Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 42.2 Solution

Baby Bug then continued talking to Yan Hao: [Ri An, I’d like to ask you a favor].

Yan Hao’s eyes lit up. Although he hadn’t contacted Baby Bug for a long time, he always remembered this online friend who had answered his questions when he was a teenager, so hearing that he needed his help, he naturally would help: [What kind of help do you need? Tell me and I will help you if I can.]

“Tsk, tsk, look at that. How enthusiastic.” The youth snickered.

Baby Bug glared at him then ignoring him, continued to write: [Our professor has assigned me a math problem, but I haven’t been able to get an idea about it for a while. I remember you were always good at math, can you help me with it?]

A math problem?

If it had been in the previous life, Yan Hao wouldn’t have dared to say that his attainments in mathematics were higher than Baby Bug’s, after all, it was always Baby Bug who had answered his questions and solved his problems, but Yan Hao, who had been reborn, had more than ten years of time than the current Baby Bug had, and so should barely be able to help out somehow.

Ri An: [Send me the question].

Baby Bug: [The contents of the question is a little long, so I’ll send it to you through email and I also have some ideas of the possible solution in a file. I’ll send them all to you together.]

“Senior, you’re cheating.” The youth couldn’t help but say.

“It’s just some ideas. I haven’t solved it either, so it’s not cheating, right?” Baby Bug asked.

“Fine, you can send it, after all, we can’t let you lose too badly.” The youth said with a magnanimous tone.

Baby Bug was furious. He was the one who said he shouldn’t send it, and now he was saying he shouldn’t not send it.

At this time, Yan Hao sent another message: [There is no need to send the ideas. If I read them, I might have preconceived notions and will instead not be able to think comprehensively].

Baby Bug replied hastily with an ‘okay’, then gave the youth an oblique glance: “What a villainous heart you have. He doesn’t even want my ideas.”

The youth wasn’t offended. He just laughed then waited for Baby Bug to send the email before turning away, “I’ll wait for the results.”

Yan Hao clicked on the email, read the math problem word by word and gradually, got immersed in it. When he came back to his senses, jolted awake by the pop-up screen on his light brain, it was already 6:30 pm.

As the pop-up screen appeared, the doorbell outside the door rang at almost the same time. The delivery boy had perfected Yan Hao’s routine and knew that Yan Hao was a man with a strong sense of time, so to get him to come and get the delivery as soon as possible, he had to ring the doorbell at the agreed-upon time, preferably within a second.

Going out to pick up the takeaway, Yan Hao started eating, and when he was done, he sat back down in front of his light brain, went over the math problem he had just worked on and double-checked that he had the right method before sending a message to Baby Bug.

Ri An: [I’ve read the question, I should be able to solve it].

“Pfft!” Baby Bug, who was eating in the Institute’s canteen, spat out a mouthful of soup on the spot.

The old man sitting opposite him turned sideways in disgust: “Ba Yun, what are you doing?”

Baby Bug couldn’t care less about his Professor at this point. Putting his chopsticks down, he sent a message back to Yan Hao: [It’s only been one afternoon, and you’ve been able to unravel it?]

This was too d*mn fast, right? He had been thinking about it for a month and had only been able to come up with a few ideas.

Ri An: [I have the basic idea, so I should be able to solve it, but you might have to use a Super light brain at the end.]

Baby Bug wasn’t surprised that Ri An was saying that a Super light brain should be used. Regarding every data provided by the institute, which one of them didn’t necessitate the use of a Super light brain?

Baby Bug: [You…. you can really solve it?]

Ri An: [Are you anxious for the solution?]

Baby Bug: [I’m anxious for it, especially anxious.]

How could he not be anxious? Not to mention the fact that Ri An solving this math problem would solve a major problem in the lab, that nasty guy would have to lose a piece of the Tempest Stone to him. He had been learning to make advanced mecha cores lately, and he was short of the Tempest Stone.

Ri An: [Then will you be able to get a Super light brain? I have to reserve the Super light brain here in advance, so if we wait for me to be able to get it to solve the question for you, I guess it’ll be next week.]

Baby Bug: [I can. We have a Super light brain here in our research lab.]

Ri An: [Then do you think this will work? I’ll give you all the pre-calculations and formula, and you can record them into the Super light brain and check them yourself. If my solution is correct, you should be able to verify it.]

Baby Bug: [Then when are you going to give me the data and formula?]

Ri An: [There’s quite a lot of data, and I have to go back to bed at 12:00pm sharp, so would it be okay if I send it to you tomorrow morning? I’ll start writing it at 8:00 and will probably be done by 9:30am.]

“…… “Baby Bug.

Baby Bug tried to hold back, but couldn’t: [It’s only an hour and a half, can’t you just finish it? That way I can run the data overnight and maybe check the results the next day.]

Ri An: [No, my big brother won’t allow me to stay up late. I have to go to bed at 12:00pm.]

When Yan Hao finished saying this, he couldn’t help but blush a little. Senior Sheng Heng could also be considered as his big brother, right? And for some reason, saying this to others, Yan Hao felt as if he was showing off a little, as if he was telling others that he also had someone who cared about him.

Your big brother? Are you still a f*cking kid?

Baby Bug didn’t feel Yan Hao’s bragging. Instead, he looked up with a sad face, met the professor’s puzzled gaze and explained, “Professor, Ri An said, he already has an idea for the question.”

The old professor’s reaction was much more subdued than Baby Bug’s, because after a faint oh, he asked, “He was only given the question this afternoon and he has an idea so soon?”

“Yes. Ri An said he’ll have the data and formula for us by tomorrow morning, but he doesn’t have a Super light brain, so we will need to check the computations ourselves.” Baby Bug answered.

“He’ll be able to write it tomorrow?” The old professor finally showed some signs of shock. To be able to organize his thoughts in such a short time and to be able to write out the complete steps of the operation, he was quite a talent.

No, he could actually write it in the evening, but he had to go to bed on time.

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5 thoughts on “Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

  1. Baby Hao, we understand your happiness with your Sheng He-gege but others won’t necessarily.
    And can’t wait for the slap to the face when that bratty co-worker of Babby Bug hears HaoHao solved it in one day!

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. If Sheng Heng could hear his thought, he would’ve screamed internally, “ Noooo.. I don’t wanna be that kind of big brother !!!”QAQ

    1. Nah, he’d be pretty happy about it. His little junior kept thinking about him and listened to his advice. It’s much better than Yan Hao just being absorbed in his research and not thinking of him.

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