Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 55.1 Grandmaster Level Energy Block

The materials to make the energy blocks were available on the spaceship and so were quickly brought over.

When Xiang Jun began his ploy to snatch access room No. 1, the students who had come to take the assessment were all present and although they hadn’t participated in the snatching, they were still willing to watch such fun, so after the two received a copy of the materials each and walked over to the production table, the crowd followed suit and gathered around.

“I remember that the final exam for freshman year was to make a level five energy block, right?” Xiang Jun took the materials without rushing to make them and looked across the table at Yan Hao, who was examining the materials with a relaxed expression on his face.

“What are you trying to say?” Yan Hao looked at Xiang Jun calmly.

“I’ll let you have five minutes.”

Yan Hao frowned, slightly puzzled.

“I am now able to make level 6 energy blocks whereas you have only just learnt how to make level 5 energy blocks, so I will allow you do it five minutes earlier so you don’t say I used my experience over you to bully you when you lose.” Xiang Jun said arrogantly.

Yan Hao thought about it for a moment then asked a more critical question, “Then will the final victory be determined by the length of time it took to complete the production, or by the effectiveness of the energy block?”

“Little junior brother, are you that afraid of losing? Fine, senior will let you have another five percentage points of effectiveness.” Xiang Jun had a generous expression, “As long as the effectiveness of the energy block you produce isn’t less than my five percentage points, you will be considered the winner.”

“No need.” Yan Hao shook his head, “There’s no need for you to let me, let’s just compete normally.”

“Whether you use it or not, senior has already spoken the words.” Xiang Jun said in reply.

Yan Hao only felt that this person was talking too much. Couldn’t they start the competition faster?

Seeing Yan Hao’s impatience, Sheng Heng’s gaze swept through the crowd then he pointed at a classmate, “Wu Wei, you can be the referee.”

Wu Wei, a straightforward and bright boy with big eyes didn’t hesitate when he heard this and stepping forward, called up the stopwatch function in the light brain terminal, prompted the word ‘start’, and then pressed the stopwatch.

The stopwatch was displayed externally on a virtual screen and every millisecond of change was in full view of everyone.

When the referee signaled the start, both men moved. Yan Hao habitually began to feel the energy within the star particles while Xiang Jun began pre-production straight away. Although he had said boldly that he would give Yan Hao five minutes, he would only do so after he had finished making the Level 5 energy block first. By then, it would be a great mockery to wait leisurely for Yan Hao after he had finished making the energy block to finish his. Xiang Jun could almost already imagine the situation at that time.

Both Sheng Heng and Cheng Wenkang had never seen Yan Hao make an energy block before, but they knew of Yan Hao’s ability, so when they saw that Yan Hao hadn’t moved, although they were surprised, they didn’t ask any questions and remained standing there with calm expressions.

Although Yan Hao had made level 5 energy blocks many times, this was the first time he was competing against someone, what’s more he was competing against someone he really wanted to beat, so he was determined to do his best with this level 5 energy block and to do so, he spent twice as much time as before feeling the fluctuations of the star particles. This twice as much time however, was only three minutes.

Three minutes later, Yan Hao started moving. He assembled the materials quickly, his large mental energy flowing along his fingertips, the energy within the star particles being combed through rapidly.

Ten minutes later, Xiang Jun had finished the initial combing and had began to use his light brain to assist in the calculations while Yan Hao was still making the initial calculations of the energy.

Fifteen minutes later, Xiang Jun once again used his light brain to perform secondary calculations while Yan Hao seemed to be still making preliminary calculations of energy.

Twenty minutes later, Xiang Jun had completed half of the calculation, and the Level 5 energy block had already taken shape, so he used his optical brain to calculate the instability point for the third time, while Yan Hao was still doing the preliminary calculation of energy.

It had been so long yet he wasn’t even done with the preliminary calculation? How dare he compete with him with such a level?

A trace of mockery appeared in Xiang Jun’s eyes.

The people around them also whispered.

“It’s been so long and the preliminary measurements are still being made. His level isn’t that good, huh?”

“What else is there to compare this with? In another twenty minutes Xiang Jun will be done making it, right?”

“Xiang Jun usually takes only thirty minutes to make a level 5 energy block and this time he’s used twenty minutes to make half of it, so the effectiveness might be above 80%.”

“If this junior is done within ten minutes, he won’t lose too badly, but if he’s twenty minutes behind, it will be a shame.”

“It’s also possible that he doesn’t have a good grasp on his control of mental energy, that’s why he’s still stabilizing the internal energy.”

Those who were speaking were all students of the mech building department, making it so that Cheng Wenkang couldn’t help but panic a bit at their words, causing him to guess if their little junior was too nervous to play properly this time.

“Boss.” Cheng Wenkang couldn’t help but look at Sheng Heng. He wasn’t afraid of losing access room No. 1, but losing to someone like Xiang Jun was just too disgusting.

“Don’t worry.” Sheng Heng responded calmly, and what was revealed in the two words was incomparable confidence, because he had seen a familiar expression of concentration on Yan Hao’s face. Yan Hao had written Black Soul’s mimetic system under this kind of concentration.

Just as another five minutes passed and the stopwatch ticked down to the twenty-fourth minute and thirty-ninth second, Yan Hao suddenly let go.

Was he finally about to start his calculations?

Just when everyone thought so, Yan Hao suddenly turned his head and looked at the temporary referee named Wu Wei and said, “I’m done.”

“What?” Wu Wei froze for a moment, unable to react.

“My energy block, the production is finished.” Yan Hao explained.


This was the subconscious reaction of everyone present, including Xiang Jun.

Only Sheng Heng revealed a faint smile as he looked at Yan Hao’s back.

“You didn’t even perform the calculation of the unstable points.” A student from the mech building department said subconsciously.

“The calculations are done.” Yan Hao responded.

“You didn’t even use a light brain.” The student continued to point out.

“A level 5 energy block doesn’t require a light brain, right?” Yan Hao replied subconsciously.

“!!” What do you mean a light brain is not required?

Yan Hao didn’t even realize how much hatred he was pulling with the comment he had just made. He’d been so focused on making the energy block and hadn’t lifted his head even once throughout the whole process, so he hadn’t seen the several calculations Xiang Jun had done using the light brain. Before Xiang Jun, Yan Hao had never seen anyone else make an energy block except for his roommate He Shao and although He Shao needed to use his light brain to assist in his calculations when making a level 5 energy block, he had the impression that He Shao wasn’t very good at mathematics, which was why he needed the light brain to assist in his calculations, but what he didn’t know was that most of the mathematics, too, was at He Shao’s level.

What Yan Hao didn’t realize, Sheng Heng did, and as he didn’t want the crowd to question Yan Hao, he spoke directly, “Isn’t there a testing instrument, just take a test and we will know.”

“Right, let’s test it now.” A busybody padded over to help with the test.

The testing instrument was very easy to use. It just had to be turned on, used to touch the energy block and then the effectiveness and level could be measured immediately.

“Tick tick tick tick~” After a series of beeps, the test results were displayed afterwards.

[Level 5 Energy Block, effectiveness 90.12%.]

“!!!” The cabin fell silent in an instant.

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