Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 47.1 Test

Old Pang’s laboratory was much larger than Professor Qin’s, but the layout was similar, and once Yan Hao entered, he saw that there was also an open maintenance room, in the middle of which stood a mech that was more than ten meters tall. Yan Hao’s gaze fell on that mech from the moment he entered.

Yan Hao could tell it was an advanced mech, at least a level 8 or higher from the moment he saw it, because only a level 8 or above mech would have such complex and sophisticated wiring.

“This is a level 9 mech.” Old Pang’s voice suddenly rang out from beside him.

Returning to his senses, Yan Hao bowed deeply in Old Pang’s direction, “Hello Professor Pang.”

“Want to touch it?” Old Pang asked with a smile.

Yan Hao was stunned, and it took him a moment to realize that Old Pang was talking about the level 9 mech: “There’s no…… there’s no need.”

This was a level 9 mech, he wouldn’t dare touch it.

He obviously wanted to touch it but was forcing himself to not look at it. This expression, was really both pitiful and cute.

“Let’s start with the test. If you pass it, you can come and help me out every week from now on. My job for the time being, is to finish making this level 9 mech.” Old Pang told him.

Then did this mean that if he passed the test, it would be perfectly justifiable for him to touch the mech? And not just touch it, but also be able to see the process of Old Pang making the mech?

His eyes lighting up, a fire lit up in Yan Hao’s chest: “I will definitely try my best!”

It had been a long, long time since he had tried so hard to do something.

“Very well. Come with me.” Old Pang led Yan Hao to a room filled with all kinds of mech parts, “This row contains all the bulk parts of a level 5 mech. If you can put together three or more of the main parts, you’ll pass.”

“A level 5 mech?” Yan Hao froze, “Professor Pang, I haven’t studied parts making yet.”

“You don’t need to make it, just assemble it, like you did with the Pami Radar the other day.” With that, Old Pang clicked randomly on the console and a virtual screen appeared, “Here are the instructions for assembling the parts of a level 5 mech; you can use them to put together any part. Whether you finish the test or give up, just press this button next to it, is that clear?”

“Yes.” Yan Hao nodded.

“Then have a good start.” Old Pang smiled encouragingly, then turned around and left the room.

After Old Pang left, Yan Hao was the only one left in the room. He clicked on the catalogue of instructions and at a cursory glance, saw that there were thousands of parts for the main parts of a level 5 mech. After thinking about it, he settled on the arm part of the level 5 mech.

During this period of time, he had disassembled and reassembled the arm of the level 4 mech he had purchased in order to modify the wiring, so in terms of familiarity, he was most familiar with the arm of a mech, and although a level 5 mech was a little more complicated than a level 4 mech, some of the parts still served the same purpose.

Selecting three parts at random, Yan Hao started to quickly skim through the manual. There was a dividing line between a level 4 Mech Builder and a level 5 Mech Builder, but there was one fundamental difference between them, and that was the use of mental energy in the building of level 5 mechs.

After reading the manual twice, Yan Hao had a clear idea in his mind. The assembly of the parts of a level 5 mech wasn’t complicated, it was only the channeling of mental energy that was. A complete mech had thousands of parts, many of which required the maker to inject mental energy, but it was impossible for a Mech Building Master to make each and every part himself, that was why when assembling it, he or she needed to use mental energy to channel and connect some of the parts.

The main point of the assembly was to channel different frequencies of mental energy and then assemble the parts together so that they didn’t repel each other. Of course, if all the parts were made by the same Mech Building Master, then the quality of the assembled mech would be very high.

However, such high quality mechs were rarely seen, except in the rare case of custom-made ones.

Confident in his control of mental energy, Yan Hao followed the instructions, found the parts he needed, and then began to assemble them step by step. This wasn’t difficult for Yan Hao, as he had already experienced it once before when assembling the Pami Radar. The only problem was that the Pami Radar had been built by Mr. Qin alone, which made it so that all the bulk parts, with the same mental fluctuations, were the same. But the bulk parts here seemed to have been made by three people, so much so that Yan Hao had to channel three different frequencies of mental energy during the assembly process.

However this only took a little more time, not providing any difficulty for Yan Hao.

As the clicking sound of the parts being assembled continued, Yan Hao gradually became absorbed and before long, was so engrossed in it that he lost track of time.

Outside the room, Old Pang finished making a part and glanced out of the window only to notice that it was surprisingly dark. Frowning, he turned to look at the clock on the wall.

Six hours had passed already?

Old Pang couldn’t help but wonder. Six hours had passed and the little guy hadn’t come out yet? It had clearly taken him only ten minutes to assemble the Pami Radar, so even if the parts required the use of more mental energy this time, six hours was more than enough with time to spare.

Could it be that he had been mistaken?

Old Pang wondered, but didn’t bother Yan Hao. No matter what, he had to let this little guy finish the test, right?

“Teacher.” At that moment, a middle-aged man came in with a box in his arms.

“Ziming, you’re here. What’s that in your hand?” The person who had come was Deng Ziming, Old Pang’s eldest disciple, a level 8 Mech Building Master.

“A Tempest Stone.” Deng Ziming placed the box in front of Old Pang.

Old Pang opened it and looked at it. Inside the box was a piece of greenish ore the size of a basketball: “With this, the core of the level 9 mech can be made.”

“Teacher, I heard from someone that you’re going to give me another little junior brother?” Deng Ziming pried with a smile.

“You’re quite well-informed.” Old Pang scolded with a laugh.

“Throughout the Federation, how many people have tried to get into your lab, but you haven’t accepted any of them. Even my disciple, your disciple’s little disciple, you wouldn’t even let him come and work in your lab, but now out of the blue you suddenly want to take on an intern. Don’t you think this sudden move of yours will draw attention?” Laughing, Deng Ziming said, “I came over as soon as I heard about it, wanting to meet my future little junior brother. Where is he, is the test over?”

“No, he’s still in my room.” Old Pang replied.

“You asked him to assemble the parts to test his manipulation of mental energy?” Deng Ziming took one look at the room Old Pang was pointing to and immediately guessed what the test was about.

“Yes.” Old Pang nodded.

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