Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 54 Competition

After consulting with Yan Hao, Sheng Heng went back and submitted the list of partners for the assessment to No. 3 Desolate Planet to his homeroom teacher, Xiao Tianhan.

Xiao Tianhan couldn’t help but frown when he saw that on the list that Sheng Heng had submitted, there was a freshman, “Since he’s a freshman, it means he hasn’t learnt how to repair a mecha yet. I suggest you find someone from the sophomore class to work with.”

“Teacher, didn’t you say that one should trust one’s partner? I don’t trust any of the Mech Building Masters except Yan Hao and at the same time, they don’t trust me either.” Sheng Heng said.

Sheng Heng’s hand injury was known to Xiao Tianhan and he also knew that because of this, the Mech Building Department students in his year didn’t think much of him, so after some deliberation, Xiao Tianhan agreed to Sheng Heng’s application. Sheng Heng’s hand injury only allowed him to operate a mecha for two hours a day at high intensity, which doomed him to not achieve any good results in this assessment. Going with a sophomore would instead be a liability and affect the results of others. Sheng Heng must have thought so too, which was why he got a freshman student to come.

Two days later, Yan Hao asked for a leave of absence from Professor Qin and set off with Sheng Heng on a cosmic spaceship to the Desolate Planet.

Cheng Wenkang, who had previously withdrawn from Xiang Jun’s team because of Sheng Heng’s case, didn’t go looking for a new team. Instead he added his name to Yan Hao’s team after he was sure that Yan Hao would really go to the Desolate Planet.

“It will take three days on the road to the Desolate Planet, so you can make some preparation on the spaceship during these three days.” Xiao Tianhan said to the students taking the assessment, “There is a special mecha service room on the spaceship that you can rent yourselves.”

“I’ve already rented it.” Cheng Wenkang said in a small voice towards the two beside him.

Yan Hao glanced at Cheng Wenkang in surprise, “When did you rent it?”

Didn’t they just board the spaceship?

“I submitted a rental application on Starnet as soon as I got on the spaceship. At that time everyone was slow to react and so no one bothered to rent it. It was all empty.” Cheng Wenkang said somewhat smugly.

It took another while before Xiao Tianhan finished going over the rest of the notes. Seeing that there was nothing else to do, Sheng Heng said, “Let’s go to the Mech Master repair room.”

The cosmic spaceship was equipped with seats and rest rooms, but none were as large as the mecha access rooms, so the students mostly stayed in them during the voyage.

“Cheng Wenkang.” Suddenly, someone called out to Cheng Wenkang.

“What is it?” Cheng Wenkang turned back.

“You’ve rented service room number one?” The person asked.


“There are only three of you, so why did you rent the biggest service room?” The person continued to ask.

“What does our number have to do with which service room we rent?” Cheng Wenkang frowned.

“Of course it has something to do with it. You have the least number of people, so you should rent a smaller service room and give the bigger one to those of us with more people.” The person iterated.

“The teacher only said that we should rent a service room, he didn’t say we should do it according to the size of a team.” Cheng Wenkang said in response.

“Switch with us and we’ll pay you the difference.” The person bargained.

“We aren’t switching.” Shaking his head, Cheng Wenkang refused.

“Cheng Wenkang.” Just then, the Mech Building Master of that team, the very same Xiang Jun who had refused to let Sheng Heng join, stepped forward. “I can get you back on the team if you let me have access room one.”

“Heh~~ who cares.” Cheng Wenkang sneered, wondering where this Xiang Jun had gotten such audacity to say these words.

“What can you achieve following a cripple and a freshman who doesn’t know anything?” Xiang Jun asked.

“You’re the one who’s crippled, your whole family is crippled.” Yan Hao, who had been quiet and who hadn’t spoken, suddenly stormed out and yelled at Xiang Jun, though he had hardly ever argued with anyone and so although his words were clearly a curse it had very little oomph to it.

