Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 62.1 Lack of Medicines

Under the full force of the three Level 6 mech warriors’ attacks, the swarm of Level 4 zergs quickly retreated.

Xiao Tianhan piloted his mech down from the air and stood behind Black Soul. He had sensed that something was wrong when he was in the air just now, because, while Black Soul very obviously looked undamaged, it hadn’t moved since just now. It had remained in one pose, standing in place, since the beginning. But this posture wasn’t the half-crouching posture a mech assumed after having had its maneuver interrupted; rather it was as if it was standing still and waiting for something.

Xiao Tianhan tried to connect to the communicator in Sheng Heng’s cockpit, but the communicator rang for a long time, but with no response.

How could there be no connection?

Frowning, Xiao Tianhan became worried. He turned on the mech’s PA device and shouted in the direction of Black Soul, “Sheng Heng, are you alright, can you hear me?”

Xiao Tianhan shouted several times in a row, but Black Soul still didn’t respond.

”Teacher Xiao, can’t you connect to his communicator?” By this time, the three of them had driven away the remaining zergs and surrounded Black Soul with their mechs.

“There’s no response; he is probably unconscious.” Xiao Tianhan had a worried look on his face.

“Then we’ll have to drag him back together with his mech.”

“That’s all we can do.” Xiao Tianhan nodded with a sigh.

“Cao Liang, let’s go together.” Ming Xuan instructed as he piloted his mech back up into the sky and at the same time with him, another dark grey mech flew up into the air. Then the two mechs simultaneously threw down chains with claws which landed on Black Soul’s shoulders, spread out and held tight, an action that could be considered as having it fixed in place.

“Let’s go.”

Both mechs flew forward at the same time, taking Black Soul with them in the direction of the base.

The base had already been informed, hence the square outside the access room was now densely packed with people.

“I heard that a level 6 mutant zerg appeared.”

“A level 6 zerg, aren’t all the zergs on No. 3 Desolate Planet supposed to be below level 4?”

“It must have been hiding at a place where the people at the base couldn’t detect it.”

“I also heard that several students from the Mech Piloting Department have been attacked by a mutant zerg.”

“Attacked by a mutant zerg? I’ve heard that mutant zergs emit a noise that directly damages one’s sea of consciousness and causes mental agitation.”

“What? Once one’s sea of consciousness is damaged, that damage can’t be repaired.”

“Here they come, here they come~~”

Amidst a roar, nearly a dozen mechs approached, six of which were flying over with other mechs in tow. It was clear at a glance that they were mechs that had been under attack.

“That mech, it seems to be Wasp. Wasp is Sun Zhu’s mech, the class leader of the mech piloting department.” Someone recognized Sun Zhu’s mech.

“Then it means it was Sun Zhu’s team that was attacked by the Level 6 mutant zerg. Xia Liu, it’s the mech you’re in charge of.” Someone informed the mech builder of Sun Zhu’s team.

Xia Liu had already gone to meet Wasp as soon as he recognized it. At this time, the team in charge of the rescue had already returned the mech back to the spatial button. One of the rescuers wearing a badge that denoted his rank as captain stepped forward and instructed the mech builders gathered around, “You should all step forward to try to identify this mech. The person inside has fainted from mental shock but his mech can’t be opened from the outside. You guys should hurry up and open the cockpit so the doctor can administer treatment. “

The cockpit of the mech had an electronic lock with a very high level of protection, and only those who knew the code could open the cockpit, and the only people who would know the code were usually the mech warriors and the mech builders responsible for maintaining the mechs.

It was for this reason that when they found Sun Zhu and the others, they couldn’t open the cockpit and rescue immediately, but had to go to such great lengths to bring the mech back directly.

“It’s me.”

Xia Liu was about to reply when he saw a figure running out from the other side before him, what’s more he knew who it was. It was Yan Hao.

Yan Hao had seen Cheng Wenkang’s Savage Bull long before the mech had hit the ground, hence he rushed out right away, darting closer. He then activated the unlock code and opened the Savage Bull’s cockpit across the air. Sheng Heng had specially bound this unlock code to him before they had set off from the Federal University, and with this code, a support would be able to activate this code to open a mech’s cockpit overhead from a distance of five meters close to the mech.

The rescuers moved very quickly, and the moment the cockpit opened, someone pushed a ladder over and went up to lift the person inside out.

“Captain, are there any more injured students?” Yan Hao was worried as he didn’t see Black Soul among the six mechs.

Since Senior Cheng was here, then Senior Sheng Heng must have encountered the Level 6 mutant zerg attack as well, but why could he see Savage Bull and not Black Soul?

“These were the only ones there when we arrived.” The captain replied patiently.

“Did you also see another mech, a dazzling black one that wields a lance that emits a thunderbolt, a level 6 mech?” Yan Hao quickly described Black Soul’s appearance.

“A level 6 mech? No. Are there any Level 6 mechs in this batch?” The captain asked.

As soon as Yan Hao heard this, he knew that the captain hadn’t seen Sheng Heng and couldn’t help but become more worried.

Just at that moment, Cheng Wenkang was carried down from the cockpit. Yan Hao run over hurriedly and raised his hand to touch Cheng Wenkang’s wrist.

“Go away, go away, don’t delay the rescue process.” A young man in a white coat pushed Yan Hao out of the way impatiently and ran as fast as he could to the base’s medical room, holding the stretcher.

Yan Hao stumbled a little at the push, but instead of getting angry, his expression eased up. Although he had only touched Cheng Wenkang’s wrist briefly, he had already grasped the general situation; Cheng Wenkang’s body wasn’t too damaged and he had only received a mental attack from the zerg on his brain, which could be cured by taking a level 6 sedative within 24 hours.

Then Sun Zhu and the others were rescued one by one while the base helped park the mechs in the access room. Just when Yan Hao was wondering anxiously about who to ask about Sheng Heng, someone suddenly called his communicator.

It was an unfamiliar communicator number, but Yan Hao answered it anyway: “Hello, who is this?”

“This is Xiao Tianhan,” said a somewhat familiar voice from the other end of the communicator.

”Teacher Xiao?! Do you know anything about Sheng Heng? He was in a team with Senior Cheng who was attacked by a mutant zerg. Senior Sheng Heng was definitely also attacked right? Have you guys found him?” Yan Hao asked a slew of questions in one go.

”That’s what I wanted to talk to you about.” Xiao Tianhan said seriously, “Sheng Heng has indeed been attacked too, and he had been attacked for the longest period of time by the level six mutant zerg that I’m afraid that his sea of consciousness will be damaged. Come to the square now immediately to open Black Soul’s cockpit.”

“I’m in the square now.” Yan Hao said immediately.

“Perfect, we’ll be there in thirty seconds.” After saying that, Xiao Tianhan hung up. At the same time, the roar of mechs flying gradually sounded in the sky. Yan Hao looked up and at a glance, saw Black Soul who was being carried back by two mechs.

“Senior.” Yan Hao subconsciously took a step forward.

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  1. Aww. The setup is appreciated, but I’m really looking forward to Yan Hao side-stepping the pharmacists to make level 6 or higher mental sedatives for them. It should be fun to watch everyone be shocked stupid by how multi-talented he is.

      1. You always need something to add tension back when the relationship between the main character and original protagonist would have otherwise died off naturally. Having the main character suddenly show off that he is better than the current original protagonist even in his field of study would certainly do so. It would also deeply endear him to the male lead.

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