Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 104.2 Pillow talk

The routine check-up process was straightforward. It involved measuring the mental energy map using instruments, so closing his eyes, Sheng Zhuo sat there with the mental helmet on and in just ten minutes, his mental energy map was measured.

Sheng Heng couldn’t understand the mental energy map, but he could read the Pharmacist’s face, and seeing the serious expression on the Pharmacist’s face, his heart suddenly tightened.

“How is it?” Just as Sheng Heng couldn’t resist and was about to ask, Sheng Zhuo had already opened his mouth and taking off the helmet on his head, looking at the Pharmacist calmly.

“Major General, your sea of consciousness is now very fragile, you have to rest.” The Pharmacist said with a worried expression.

“What do you mean? What’s wrong with my big brother’s sea of consciousness?” Sheng Heng walked up to the Pharmacist hurriedly, asking anxiously.

The Pharmacist glanced at Sheng Heng. From Sheng Heng’s address just now, he had already guessed his identity. However instead of answering immediately, he turned to look at Sheng Zhuo.

And seeing Sheng Zhuo nodding, indicating that it was fine, the pharmacist explained to Sheng Heng, “A year ago, when the zergs suddenly mutated, a group of zergs with mental energy shockwaves appeared. At that time, the seas of consciousness of most soldiers in the military were injured, making it that the entire Federation faced a shortage of advanced sedatives, but in order to maintain combat effectiveness, the military prioritized administering sedatives to high level mech warriors, but this also left behind consequences.”

“Once one’s sea of consciousness is attacked, and then that person takes advanced sedatives immediately but then continues to fight without resting or recuperating, it is like cooling a red hot iron with water. And doing so over and over again, how can it not become fragile?”

Hearing this, Sheng Heng was shocked and alarmed. His big brother and father had never mentioned these things to the family. If it wasn’t that he had come here this time, could it be that his big brother had had no intention of telling them at all?

“Then how can it be treated?” Sheng Heng asked.

“Rest. Major General, your sea of consciousness has been overdrawn too much. It must be given ample rest.” The Pharmacist said in reply.

“For how long?”

“At least two years.” The pharmacist continued.

Looking at Sheng Zhuo, Sheng Heng opened his mouth, wanting to say something, however he didn’t know what to say. Resting for two years, for any other soldier in a base, as long as they submitted a medical leave application, they could get approval then go back and recuperate for two years before returning to the battlefield. However Sheng Zhuo was different. He was the next generation of the Sheng family, and if news of his illness got out, it would undermine the Sheng family’s position in the Federation.

So not only could Sheng Zhuo not rest, he also had to continue with missions as usual, otherwise, outsiders would definitely notice that something was wrong.

This was all because he was too useless.

He clenched his fists tightly. He hadn’t felt this frustrated in a long time, not since Yan Hao helped him modify Black Soul. He’d thought that as long as he could become a mech warrior, even if his rank wasn’t high, as long as he could go to the battlefield, he would be satisfied. However it was far from enough. If it wasn’t because he had injured his hands, making it so that he was destined to never become a high ranking mech warrior, his big brother wouldn’t have to endure this hardship.

“Thank you. Let’s go.” Standing up, Sheng Zhuo thanked the Pharmacist, then gestured for Sheng Heng to leave with him.

Sheng Heng followed behind Sheng Zhuo quietly, his expression heavy. And seeing him like this, Sheng Zhuo didn’t say anything, intending to let him digest the news on his own first. The two brothers left the hospital together, however as soon as they stepped out, they came face to face with Qiu Zi’an.

“Regiment Commander, Second Young Master, I just knew you guys would be here.” Qiu Zi’an said as he quickened his pace to catch up with them.

“Is something wrong?” Sheng Zhuo asked.

“Yes. The Military Headquarters sent a notification. I’ve come to deliver it to you.” Saying this, Qiu Zi’an handed him a document.

“Why didn’t you just contact me?” Sheng Zhuo reached out to take it.

“You blocked the communication signal on your terminal, so I guessed that you must have come here for a routine check-up. It’s an urgent document, so I ran over directly.” Qiu Zi’an explained. During mental energy map tests, all electronic devices had to be turned off.

Hearing that it was urgent, Sheng Zhuo lowered his head and began reading it. Then a trace of pleasant surprise flashed across his face. “Old Zhong chose us this time?”

“Yes, he’ll be arriving early tomorrow morning.” Qiu Zi’an said excitedly “This is a level 10 Master Mech Builder. I’ll finally have the chance to meet him in person. The mech builders in the base are going crazy right now.”

“Old Zhong is coming to our base?” Sheng Heng was shocked.

“Yes, news of the third generation system upgrade has been circulating for a few months, then it was announced officially recently. All the bases have been trying to invite Old Zhong to visit, but he chose us in the end.” Qiu Zi’an said excitedly, “Second Young Master, your Black Soul has a mimetic system, right? This is a good opportunity to have Old Zhong take a look at it. Old Zhong is the pioneer of Mimetic Piloting System Research, and his expertise in mimetic systems is definitely stronger than that of your boyfriend’s. Right, where’s your boyfriend? If he’s available, you should ask him to come over. Maybe he’ll have the chance to learn directly from Old Zhong.”

However as he said this, he remembered the base’s rules, and so turned to Sheng Zhuo. ” Regiment Commander, Second Young Master’s boyfriend will eventually become a member of your family. Why not issue a special permission for him to come in?”

Sheng Zhuo hadn’t seen Yan Hao before, but he knew that he was Little Cutie. So even without considering the fact that Yan Hao had modified a mimetic mech for Sheng Heng, just based on the advanced sedative formula and his herbal packet, Sheng Zhuo would approve him on the spot. So he looked at Sheng Heng and said, “When Old Zhong comes this time, he’ll be staying here for at least half a month, so you can tell him to come.”

Sheng Heng didn’t respond. Instead, his gaze was fixed on the document in his big brother’s hand.

“There’s no need.” Sheng Heng shook his head.

“This is a rare opportunity. Didn’t you say he’s interested in mech building?” Sheng Zhuo frowned. What type of boyfriend was his little brother? This kind of opportunity was at hand yet he didn’t think of his boyfriend. What if he run away?

“He’s already here.” Sheng Heng suddenly added.

Sheng Zhuo froze, then was about to ask where he was when he saw Sheng Heng point at a name on the document.

Accompanying Personnel: Ba Yun, Yan Hao.

“Yan Hao, my boyfriend. He’s Old Zhong’s closed door disciple.” Sheng Heng explained more in case they didn’t understand.

Sheng Zhuo: There’s no need to deliberately emphasize the word ‘boyfriend’. I know your boyfriend’s name is Yan Hao. I just didn’t notice those small words indicating the accompanying personnel earlier.

Qiu Zi’an’s mouth hung open, then he seemed to have grasped something vaguely: Could it be that Second Young Master had influenced Old Zhong’s decision to come to their side through pillow talk?

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