Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 85.1 Be good

Although Kang Ren was skeptical about Yan Hao’s words, he still conducted a mental energy map test on Sheng Heng and sent it to him.

After sending the mental energy map, all they could do was wait, and as they waited, Kang Ren still tried to persuade Sheng Heng. After all, a student with an S level mental energy level would undoubtedly become a pillar of the Federation in the future. He didn’t want Sheng Heng to ruin his sea of consciousness just because he believed the words of a half-baked pharmacist who had switched to mech building halfway.

When Yan Hao said he could provide a temporary medication to stabilize Sheng Heng’s injury based on his mental energy map, Yan Fei, with a worried look on his face said in the ward, “Big brother, your knowledge of pharmacy is still at the high school level and now you’re studying mech building. You can’t just give this prescription casually, otherwise your friend’s mental energy will be ruined.”

It was then Kang Ren realized that the confident young man who had appeared in the video earlier was actually a mech builder.

However, no matter how Kang Ren tried to persuade them, both Sheng Heng and Cheng Wenkang, who had initially almost agreed to Sima Mingxuan’s proposal, believed in Yan Hao firmly. After Yan Hao appeared, they even stopped considering this option, both of them focused on recovering and caring for each other without showing any anxiety.

Seeing that they were both so determined, Kang Ren stopped trying to persuade them and could only sit to the side with a sigh, waiting for the prescription to arrive. He planned to make the medicine himself to prove that Yan Hao’s prescription wouldn’t work. He just hoped that Yan Hao could send the prescription quickly so as not to waste too much time, and perhaps there would still be a chance to save this student named Sheng Heng.

Kang Ren was waiting eagerly for Yan Hao to send the prescription quickly, however he never expected that it would arrive so soon. Just twenty minutes after sending the mental energy map, Yan Hao’s prescription was sent to Cheng Wenkang’s email.

“Doctor Kang, the prescription is here. Please make the medicine right away.” Cheng Wenkang, who had already added Kang Ren’s communicator number forwarded the prescription to him as soon as he received it.

“So soon?” Kang Ren was surprised as he opened the email and glanced at the prescription. Just as he looked at the beginning, another person appeared beside him— it was Yan Fei, who had been waiting in the ward without leaving.

“What are you doing?” Seeing Yan Fei trying to peek at the prescription Yan Hao had researched, Cheng Wenkang pulled him away, and he used quite a bit of force, causing Yan Fei to stagger.

“I just wanted to help check to see if there are any problems with the prescription.” Yan Fei said with a wronged expression. “The mental energy map analysis is university level content, which my big brother hasn’t studied. I’m just worried it might not be good for you guys.”

“Heh, I think you’re trying to steal a peak at the prescription.” Cheng Wenkang scoffed.

“What are you talking about? Everyone’s mental energy map is different, and this prescription might be suitable for Sheng Heng but not necessarily for others. Besides, it’s not even certain that this prescription will work. What would I gain from learning this?” Yan Fei argued, his face flushed.

“Since that’s the case, why bother looking? There won’t be any problems with this prescription. Even if there are, we’ll accept them.” Cheng Wenkang said directly.

“If you use medication recklessly at this time, even I won’t be able to save him later.” Yan Fei said, looking at Sheng Heng who was resting with his eyes closed on the bed.

Seeing this, Sima Mingxuan also tried to persuade him, “Junior Sheng Heng, why don’t you think it over? I know what you’re worried about, but I genuinely want to help you. Although your injury was an accident, it did happen because of me. Considering the relationship between our two families, you should know that I won’t do anything harmful to you during the treatment.”

Sima Mingxuan’s words were sincere. He had acted at the time to capture the phantom beast but hadn’t expected Sheng Heng’s mental energy to be so severely depleted that a slight collision with his mental energy would result in a backlash. However, if Sheng Heng were to lose his mental energy because of him, even if he could cover it up as an accident on the surface, the Sheng family would undoubtedly seek justice for Sheng Heng.

Although the Sima family wasn’t afraid, the resulting turmoil would be significant. The three major families had coexisted for a long time that if two of them suddenly started fighting, the only ones to benefit would be the Feng family. This wasn’t something the Sima family wanted to see, so Sima Mingxuan was indeed genuinely trying to help Sheng Heng heal.

Sheng Heng hadn’t opened his eyes or paid attention to anyone’s words since Yan Hao had said he would be arriving in two days to treat him personally, so at this moment he still didn’t respond to Sima Mingxuan. Just as Sima Mingxuan was getting anxious, wondering if he should force Yan Fei to treat Sheng Heng, Yan Hao called.

“Senior Cheng, have you received the prescription?” Yan Hao seemed to have changed his environment in the video.

“Yes, I have.” Cheng Wenkang nodded. “I’ve already sent it to Doctor Kang.”

“Where is Doctor Kang? Has he looked at the prescription? Is it difficult to make?” Yan Hao was aware of the difficulty in making the medicine from the prescription he had calculated. An ordinary pharmacist above level five could make it. However, since this issue involved Sheng Heng and he couldn’t be there right away, he couldn’t help but worry.

“Looking at the production method, it’s not difficult. It’s equivalent to an ordinary level five medicine. However….” Kang Ren still had doubts and couldn’t help but advise, “His sea of consciousness is injured and he has S level mental energy. Will such a medicine really work? This isn’t a joke. If things go wrong, your partner’s sea of consciousness could be ruined.”

Before Yan Hao could respond to Kang Ren’s words, Sheng Heng’s voice suddenly interrupted.

“It’s okay~~”

“Boss.” Cheng Wenkang looked at Sheng Heng who had opened his eyes.

“Senior, how do you feel?” Yan Hao’s attention was also drawn to Sheng Heng immediately.

“I’m…fine.” Sheng Heng tried to force a smile, hoping not to worry Yan Hao too much. However, his current pale face and weak condition made his smile much more frightening than him not smiling at all.

“Xiao Hao, it’s okay.” Sheng Heng repeated that it was okay. Anyone could hear that he was telling Yan Hao that even if his prescription didn’t work, causing a delay in treatment and ruining his S level mental energy, he wouldn’t blame him.

Yan Hao nodded then looked at Kang Ren through the camera, saying anxiously, “Doctor Kang, I’m sorry to trouble you, but please start making the medicine immediately. This medicine is only meant to provide relief. I’ll prepare the medicine for treatment myself when I arrive.”

After saying this, fearing that Kang Ren might have some questions, he added, “Doctor Kang, let’s exchange communicator numbers. If you have any questions during the process, feel free to ask me.”

“Are you sure?!” Kang Ren was still hesitant.

“I’m sure.” Yan Hao nodded decisively.

“Alright then, I’ll have your friend send you my communicator number.” Kang Ren said before turning around and leaving for the medicine making room adjacent to the ward.

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