Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 36.2 Senior’s problems

Inside the cockpit, Sheng Heng was sweating and pale, not from exhaustion, but from pain. His fingers were already protesting after only fifteen minutes of intense operation.

When Yan Hao told him that he would be collecting data, he had no idea that his requirements would be so high, that he would have to achieve a 96% accuracy in every move. Although his Black Soul was a level 6 mecha which had the conditions for high accuracy, doing so accurately and quickly required even more skill than the mecha itself and required very strong hand speed.

But Sheng Heng didn’t tell Yan Hao this. Not only because he couldn’t bear to disappoint Yan Hao, but also because he wasn’t willing.

Feeling the stinging pain from his fingertips, Sheng Heng realized once again that he couldn’t become a high-level mecha fighter as his limit was barely at level five. If he was operating at level five, his fingers could barely last two hours, but once he reached level six, his fingers could only last fifteen minutes. What could he do with fifteen minutes in battle? It probably couldn’t even kill a level 6 Star clawed zerg.

Actually, this was his own high evaluation of himself. He was probably not even qualified to be a level 5 fighter, after all, no army would accept a mecha fighter with only two hours of combat power.

“Senior.” Yan Hao’s voice sounded, causing Sheng Heng to snap back to his senses and then he saw Yan Hao waving from the screen.

“I’m here.” Sheng Heng answered in a rush.

“Can we continue?” Yan Hao asked.

Sheng Heng looked at the time and realized that he had just wandered off for a while and that twenty minutes had gone by: “Alright, let’s continue.”

After saying this, Sheng Heng lifted his hands, which were already slightly red and clenched them hard. A sharp pain burst from his knuckles, making his already pale face turn even whiter.

After this grip, the muscles in his fingers seemed to fully experience the pain and became slightly more flexible. Repositioning his fingers on the console, Sheng Heng began the second half of the punch.

Thirty-ninth movement, 96.01% similar.

Fortieth movement, 96.02% similar.

Movement Coherence B-

Yan Hao frowned. How come after Senior Sheng Heng took a break, the coherence of his movements had become even less? Although Yan Hao was a bit puzzled, he didn’t interrupt Sheng Heng’s movements, as coherence wasn’t as important as the similarity of the movements.

The less time it took for the operator to change commands, the better the coherence and the quicker the mecha would react in combat. But Yan Hao’s research was on mimetic sensing, which was about a mecha’s movement commands, so coherency wasn’t important. Once mimetic sensing was developed, a mecha would be able to mimic the movements of the human body and the switch would be instinctive, so there was no need to measure it in terms of data.

The fiftieth movement, 93.36% similar.


Even if Yan Hao didn’t know how to control a mecha, he could tell that something was wrong with Sheng Heng in the cockpit.


“Sorry, I didn’t maneuver it properly just now; I’ll adjust it again.” This time, without Yan Hao having to say anything, Sheng Heng himself knew that he had made a mistake. When he had entered the command, he hadn’t pressed one of the buttons in time, which caused the direction of the punch to be shifted. If he had been on the battlefield, this mistake could have k*lled him.

With these words, Black Soul withdrew his right arm, stepped out with his right foot, then punched again.

The fiftieth movement, 95.36% similar.

“How about it? Is it up to standard?” Sheng Heng asked.

“Senior, does your hand hurt? “Yan Hao wasn’t someone who hid his thoughts; he said whatever came to his mind.

Sheng Heng laughed bitterly, understanding what he meant from his words: “It seems that my movements just now are still not up to standard.”

“Senior, why don’t we stop here today and continue tomorrow?” Yan Hao was a little worried, “Come down first, I’ll take a look at your hand.”

He remembered that Sheng Heng’s hand seemed to have been injured when he was a child. Thinking of this, Yan Hao couldn’t help but blame himself. He clearly knew that Senior Sheng Heng had just finished his final exams and that his fingers would definitely need rest, but he had still been in such a hurry to let him come and help.

“I’m going home tomorrow, so I’ll finish it today.” Sheng Heng insisted, “There are still six moves left. I’ll take a break and then I’ll be done in no time. It’s just that the consistency of the movements might not be so good.”

“Senior you’re going home tomorrow?” Yan Hao’s attention was instantly diverted.

“En.” Sheng Heng nodded, “And you, when are you going home?”

“I’m not going back.” Yan Hao shook his head and said, “I’m going to stay at school during the holidays. Senior, when are leaving tomorrow? I’ll come see you off.”

