormal emotions in his heart and not interfere with Yan Hao’s decision. Cheng Wenkang, on the other hand, was much more obvious. Although he had been interrupted by Sheng Heng, his anxious and urgent gaze never left Yan Hao.

“I don’t want to refine an elixir for you.” Shaking off the confusing plot that his mind couldn’t make sense of, Yan Hao refused without hesitation.

As soon as he said this, the emotions of the three people in the room reversed instantly. Sima Mingxuan’s brows furrowed, “Is it that you think the phantom beast’s blood isn’t enough as a reward?”

“It’s not that.” Yan Hao didn’t want Sima Mingxuan to bother him in the future, so he decided to clarify things once and for all, “No matter what rewards you offer, I won’t refine elixirs for you.”

With these words, the emotions of the three people escalated again. Sheng Heng couldn’t help but glance at Yan Hao, unable to suppress the smile on his lips any longer. Cheng Wenkang even gave him a conspicuous thumbs up. Only Sima Mingxuan tried hard to control his expression and composure, “Why?”

“I dislike you.” Yan Hao really disliked Sima Mingxuan and disliked everyone who had joined Yan Fei to bully him.

In his previous life, the Research Institute had been tasked with making medicine for Sima Mingxuan. At that time, Yan Hao didn’t want to participate, but by then Sima Mingxuan was already a Marshal of the Federation and although he didn’t like him as a person, he couldn’t deny the contributions he had made to the Federation in resisting the zerg race. So in the end, he had helped Yan Fei and under the name of the Research Institute, helped in making the medicine for him.

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  1. Somehow I feel that Yan Fei will instigate Sima Mingxuan to either steal Yan Hao’s elixar and put it under his name or get Sima Mingxuan to kidnap Yan Hao to do his research.

  2. Just his negligence in injuring Sheng Heng is justification enough for Yan Hao to not want to do anything that would benefit him.

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