Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 112.1

Two battleships trailed behind Black Soul, one on the left and the other on the right, using their massive firepower to clear the way for him and under the curtain of this heavy artillery fire, Black Soul zigzagged his way through, dodging the relentless attacks of the remaining zergs skillfully as he closed in rapidly on the level nine zerg at the rear.

“He’s trying to kill the level nine zerg? Is he crazy? Black Soul is only a level six mech.” Old Zhong said in shock.

Yan Hao didn’t say anything, practically glued to the glass window, his eyes fixed unwaveringly on the void outside.

“What’s wrong with Sheng Zhuo? Why didn’t he come himself?” Old Zhong was very confused. No matter how exceptional Sheng Heng might be, he was still just a student; what’s more his mech was only a level six mech. Taking on a level nine zerg, what was the difference between letting him come and sending him to his death? Even if there were some kind of hidden rich family secrets, power struggles and squabbles for wealth and status or something, there was no need to make it so obvious that he wanted to kill his little brother right?

“Big brother Sheng Zhuo is having some issues with his mental energy, so he can’t fight right now.” Yan Hao explained.

“What?” Old Zhong, who had been relatively calm since the start of the crisis, finally started to panic.

He could understand that Sheng Zhuo couldn’t fight because of a problem with his mental energy, but then not replacing him with another suitable mech warrior and instead allowing Sheng Heng, who indeed had a high mental energy level but was clearly underqualified to go into battle, could only mean one thing.

There was no personnel at the base.

This was even worse than the guess about sibling rivalry that he had just made.

In the time it took for them to exchange a few words, Sheng Heng, piloting Black Soul, had already traversed more than half of the battlefield.

” Second Young Master, the battleships have reached their limit.” The voice of the battleship pilot sounded over the comms. Here, the protection of the battleships wasn’t of much use anymore as the range was too wide and far, hence accuracy couldn’t be guaranteed. What’s more, because of the mental shockwaves of the level nine zerg, their battleships couldn’t get closer.

“Understood.” As Sheng Heng finished saying this, he activated the two level eight particle cannons on his shoulders then instinctively checked the energy saturation level of his mech.


Fortunately, he had a habit of always keeping his mech in the best energy state possible, so without hesitating, he fired the cannons.

The level eight particle cannons, made personally by Old Pang were quite powerful despite being somewhat weakened by the energy converter Yan Hao had made, as all the zergs that tried to block Black Soul were swallowed up by its fire. Countless fragments of limbs flew in space, however even then, more zergs surged forth undeterred, showing no fear in the face of death.

Black Soul moved at breakneck speed, not daring to let himself stop even for an instant because once he did, the zergs behind would catch up. In this moment, Sheng Heng and the relentless zergs were alike, both fearless, with their eyes only on the massive figure ahead.

Finally, with one last shot that swept away the last zergs in his path, Black Soul broke through the encirclement of the low level zergs and behind this encirclement, was the level nine zerg that was being guarded by three level seven zergs as it remained in place. Suddenly, it turned its head in the direction of the spaceship then opened its mouth to make a sound.

In the vacuum of space, there was no sound, and Sheng Heng had no idea what its call sounded like, but what he could see was the low level zergs that had been chasing after him just a moment ago suddenly changing directions and flying towards the spaceship that wasn’t far away.

“No!” Sheng Heng was horrified, realising that the zergs were trying to break through the protective energy net around the spaceship.

“Get back!” As the zergs drew closer, Old Zhong pulled Yan Hao, who was stuck to the glass window away from it. Then there was a sudden jolt, followed by a blinding flash of flames outside the window. Flames that were sparked by the zergs colliding with the protective energy net.

This protective energy net was a weapon that even a level nine zerg didn’t dare touch lightly, so it could be seen how powerful it was. As the zergs charged towards it one after the other, none of them were able to get close to the spaceship before being burnt to death by the energy on the protective net. However they still moved forward in droves, like moths to a flame, hitting the spaceship again and again, with each collision causing the bodies of dozens more zergs to be stuck to it. In just a few minutes, through the glass windows of the spaceship, all anyone inside could see was a dense mass of zerg corpses.

This was Yan Hao’s first experience of a real battlefield and his first time seeing so many zerg corpses. Even though these were the enemies of humans, and even though they were different lifeforms, seeing such large-scale death stirred in him a complex emotion that was hard to describe. Sadness and terror.

“Master, how long can the spaceship’s energy net last if this continues?” Baby Bug seemed equally frightened, his face pale and his voice trembling as he asked.

“At this rate of consumption, no more than ten minutes. Then the shield will break.” Old Zhong’s expression was no better than Baby Bug’s.

The instinct to pursue benefit and avoid harm was a fundamental trait of animals, and back then, when Old Pang researched the effect and use of this protective energy net, his intention had been to use its powerful energy to intimidate the zergs, to prevent them from getting too close. And usually just one hour was enough time to wait for rescue. Unexpectedly the zergs this time were fearless in the face of the net’s energy, as they used their bodies to wear down the energy of the net.

“Ten minutes, then….. then we…..”

” Senior Brother, it’s okay. Senior has already come to save us.” Yan Hao comforted Baby Bug.

“If….. if he can really save us, when you two get married, I promise I won’t give him a hard time.” Baby Bug said with a whimper.

“Shut up, unpromising thing. We’re not dead yet and you’ve already started selling your junior brother.” Old Zhong scolded fiercely despite the tense situation as he walked over, obviously irritated by Baby Bug’s words.

Laughing, Yan Hao turned to look at the glass window now completely obscured by the bodies of zergs and his sadness and terror having lessened somewhat, he couldn’t help but follow Baby Bug’s line of thought, thinking about him getting married in the future.

After I get married, will I have a home of my own?

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