Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 57.1 Level 6 Energy Blocks

The materials room at the base wasn’t far away from the maintenance room which at a glance, one could tell that it was for the convenience of the mech builders to come and collect their materials. Yan Hao walked for five or six minutes in the direction pointed out by Senior Xu Peng and then he saw a room with the sign, ‘materials room’ on it.

“Here to collect materials for a level 6 energy block?” Most of the people in the base were familiar with each other, so when they saw the young man they didn’t know, with a youthful and tender face, they could guess without asking that he was a student who had come for the assessment today.

“En.” Even though Yan Hao had become much more cheerful after being reborn, he was still subconsciously reserved whenever he saw a stranger.

The person in charge of giving out and collecting the materials was a middle-aged man with a full beard. When he noticed Yan Hao’s reserved demeanor, he touched his face subconsciously and asked the colleague next to him, “Do I look scary?”

“I told you to shave your beard. Look at you, you’ve scared the kid.” The man laughed with a ‘ha ha’ sound.

As soon as Yan Hao heard the other man call him a child, he inexplicably felt a little embarrassed. Based on his age in the previous life, he was probably the same age as the man inside.

The bearded man didn’t get angry. Instead, he looked at Yan Hao helplessly then said in a serious manner, “You’re already a sophomore and in two years, you’ll have to go to the army’s actual battle assessment in your senior year, so you can’t be so timid.”

“I’m not afraid.” Yan Hao explained.

“Then why are you trembling?” The bearded man asked.

“I am here to collect the materials.” Yan Hao just wanted to collect the materials and leave.

“If you’re here to collect materials then why are you afraid?” The bearded man was persistent in his questioning.

“I…… I don’t have any points yet.” Yan Hao said.

The bearded man froze, and then laughed out loud, “Is it because you don’t have points and are afraid you won’t be able to buy materials that’s why you’re trembling? Didn’t Xu Peng tell you that you can borrow it first?”

Yan Hao was about to answer when he heard the bearded man say while handing him a sign: “These are the rules for borrowing. According to the rules, half of what you make from the materials you borrow must be given to us as payment. You can also exchange a level 6 energy block for the materials you will use to make it. One level 6 energy block is worth three parts of the materials. Although the prices are slightly higher, this is a desolate planet and materials are in short supply, so naturally it’s higher.”

After explaining the rules, the bearded man asked Yan Hao, “So, are you planning to exchange or borrow?”

“I’ll borrow.” Yan Hao didn’t have any level 6 energy blocks on him, so he couldn’t exchange them for something else even if he wanted to.

“How many copies are you going to borrow?”

“Two?” Yan Hao said.

“Two?” The bearded man was stunned, then reminded, “You must use half of the energy blocks you make as payment. If you only borrow two copies of the material, if one becomes scrap while making it, you will have nothing left. If you cause both to turn into scrap, you’ll still owe us points. I advise you to get more, at least four or six to make sure you can make two energy blocks first.”

“I only need two copies.” Yan Hao insisted.

When the bearded man saw how determined Yan Hao was, he didn’t insist and took two copies of the materials from inside and handed them to him: “Scan this here and the materials will be ready to go.”

The bearded man said as he pointed to an inductor next to him.

Yan Hao swiped his light brain terminal over it and immediately received a message showing that he had taken two level 6 energy blocks from the base materials room.

“Thank you.” Taking the materials, Yan Hao turned around and headed for the maintenance room where the tools needed to make energy blocks were located.

Looking at Yan Hao’s back, the bearded man said to his colleague with a smile, “Although this kid is a bit timid, he is probably good in the academic aspect.”

“Why do you say that?”

“There’s a certain scrap rate for making level 6 energy blocks. I just reminded him to get more copies of the materials, but he insisted on getting only two copies, which shows he’s confident.” The bearded man replied.

“You this man, you just called him timid and now you’re saying he’s confident.” The colleague said.

“Want to bet? I think he can make two level 6 energy blocks.” The bearded man said.

“You’ve just said that student is confident and you want me to make a bet with you, am I stupid?” The colleague laughed angrily.

“Then how about betting on the efficiency of the energy block he’ll produce in/ after a while?” The bearded man enticed, “For a sophomore, the requirement of the Federal University is that it’s students master the making of level 6 energy blocks by the second semester of their freshman year with an average efficiency of about 66.52%. I bet that this student’s efficiency level will exceed 70%.”

“There are always a few good ones in a class, so more than 70% is too broad.” His colleague said in response.

“Then….77%.” The bearded man said again.

“77%? Looks like you really think highly of this kid.” Thinking he was bored anyway, the colleague responded, “Then I’ll bet 77% or less on a meal.”

“That’s too wide a range. You’re obviously just taking advantage.” The bearded man glared at him. If he bet 77% or less, even if that student made a level 6 energy block with 50% efficiency, he would have won.

“You’re the one who wanted to bet.” The colleague said.

“Fine.” The bearded man didn’t care anymore. It was just a meal anyway.

On the other side, Yan Hao didn’t know that the energy block he hadn’t made yet was being bet on. After returning to the maintenance room, he went to the operating table, took out the tools for making an energy block and started making it.

The bearded man had guessed correctly. The reason why Yan Hao had borrowed only two copies of the material was because he was absolutely confident.

The production of energy blocks was dependent on two factors : computing power and the control of mental energy. Yan Hao’s strength was mathematics, and so when he first came across energy blocks and learned the formulae for level 4 energy blocks, he studied the formulae for combing energy blocks thoroughly. Mathematics was the most logical thing, and it was also used to unify energy blocks, so although Yan Hao had never made a level 6 energy block, he knew the formula. To him, the formula for a level 6 energy block was essentially the same as the formula for making a level 5 energy block, just with a larger base, which wasn’t difficult at all.

As for mental energy, as Yan Hao had practiced for more than ten years in his previous life, he had already surpassed most students and even teachers.

So combining these two points, in Yan Hao’s eyes, a level 6 energy block was actually no different from a level 5 energy block, hence he was extremely confident.

Although the difficulty of making the energy block was similar, the amount of calculations required for a level 6 energy block was, after all, greater than that required for a level 5 block, and there were more instability points, so it took more time to channel the mental energy, hence by the time he finished making both energy blocks, it was already more than an hour later.

When he was done making the two energy blocks, Yan Hao ran back to the materials room with them, fearing that he wouldn’t be able to exchange them for materials because they would be off work by then. He had just arrived at the base and didn’t have any points yet, so he wanted to get a few more points for his materials in order to be able make them in the night when he went back.

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