Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 113.2 We solo kill

On the spaceship’s deck, Yan Hao was waiting anxiously outside the safety door as the safety door would only open once the mech had entered the spaceship and the door connecting to the void was closed.

He didn’t have to wait long, as the safety door opened with a ‘ka’ sound just as Sheng Heng leaped out of the cockpit of his mech.

“Senior!” Shouting, his whole body charged over like a cannonball.

And turning around, Sheng Heng caught him in his arms.

Seeing that Xiao Hao was unharmed, and that he even seemed to be in good spirits, Sheng Heng’s heart that was hanging finally fell down, “I’m sorry, I came late.”

“Senior, are you okay?” Yan Hao hadn’t seen the fight between Sheng Heng and the level nine zerg. He only knew that the level nine zerg was extremely dangerous and vicious, and so was worried that Sheng Heng might have been injured.

As he said this, Yan Hao didn’t care that he was snug in Sheng Heng’s arms and instead touched him up and down, so much so that Sheng Heng felt a little embarrassed, because they weren’t the only ones on the deck.

Several soldiers of the Federation Escort Team standing beside them turned their heads away as they blushed, thinking in their hearts, ‘Were all youngsters nowadays so open?’

“I’m fine.” Sheng Heng pressed Yan Hao’s hands that had finished touching the upper half of his body and were going to touch the lower half of his body down, clenching it tightly in a death grip.

“Let me see.” Still worried, Yan Hao wanted to touch him again.

Having no other choice but to fix his hands at his waist, Sheng Heng leaned down and under Yan Hao’s startled gaze, whispered into his ear, “Wait until no one’s around to touch it. If you even want, I’ll take off my clothes for you to touch.”

His hands trembling, Yan Hao’s face turned bright red in a flash and his whole body retreated back sharply, breaking free from Sheng Heng’s embrace. And when he realised that the people around them had either turned around in embarrassment or were giving them amused glances, he hated that he couldn’t find a hole to drill into.

Laughing, Sheng Heng took his hand in his then under everyone’s teasing looks, walked through the safety door towards the spaceship’s inner cabin.

Because of the attack, the spaceship had to return to base, with their plan being to rest before setting off again, hence everyone rode the hovercar back to their original residence.

Old Zhong, as someone who couldn’t stay idle had wanted to repair Black Soul on the spaceship. However Baby Bug’s guess about a passionate kiss had scared him off the idea temporarily. So now that they were back at base, he grabbed his little disciple who had probably finished kissing and began to repair Black Soul.

On the other side of the base, Sheng Heng was called to the meeting room by his big brother. A meeting where almost all the high ranking officers of the base were present. Even General Admiral Sheng, who wasn’t at the base, had joined the meeting through video.

“Sheng Heng, are you saying you actually used mental energy to attack the level nine zerg?” After listening to Sheng Heng’s report, Sheng Zhuo repeated with some uncertainty.

“Yes.” Sheng Heng replied with utmost certainty. “At that time, I was using my attack to harass the level nine zerg, trying to interrupt its mental shockwave when suddenly, a very strong mental energy surged into my sea of consciousness. I subconsciously felt that it might be the mental energy of the level nine zerg, so I started to counterattack.”

And they had all seen the result– the level nine zerg had been killed by the teenager before them.

Inside the meeting room, the people looked at each other in disbelief, then one square-faced man asked, “We’ve also tried to use mental energy to counter the zergs’ mental shockwaves in the past, but the zergs’ shockwaves can crush our mental energy, making it so that our mental energy simply can’t counterattack, so how did you do it?”

During the battle, Sheng Heng had subconsciously fought back with all his might, so he wasn’t able to answer this question that was suddenly posed to him. However after remembering carefully for a moment, he faintly grasped some clues, “At the time, when the zerg’s mental shockwave entered my sea of consciousness, I could vaguely feel the connection between the shockwave and the zerg, so I attacked along that connection.”

The people present were all experienced veterans, and so quickly caught onto the peculiarity. They all started expressing their opinions.

“The key should be this connection.”

“That’s right. We’ve discussed before that if high level zergs can send out mental shockwaves to attack us, we should be able to counterattack them as well. It’s just that we couldn’t find this connection before.”