Xiang Jun was surrounded by a few mecha students, but when they saw that the person who had rushed forward was a Mech Building Master, they didn’t get angry. After all, it was an unwritten rule that mecha warriors weren’t allowed to strike at Mech Building Masters.

“Who are you calling a cripple?” Xiang Jun glared at Yan Hao.

“I… I’m calling you a cripple…. you called us names first anyway.” Yan Hao admitted in a very unimposing manner.

He looked so soft and cute that except for Xiang Jun himself, who looked a bit pale because Yan Hao had clearly pointed out that ‘I’m calling you a cripple’, everyone else had a smile on their faces.

“It’s not as if I’m wrong. Sheng Heng’s hand is already crippled and it’s a secret that the whole year knows.” Xiang Jun retorted.

“Senior Sheng Heng is not, you…. you how can you be so nasty?” Yan Hao could no longer find the words to curse other than the word cripple he had just thrown back, so he could only huff and puff and call him nasty.

“If he’s not, then why did he let a freshman like you who can’t do anything be his partner for this practical assessment? Isn’t it because of his crippled hand that no one wants to partner with him?” Xiang Jun sneered.

“You….. you…..” Yan Hao was on the verge of tears due to anger. Why wasn’t this fight a maths problem? It was so difficult to solve.

Suddenly, a figure stepped forward and stopped in front of Yan Hao, it was Sheng Heng who had a heavy expression.

“What do you want to do?” Xiang Jun, who had been arrogant just now took a step back subconsciously and the mecha students gathered behind him also turned pale, but they still stepped forward to stand in front of Xiang Jun, confronting Sheng Heng.

This wasn’t the first time that Sheng Heng had been ridiculed by students who didn’t like him because of his hand injury. In the past, whenever he encountered similar situations, he would pilot Black Soul to fight with his opponent if it was a mecha student, but if the opponent was a Mech Building Master, as he wasn’t in the position to duel it out with them, he could only pretend that he hadn’t heard it, but this time was different. He didn’t expect Yan Hao, who was always shy, to get into a fight with someone because of him. Although at a glance he could tell that he had little experience, because after he was attacked by the other side in three sentences, instead of winning the scolding match, he almost made himself cry. But that defending heart made Sheng Heng feel that even if he beat up all the people on the other side of the table to the point that their own parents wouldn’t recognize them, it wouldn’t be so comfortable as the feeling that Yan Hao’s defending brought.

However even if he was in a comfortable mood at the moment, he would definitely not allow anyone bully his little junior in front of him.

“Let’s duel it out. If you win, the service room is yours.” Sheng Heng launched straight into a duel demand without much ado.

The faces of the mecha warriors instantly froze. Although Sheng Heng had a hand injury, his mecha, Black Soul, was a level six mecha, higher than any of their mecha ranked and although Sheng Heng couldn’t pilot a mecha for long, before the two-hour limit was reached, his fighting skills, which was the best in the entire second year made it so that no one was his opponent.

Xiang Jun was also aware of this, so he stepped forward and said, “The mecha access room is for Mech Building Masters, so if we want to duel it out, it will have to be between him and I.”

Xiang Jun pointed at Yan Hao.

Sheng Heng was about to refuse when he heard Yan Hao say, “A duel over what?”

“I’m one level higher than you, so you can decide what we will duel over so you don’t say I’m bullying you.” Xiang Jun was extremely thick-skinned as he didn’t feel at all that being a level higher than someone else in itself was called bullying.

“Then let’s duel over energy block making.” Yan Hao said, “We only learnt mecha wiring diagrams and energy block making in the first semester of freshman year.”

“Alright, I think we only learnt about making level 5 energy blocks last semester of freshman year, so let’s make level 5 energy blocks.” Xiang Jun also agreed readily.

“Okay.” Yan Hao agreed immediately.

Sheng Heng’s knitted brows loosened as soon as Yan Hao said that he wanted to make a level five energy block. He had helped Yan Hao sell energy blocks for a while, and Yan Hao’s talent in making energy blocks was the best he had ever seen in anyone.

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