Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 122.2 Suspicion

Editor: Jodi

Not only did the news of Sheng Zhuo becoming a level nine mech warrior lead to the Sheng Xing Group gaining billions of starcoins in a single day like He Shao had said, it also had a significant impact in the military. Over the past years, the reputation of the War God Legion within the military had long since declined, especially when about thirty years ago, the Legion even faced an economic crisis, which allowed the other two major legions to poach a large number of promising mech warriors who were new to the legion but had yet to develop a sense of belonging in the legion.

And although Sheng Heng’s mother took over the Sheng Xing Group later on and used her exceptional business skills to help the War God Legion recover from the crisis in just three years, the loss of talent and prestige was irreparable, and it was also during that period that the Sima Legion took the opportunity to absorb many of the mech warriors who had left the War God Legion, and in the subsequent twenty years, developed rapidly, which gave them the faint strength to fight against the Sheng and Feng families.

And about ten years ago, a massive zerg wave invasion had occurred, and General Admiral Sheng had played a crucial role, bravely killing his way into the zerg territory alone and destroying their leader, the Zerg Emperor. However although they emerged victorious, the War God Legion suffered considerable losses, especially General Admiral Sheng, who even injured his hand, and while it wasn’t announced publicly, those who paid attention noticed that he rarely went into battle himself.

Following that event, the War God Legion’s reputation took another hit. General Admiral Sheng was injured, and the next generation leaders of the Legion, Sheng Zhuo who only had A+ level mental energy and Sheng Heng who was a handicap, both had low chances of becoming level nine mech warriors. And it was precisely because of this that Sima Ming Xuan dared to think of owning the Sheng family’s level 10 mech, and had Sheng Heng agreed to that deal, the War God Legion would have been completely crushed and overshadowed by the Sima Legion.

Moreover, if Sima Mingxuan could really become a level ten mech warrior, then the Sima Legion would become the number one legion in the Federation and there was a possibility that Sima Mingxuan could even become the next Federal Marshal.

Hence seeing as the War God Legion was already on a downward spiral, Sheng Zhuo suddenly advancing to become a level nine mech warrior came as a shock to the Military Department. However while this news was astonishing, it was actually seen as a positive development for the Federation because of the added increase in level nine combat capabilities, and most people were happy, except for the Sima family who had long believed that they were about to surpass the War God Legion.

“Why is Sheng Zhuo able to quickly advance to become a level nine mech warrior using the phantom elixir while Ming Xuan’s mental energy has been unstable all this while when they both have the same mental energy?” Sima Qing, the head of the Sima family, questioned Le Taihong, the head of the Pharmacy Department.

Le Taihong, the fifty year old head of the Pharmacy department who was a level ten Pharmacist had always been regarded highly by Sima Qing and was typically spoken to with politeness. However today’s shock and anger made Sima Qing’s tone slightly more forceful and heavy.

“I’ve seen Sheng Zhuo’s mental energy map, and his mental energy is much more stable than Mingxuan’s.” Le Taihong glanced at Sima Mingxuan who was standing on the side and continued, “Sheng Zhuo is older than Mingxuan, and he has better control over his mental energy, so maybe it’s because of this that after he advanced to the S level, his mental energy has become more stable that Mingxuan’s.”

Sima Mingxuan frowned. “Old Le, didn’t you say at that time that my unstable mental energy is unavoidable because of the overpowering nature of the S level mental energy itself?”

“That is indeed the conclusion I came to, but from Sheng Zhuo’s mental energy map, his mental energy is indeed very stable. So if it’s not that he naturally has better control than you do, then it’s because he has medicine to stabilize it.” Le Taihong explained.

His eyes flashing, Sima Mingxuan looked at his eldest uncle, Sima Qing.

Sima Qing understood immediately. “I’ll have someone investigate.”

The Sima family had inserted an insider in the War God Legion, and since they were able to obtain Sheng Zhuo’s mental energy map, then obtaining something else was all too easy. And as this issue was related to Sima Mingxuan’s mental state, the investigation was very fast, because in just two days, Sima Qing received information.

“The news that came in is that, Sheng Zhuo takes a medicinal bath every three days.”  Sima Qing told them. 

Le Taihong, holding the test report, squinted as he studied it carefully, and beside him, stood Yan Fei, looking at the report with him.

“Yan Fei, have you noticed anything?” Le Taihong asked.

“Master, from this test report, there are at least five hundred or more types of herbs involved, and their medicinal properties are very strange.” Yan Fei thought about it seriously.

Yan Fei had been brought back to the Sima Legion by Sima Mingxuan quite early because he could alleviate Sima Mingxuan’s restless mental energy, and then he was placed in the Sima Legion’s Pharmacy Department, after which his relationship with Sima Mingxuan became even closer, and with his added talent in medicine, became an apprentice under the Sima family’s exclusive pharmacist, Le Taihong.

“This is the concoction after Sheng Zhuo soaked in it, and the properties of the medicine have changed, so naturally it will look strange. However the one thing we can be sure of is that being able to combine hundreds of diverse medicines with different medicinal properties together at the same time, to use to stabilize the complex and ever changing S level mental energy, shows that the pharmacist who configured this concoction isn’t just well-versed in pharmacy but also exceptionally skilled in calculations. Lacking either of these abilities would make it impossible to configure this medicine.” It was no wonder Le Taihong was a Master Pharmacist; he had quite the discerning eye.

“Calculations?” Yan Fei shouted in disbelief.

“What’s wrong?” They all looked over in confusion.

Yan Fei’s expression changed rapidly. Well versed in pharmacy and also exceptionally skilled in calculations, the first person he thought of was Yan Hao. However since high school, Yan Hao hadn’t studied pharmacy, so he definitely couldn’t configure this sort of medicine meant for treating S level mental energy.

“I… I was just thinking who in the Federation fits this criteria.” Yan Fei stammered.

“I’m thinking about it too, but for now I can’t think of anyone.” Le Taihong said.

Sima Mingxuan, who hadn’t spoken much deduced a person from Yan Fei’s shout.

Well versed in pharmacy, was skilled in calculations, and was related to the Sheng family.

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  1. Thank you for the update.

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    I wait to see what scheme will Sima Mingxuan hatch now to tie Yan Hao to him.

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