“What are you going to be doing at school for the two months of the holidays?” Sheng Heng asked him.

“I’ll be doing research; I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish the data that you have helped me collect today though.” Yan Hao laughed, “When school starts, I will have to go to class, so I won’t be able to concentrate on one thing as much as I am now. I have to hurry up to do it.”

Through the mecha, Yan Hao couldn’t see Sheng Heng’s expression, but Sheng Heng could see his expression clearly through the mecha’s holographic screen. It seemed that Yan Hao’s entire personality changed anytime he mentioned research and mecha. His usual innocent look would disappear and he would become confident and strong, especially his eyes, which would always shine with love for the subject.

His little junior used to be a pharmacy student, but when he came to university, he realized that he loved mecha building so he ran away half way through the Pharmacy Major exams he had been taking and chose the Mech Building Department instead.

He was so envious of his little junior. He was extremely intelligent. He could study and understand anything he wanted to learn very well, so he wasn’t afraid to change his major midway, unlike him. Even if he tried harder, he couldn’t change it…

His hands unconsciously tightened again and the dull pain came in bursts, but it couldn’t overpower the helplessness in his heart at that moment.

His little junior was just learning to make mecha now and he could barely help with this piloting skill. In a few years’ time, he probably wouldn’t be able to help even if he wanted to.

“I’m done resting, let’s continue.” Sheng Heng didn’t continue to get stuck in this rut. He adjusted himself and started to maneuver the mecha again, repeating the same actions he had just done.

Seeing Sheng Heng’s insistence, Yan Hao had no choice but to continue collecting data, thinking that he would check Sheng Heng’s hand injury when he came out of the mecha later.

After another 15 minutes, the last few moves were completed.

“Senior, it’s okay, you can come out of the mecha.” Yan Hao said to Sheng Heng.

Sheng Heng exhaled deeply and took a moment to open the cockpit, jumping off the mecha and activating the space button to load the mecha as he descended.

“Senior, let me see your hand.” Yan Hao ran towards him.

“No.” Sheng Heng took a step back and laughed, “I’m sweating, I want to go back and take a shower, I’ll leave now.”

After that, without giving Yan Hao time to react, Sheng Heng walked out of the training room.

Although Yan Hao was emotionally unresponsive, perhaps because he had been alienated so much in his previous life, he was very sensitive to this aspect of emotions. In that moment just now, he clearly felt the emotion of alienation from Sheng Heng who didn’t want him to be near him.

Why did Senior Sheng Heng suddenly want to distance himself from him, had he offended him in some way? An unprecedented wave of negative emotions rose up in Yan Hao’s heart. In his last life, he had never felt this sad when he was isolated by the whole class and the whole lab.

On the other hand, Sheng Heng returned to the dormitory and his miserable appearance scared Cheng Wenkang who jumped straight out of bed.

“Boss, what’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing, my hands just hurt a bit. Help me make an herbal packet.” Sheng Heng sat on the chair with a tired expression. With the current state of his hands at this time, he was afraid that he couldn’t even hold a bottle of water.

When Cheng Wenkang heard that Sheng Heng’s hands were injured, he run to make an herbal packet and brought it over. When Sheng Heng dipped his trembling fingers into the medicine, Cheng Wenkang couldn’t help but ask, “Weren’t you just doing a few mecha moves for our little junior, how come your hands have become like this?”

And it had only been an hour or so. Even if he kept manipulating the mecha, it wouldn’t become like this.

“There were a few moves that were more complicated.” Sheng Heng said.

“How complicated were the moves that it made your hands like this?” Cheng Wenkang frowned.

Sheng Heng bowed his head and was quiet for a while before he said quietly, “Fatty, what do you think about me going to study finance now? ”

“Boss, you…”

“It’s just a few moves, it’s not even on the battlefield and my hands are like this. It’s just a waste of time to keep staying here.”

“Didn’t we agree, that we would study mech piloting in University whether we could enter the Ministry later or not? Anyway, with our families’ companies right there, if it doesn’t work out, we’ll just become bosses.” Cheng Wenkang told him.

Silent, Sheng Heng didn’t speak, his trembling fingers gradually regaining control under the effect of the medicine. He tried moving them, his heart that had just wanted to transfer to finance starting to waver once again. His childhood dream was to become a mecha warrior like his father and elder brother, so as long as his hands weren’t completely ruined, he would never be resigned to that fate.

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