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Chapter 94.1 Enlightened

The effect of a phantom elixir on mental energy was unpredictable, as it could either increase or decrease one’s mental energy level. What’s more stats showed that the higher the mental energy level, the higher the chance of failure in advancement after using it. Which was why those with A level mental energy and above had to be cautious when using it.

Cheng Wenkang’s mental energy was at the A level, which meant he had about a 50% chance of success in advancement when using a common phantom elixir. However, the effectiveness of phantom elixirs differed depending on the pharmacist who made it, which was what set Master Pharmacists apart from the rest.

A truly skilled pharmacist could tailor the formula according to the user’s needs, which would increase the success rate of the phantom elixir while reducing its side effects and if one was lucky, their mental energy level would not decrease even if there was no advancement. Which was why Cheng Wenkang had wanted to use the wild phantom beast blood to seek out a Master Pharmacist.

However the probability of an A+ mental energy level being increased by a phantom elixir was significantly lower, less than 1%, and side effects were inevitable. Which was why, those with A+ mental energy levels in the Federation generally didn’t rely on phantom elixirs to increase their mental energy.

Sheng Heng’s big brother and father both had A+ mental energy levels, and it wasn’t that they hadn’t thought about increasing their mental energy level, but that despite the fact that the Sheng family spent a fortune on phantom beast blood to make phantom elixirs every year, their family’s pharmacist, after conducting an evaluation, would still advise against its usage.

“Xiao Hao, does the fact that Sima Mingxuan advanced from A+ to S level mental energy after using a phantom elixir made from wild phantom beast blood mean that the success rate is much higher?” General Admiral Sheng, now in his 50s, was no longer suitable for using a phantom elixir because of his long term use of mental energy as well as his hidden injuries, but he still wanted to try for his big brother.

Hence he had invited Yan Hao to a café off-campus today to discuss this issue.

“Wild Phantom beast blood does increase the success rate of phantom elixirs, but it’s not 100%. As I’ve mentioned before, the higher the mental energy level, the more severe the side effects after an advancement.” Yan Hao explained. “Sima Mingxuan may seem fine on the surface, but his mental energy is easily agitated and he often suffers from headaches, making it so that he needs to take medication regularly to control it.”

As Yan Hao spoke, he unconsciously revealed the side effects Sima Mingxuan had from taking the phantom elixir in the previous life. It was only when he noticed Sheng Heng’s puzzled gaze that he realized he had said too much. He covered it up smartly by saying, “I noticed that his mental energy seemed unstable when we were on Resource Planet B135 the last time.”

Sheng Heng’s puzzled gaze disappeared. “No wonder he insisted on having you configure medicine for him last time. He wanted to see if your medicine would work for him.”

Knowing he had muddled through, Yan Hao breathed a sigh of relief.

“It’s a good thing you refused, otherwise if he knew that the medicine you configured worked for him, he would’ve tried every means to keep you under his control.” Sheng Heng said, a little glad.

“You have that much faith in me?” Yan Hao was puzzled as to how Sheng Heng was so sure his medicine would work when he had clearly never said it could cure Sima Mingxuan.

How come Xiao Hao’s lack of confidence still hadn’t changed?

Sheng Heng was about to give Yan Hao a good talking to about him belittling himself when he looked up and saw him blushing, poking the table with his finger, looking happy. With this appearance, where did it look like he lacked confidence in himself? He was clearly shy and a little pleased from the compliment.

This was the first time Sheng Heng had seen Yan Hao like this and he found him extremely cute.

“Of course, I have faith in you. You’re the most talented pharmacist-mech maker I’ve ever seen.” Sheng Heng complimented with a smile.

“Actually, I used to think I didn’t have any talent in pharmacy, but last week, master told me that Old Wen praised me himself, saying that I’m very talented.” Yan Hao told him excitedly.

Sheng Heng understood. It wasn’t a sudden awakening, but rather that he had been acknowledged by a Grandmaster Pharmacist.

“Why did you think you had no talent in pharmacy before?” Sheng Heng had wanted to ask this question for a long time.

Although Yan Hao was currently studying mech building, his talent in pharmacy was no worse than his talent in mech building. In fact, because he had a deeper understanding of pharmacy, his abilities were even more evident. Whether it was the herbal packet for healing his hand or the advanced sedative model, each displayed extraordinary talent.

“Because….. I’m good at calculations.” Yan Hao explained, “In my understanding, pharmacy is a field that requires innovation and comprehension, but all I can do is calculate. I can use formulas to find the most suitable ratio for existing medicine formulas according to my needs, but I lack the ability to innovate. I can only improve, not innovate. To put it bluntly, I’m just good at math.”

“There are many pharmacists in the world who can improve prescriptions, but none have your calculating ability.” Sheng Heng hadn’t expected Yan Hao to see himself this way. He couldn’t help but say agitatedly, “Xiao Hao, you’re not just good at math. There’s a Math Department in the Federal University and students from the Pharmacy Department often seek their help in calculating medicine formulas, however none of them has your calculating ability. Your talent is really unique.”

“I know that now.” This was also the reason why he had suddenly become confident.

Previously, he had always thought he had no talent in pharmacy, that he just picked up on other people’s ideas and was uninnovative, not to mention worthless. But now that he had jumped out, looking back, he realized he did have talent. As Senior Sheng Heng had said, there were many pharmacists who could improve formulas, like the phantom elixir. In the previous life, Yan Fei had been the first one to publish it, but that didn’t mean he was the only one who could think of this improved formula.

Xia Tianyi had even thought of the improved formula two months earlier than Yan Fei. If this had also happened in the previous life, then the reason why Yan Fei was the first to publish the improved formula must have been because something had delayed Xia Tianyi, preventing him from calculating the specific values in time.

For example, his senior brothers had been very busy, so it took them several months to help Xia Tianyi with the calculations, or it might be because he had calculated the formula for Yan Fei too quickly.

“Old Wen even wanted to take you as his disciple, saying your calculation ability is the rarest talent in the field of pharmacy.”

Thinking of Old Wen’s evaluation of him, Yan Hao’s eyes brightened even more. It turns out it wasn’t that he didn’t have talent. It was just that in the previous life, he hadn’t realized where his talent lay. He’d thought it an incomparably simple task that anyone good at math could accomplish, and since it was so easy for him, the people around him also thought it was easy and so didn’t notice his value.

In the past two days, he had specifically looked up the innovative medicines on the Pharmacy Department’s intranet and found that, although Yan Fei still had some innovations, there were at least two-thirds fewer compared to the ones he had made in the previous life, making it so that he couldn’t help but wonder if it was because he wasn’t in the Pharmacy Department. In the previous life, every time Yan Fei had a new idea, their teacher would ask him to calculate and then verify it. Could it be that now that he wasn’t there, Yan Fei’s ideas were unable to be verified?

His heart pounded at the thought of this possibility. After his rebirth, he didn’t want to go take revenge on Yan Fei, but if he could cause him trouble, then he was happy.

“You should have known this a long time ago.” Sheng Heng said with a look of relief on his face. This child finally knew how good he was.

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