“So, this so-called connection only appears when the zerg’s attack enters our sea of consciousness, and only then can we counterattack?”

“If that’s the case, it’s quite dangerous. Only warriors whose mental energy level far surpasses that of the zergs can do it.”

“That’s right, not everyone has an S level mental energy, able to counterattack and kill zergs even when their sea of consciousness is disturbed.”

Speaking of S level mental energy, they all couldn’t help but look at Sheng Heng. He was the only one born with S level mental energy in the Federation over the years. Feng Qi of the Feng family was born with A+ level mental energy and was fortunate to have a second breakthrough at the age of fifteen, where he reached the S level, and Sima Mingxuan of the Sima family was similar to Feng Qi, breaking through after taking a phantom elixir because of good luck.

Even though Sheng Heng had the advantage in terms of mental energy, he was still a bit clumsy when it came to physical combat. As the successors of the three major legions, their War God Legion was slightly behind.

This time he being able to kill the level nine zerg by himself, aside from the suppression of his mental energy, the main reason was that there weren’t many zergs accompanying the level nine zerg in this ambush. To put it bluntly, this level nine zerg might have just been out for a stroll and was trying to pick off a few humans incidentally but ended up being taken by surprise by Sheng Heng instead.

Sheng Heng sat quietly beside his big brother, ignoring the ambiguous sighs and glances.

“Sheng Heng, go and check on Xiao Hao.” Sheng Zhuo, unlike Sheng Heng, however couldn’t remain as composed in the face of their obvious stares and found an excuse for Sheng Heng to leave.

“En.” Sheng Heng gave his regards, then turned around and left.


Meanwhile, on the other side of the Federation, at the Sima family’s residence, a wave of battles had also just ended.

A large army of zergs, led by a level nine zerg, had traversed from a black hole and put pressure on the fortress where the Sima Legion was stationed, and as soon as this level nine zerg appeared, it released an extremely terrifying mental shockwave, making it impossible for the mech warriors below level six in the legion to engage in prolonged combat even under the effect of advanced sedatives.

Although mental energy sedatives could alleviate the agitation of the warriors’ mental energy caused by the shockwave, they had a limited time effect which was approximately half an hour, so if the warriors under mental attack couldn’t get out of the range of the shockwave within half an hour’s time, their sea of consciousness would be injured again.

Hence, in every war, as long as there were high level zergs among the zergs, the human side would first send out a few mech warriors with high mental energy levels to kill the zergs that could release mental energy shockwaves. Otherwise, if the battle dragged on, it would be unfavorable for the humans.

This time, the people of the Sima Legion had the same idea. However this time a level nine zerg appeared, and only mech warriors with an A+ level mental energy level had a fighting chance, and among the warriors they had sent out this time, was the next successor of the Sima Legion, Sima Mingxuan, who had just been promoted to being a level eight mech warrior.

The battle was extremely intense, and at the cost of losing a level eight mech warrior, Sima Mingxuan managed to decimate the extremely formidable level nine zerg, causing the entire Sima Legion to be immensely invigorated instantly.

This was their Major General, the next successor of the Sima Legion. He was still a student at the Federal University, yet he had managed to kill a level nine zerg by himself.

Considering this an excellent example to showcase their legion’s strength and thinking that it was almost time for the recruiting season, the Sima family had their publicity department post Sima Mingxuan’s battle video on Starnet.

They wanted the whole federation to know that their Sima family was on the rise.

A university student who hadn’t yet graduated was already a level eight mech warrior and was even capable of killing a level nine zerg– how excellent was this! This video set Starnet on fire, and the young people who wanted to join a legion after graduation but hadn’t yet decided where to go left messages under the video, stating their intention to join the Sima Legion.

All of a sudden, the Sima Legion became the leading force, the number of applications they received far surpassing that of the Feng and Sheng families.

This infuriated the director of the War God Legion’s PR department and going directly to the Battleship Department, he found the video of Sheng Heng’s solo fight with the level nine zerg that had been recorded by the battleship at that time and without even editing it, posted it directly on Starnet.

His title was: [Just a level nine zerg? We solo kill!]

This showy move not only made the application forms for the War God Legion more than triple, it also put ‘mimetic mech’ on the hot search directly.

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