Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 62.2 Lack of Medicines

In the blink of an eye, the mech spun and landed in front of Yan Hao. Only, before Black Soul could stop, Yan Hao run over and, after getting within five meters of Black Soul, activated the electronic lock. After a click, a figure crashed out of it and fell straight down.

Seeing this scene, Yan Hao was so terrified that he almost forgot to breathe.

“Senior!” He had forgotten that with the mimetic piloting system, one couldn’t be strapped in while piloting and the mech cockpit was already not very spacious which, combined with the fact that he’d installed two systems in it compressed the space inside the mech cockpit even more. Without understanding the situation inside the cockpit, he had rashly opened the hatch, causing the unconscious Sheng Heng to fall straight out of the mech cockpit.

Black Soul was a level 6 mech in combat form with a clear height of almost nine meters, and the cockpit was located at Black Soul’s chest, almost six meters above the ground. If he was to fall straight down like that, the consequences would be unthinkable.

Almost subconsciously, Yan Hao rushed over and extended his hand, trying to catch the falling Sheng Heng.

“Get out of the way!” Xiao Tianhan happened to open his mech and was coming out. Seeing Yan Hao’s action, his eyes almost popped out in fear.

Yan Hao couldn’t hear anything else at this moment, so focused on not letting Sheng Heng fall to the ground that under this high tension, his mental energy overflowed and tugged towards Sheng Heng’s direction.

Sheng Heng’s consciousness, which was submerged in his sea of consciousness trying to suppress his agitated mental energy, awoke for a brief moment after sensing the familiar mental energy. When he opened his eyes, he was greeted by the image of Yan Hao, who was getting closer and closer as well as the panic on his face.

What had happened?

Without time to think, instinctively, Sheng Heng’s body flipped in the air, tilting his straight-falling body by 60 degrees, but even so, he couldn’t avoid Yan Hao who was already close at hand. He had no choice but to take Yan Hao with him and roll him sideways with his right hand protecting him, rolling with him several times on the ground before he could stop his body’s natural impulse.

“Xiao Hao, are you alright?”

“Senior, how are you?”

The first words the two of them said when they stopped was to ask how the other was.

At this time, Xiao Tianhan also ran over and was surprised to see Sheng Heng who was already awake: “Sheng Heng, you’re awake? How is your sea of consciousness? Has it been damaged?”

He was still awake, so there should be no major problems.

“Not damaged, but my mental energy…..” As Sheng Heng was saying this, he suddenly stifled a grunt, his face contorting in pain. Lifting his right hand, he pressed it to his temple.

“It’s your mental energy that’s been agitated. Quick, where’s the doctor?”

A stretcher was quickly brought up by the medical staff, by which time Sheng Heng seemed to have fallen back into unconsciousness and was unresponsive when he was pulled up from the ground. Yan Hao was so worried that he gave chase, following the stretcher.

At this time, the people in the other three mechs also came down and one of them, a bald young man said with a smile, “This year’s batch of students aren’t ordinary. The one in front is already able to single-handedly kill a level 6 mutant zerg alone even after his mental energy was under attack and this one now is even more ruthless. He is obviously a mech builder yet he actually dares to reach out to catch him?”

“Enough, let’s go back and rest first then we’ll meet the little junior Qin Hu is optimistic about in the evening.” A handsome young man standing in the middle with a pair of eyes that slanted a bit upwards smiled lightly as he spoke.

After this was said, the three of them left together, heading for the dormitory inside the base.

Medical room.

Sheng Heng was placed in the ward. Xiao Tianhan told Yan Hao to keep an eye on Sheng Heng, then turned and went out to look for the pharmacist.

“I need a level six sedative.” Xiao Tianhan said to the pharmacist.

“There’s none.” The pharmacist replied.

“None?” Xiao Tianhan said in disbelief, “How could there be none? The Federation hasn’t had a shortage of level six sedatives since the formula model for immediate sedatives was released. The base should have a back-up for that.”

“Two days ago, the warship responsible for delivering supplies to the front line was destroyed by the zergs, causing the front line to be short of medicines, and as it would take half a month for the Federation to send a new batch over, Admiral Situ called for sedatives from several surrounding bases.” The pharmacist explained.

Xiao Tianhan’s face blanched: “Is there not even one left?”

There were a total of seven students whose mental energies had been attacked this time and many of them weren’t strong enough in the cultivation of their mental energy. Once their sea of consciousness was damaged, their mental energy would not only be downgraded, it might even disappear, especially Sheng Heng. The fact that Sheng Heng could last so long under the attack of the level 6 mutant zerg’s attack meant that his mental energy level was undoubtedly very high. And the higher the level of mental energy, once the agitation couldn’t be repaired, it would even directly damage one’s intelligence.

“There are only two of them left, so of the seven of them, who will use it first?” The pharmacist asked, pointing to the two medicines in the box.

“Just two? Then what should the other five do?” Xiao Tianhan asked subconsciously.

“I have the herbs to make a level six sedative here, and I will try my best to make one, but with my mental energy, trying to make five of them in 24 hours is impossible.” The pharmacist said matter-of-factly, “Even at the limit, I can only make three of them, and there is no more pharmacist at the base who can make a level six sedative other than me.”

“That’s still two short.” Xiao Tianhan thought for a moment, “I’ll ask the others and see if anyone has brought any sedatives.”

With that, Xiao Tianhan sent out a group message asking everyone he knew on No. 3 Desolate Planet if anyone had brought a Level 6 sedative and lucky for him, he got one.

About five minutes later, a young man in combat gear and a fierce aura walked in: “Teacher Xiao, I’ve brought the sedative.”

“Thank you Ming Xuan.” The visitor was none other than the leader of the squad that had participated in the rescue earlier, Ming Xuan.

Xiao Tianhan was about to take it when Yan Hao, who had been worried about Sheng Heng’s situation came out of the ward and asked Xiao Tianhan, “Teacher Xiao, have you gotten the level six sedative?”

Xiao Tianhan looked at Yan Hao with a complicated expression. He wanted to say something, but was unable to do so.

“What’s wrong?” Yan Hao asked.

“The sedatives aren’t enough, we need one more.” Xiao Tianhan told him.

One more was needed, which meant that of the seven people, one wouldn’t be able to use the sedative.

Ming Xuan looked at Xiao Tianhan, who had a difficult expression on his face and then at the mech builder who had dared to pick up a mech warrior with his bare hands and suddenly spoke out, “Little junior, I have one here, take it for your partner.”

Six sedatives, seven people. No matter which one to choose to give up, it was a difficult choice for Xiao Tianhan who was a teacher. But from a spectator’s point of view, Ming Xuan clearly admired the junior who was able to single-handedly kill the level six mutant zerg. If it wasn’t for him, the other six people inside would have been dismembered by the zerg swarm. So for good reason, this one should be saved first.

And unlike Teacher Xiao, this sedative belonged to him so he could give it to anyone at will without having to consider other factors.

Yan Hao looked at the medicine he was handing over, but instead of taking it, he subconsciously took two steps back, his eyes going wide and his breathing turning rapid in a frightened manner.

Sima Ming Xuan?!

Yan Fei’s partner.

And also the one who had ended up in the position of Federation Marshal and who had driven him out of Capital Star.

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