Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 111.2 I’ll go

Inside the Federation’s accompanying spaceship, besides Yan Hao and Old Zhong, everyone else was sprawled in their seats in obvious agony.

“Sixth Senior Brother, drink the sedative.” Yan Hao helped Baby Bug up to drink the sedative.

Baby Bug’s face was pale and his breathing was labored, however he was still conscious, hence at the sound of Yan Hao’s voice, he instinctively opened his mouth and swallowed the sedative.

“Master, please take care of Sixth Senior Brother. I’ll go and distribute the sedatives to the others.” The appearance of the level nine zerg was so sudden that even the protective net had been activated by Master the moment he sensed the mental shockwave. If it weren’t for Master’s quick response, they would likely have been ripped to shreds by the zerg army by now.

“This idiot. I keep telling him to train his mental energy, but he prefers to slack off. If it wasn’t because of that, he wouldn’t be so useless.” Old Zhong scolded, however his actions betrayed his words as he cared for his disciple diligently.

Baby Bug’s mental energy level was A+ and with his level, he should have been able to withstand the mental shockwave of the level nine zerg for a while instead of fainting like those with lower mental energy levels. The reason he had fainted was because he had reacted too slowly when the shockwave hit and hadn’t summoned his mental energy to resist in time.

Fortunately, there were emergency sedatives on the spaceship and fetching the sedatives, Yan Hao gave his Master then himself a bottle to drink first before distributing it to the others who hadn’t had the time to take them.

The appearance of the level nine zerg was really too sudden that not just the inexperienced Baby Bug, even some of the soldiers accompanying them also hadn’t had the time to react. As Yan Hao moved around, he found that only half of the soldiers were awake and had taken their sedatives. The other half had had their seas of consciousness shattered the moment the shockwave appeared.

Such a powerful shockwave. Just one encounter and it had wiped out half of the spaceship’s fighting power.

After delivering the sedatives, Yan Hao returned to the cabin. By this time, Baby Bug had awakened under the effect of the sedative and was holding a cup of water and leaning against the couch: “Little junior brother, I’m glad you’re okay.”

“Your medicine was even fetched by Xiao Hao. You both have the same A+ mental energy level, but look at how useless you are.” Old Zhong took the opportunity to scold him.

Baby Bug lowered his head quietly, not saying anything.

Yan Hao blushed at Old Zhong’s praise. While others didn’t know, he himself was well aware of the fact that if he hadn’t lived a lifetime more than others, his actual age’s mental energy strength wouldn’t have been able to withstand the sudden mental shockwave just now.

“Master, how long can this energy net last?” Yan Hao knew that the energy net outside the spaceship was blocking the zergs’ attacks. But for it to be able to make even a level nine zerg dare not approach, he knew it had to be consuming a great amount of energy.

“It can only last for an hour.” Old Zhong responded.

“Just an hour?” That was even shorter than he had imagined.

“Don’t worry. We just left the base not long ago, and Major General Sheng Zhuo also assigned people to accompany us for protection, so they must have received the news by now. Help will arrive soon.” Old Zhong reassured.

“En.” At this point, there was nothing else to do but wait.

Looking out through the spaceship’s glass window at the densely packed zergs outside, Old Zhong clenched his fist tightly: “Do you know why I originally wanted to research the mimetic system?”

Yan Hao shook his head.

“I was in a similar situation about twenty years ago. At that time, we didn’t have the energy net like we do now and the spaceship was torn apart by the zergs’ claws several times.” Old Zhong recalled, “The soldiers protecting us charged forward one by one, only to fall one by one. For a full thirty minutes, all of the mech warriors who were protecting us died until only one was left and the whole time, all I could do was stand there, watch them fight, and wait for someone to come and rescue us. At that time I thought, why can’t I pilot a mech? If there was a mech that was very simple to operate, at critical moments, anyone could pilot a mech and rush out to fight.”

“Master, I will work very hard.” Moved by Old Zhong’s words, Yan Hao couldn’t help but say.

Old Zhong looked at him, a satisfied smile in his eyes: “Watch this battlefield well. Every soldier on it is someone you must protect in the future.”

Outside the window, a sudden burst of fire exploded violently, scattering dozens of low level zergs. Old Zhong knew that help from the base had arrived.

Following the direction of the fire, Yan Hao looked and saw a familiar all-black mech flying through the sky and amid the sea of fire, it was charging straight towards the level nine zerg in the back of the zerg army.

“Senior!” Yan Hao cried out in shock.

Old Zhong’s eyelids also jumped. He had assumed that the one coming would be Sheng Zhuo. How come it was Sheng Heng who came?

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