Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 97.1 Confession

The first thing Sheng Heng did after he stepped into the cockpit and activated the mech was to look at Yan Hao, who was standing in the corner of the training room through the mech’s virtual screen and with a slight movement of his finger, Yan Hao’s face on the virtual screen was magnified.

Yan Hao also happened to be looking up at Black Soul at this time, so as his image was enlarged, their gazes collided through the screen. Unable to help himself, Sheng Heng reached out to touch Yan Hao’s eyes on the screen.

Yan Hao, unaware of this, looked at Sheng Heng with bright, wide eyes, and seeing that he hadn’t moved for a long time, couldn’t help but press a button on the terminal of his light brain on his right wrist. Immediately, a communication alert sounded in the cockpit of the mech.

Sheng Heng answered the communicator.

“Heng Ge, is there something wrong with the mech?” Yan Hao asked.

“No.” Sheng Heng shook his head.

“Then why haven’t you started yet?” Yan Hao asked.

It was only then Sheng Heng realized that he had been in the cockpit for quite a while, just engrossed in looking at the person he liked: “I’m checking the parameters of the weapons.”

Sheng Heng found an excuse cleverly.

“How is it? Isn’t it awesome?” Yan Hao asked somewhat proudly.

Sheng Heng quickly checked the parameters of the particle cannons and was shocked to find that these weren’t parameters that Level 6 weapons could have. Even if Master Pang had made them himself, he couldn’t make the power of Level 6 weapons this strong.

“This…. Xiao Hao, what level are these weapons?” Sheng Heng asked in shock.

“My master hasn’t made weapons below Level 8 for more than ten years.” Yan Hao told him.

“Level 8 weapons?” Ever since his hands got injured, Sheng Heng knew that Black Soul was probably the highest level mech he could pilot in his life. Even his big brother, Sheng Zhuo, only got to pilot a Level 8 mech after a long time in the military and even that, was because of his outstanding military service and strength.

However although Yan Hao had installed Level 8 weapons for him, Black Soul was still a Level 6 mech. What’s more Level 8 weapons had always been exclusive to only Level 8 mechs.

“These particle cannons are Level 8 weapons, but Black Soul is only Level 6?” Sheng Heng asked.

“I designed a converter that allows lower level mechs to be equipped with higher level weapons, but it consumes a lot of energy, so although the weapon can be used, its power output would definitely not be as good as that outputted when installed on a mech that has the same level as the weapon.” Yan Hao urged again, “Hurry up and try it. I still don’t know how much power this particle cannon can exert installed on Black Soul.”

Although Yan Hao had calculated it roughly, this was the first time the converter was being used on a mech, hence without practical data, he didn’t dare be too certain.

“Okay.” At this time, not only Yan Hao, even Sheng Heng wanted to know the power of Black Soul’s new weapons, so immediately starting the weapon system up, he aimed at a wall in the training field specifically used to test the strength of weapons and fired a shot after one of the weapons had finished charging.

There was a loud ‘bang’, then the detector connected to the wall began to flash continuously, and the number representing the strength of a weapon kept climbing, then about three seconds later, stopped at a stable value: weapon destruction value 89785, weapon evaluation, Super Level 7 weapon.

Super Level 7 weapon, as the name implied, was a weapon whose power had surpassed that of a Level 7 weapon but hadn’t quite reached the strength of a Level 8 weapon.

Although the output wasn’t a perfect exertion of the original power of the weapon, Sheng Heng was already very satisfied. This destructive power was more than five times that of Black Soul’s original destructive power.

If Black Soul could be equipped with such weapons in the future, if he could pilot such a Black Soul onto the battlefield, then he could become a Level 7 mech warrior. No, if he worked harder, with his S level mental energy, he might be able to become a Level 8 mech warrior.

Could he become a Level 8 mech warrior?

Outside the mech, Yan Hao naturally also saw the weapon’s evaluation value, 89785. It was actually even higher than he had imagined.

“Master is so powerful. The Level 8 weapon he made has 50% more power than others of the same level.” Yan Hao subtracted the destructive value of 89785 from the value he had initially calculated and quickly calculated the difference.

Just as Yan Hao was marveling, the door of the mech’s cockpit opened and Sheng Heng jumped down from the cockpit with a leap and ran to him in three steps.

Sheng Heng’s chest was heaving violently, his fingers trembling slightly. He wanted to say something, but didn’t know how to express his emotions properly.

However just as he was trying hard to calm his emotions and say something, Yan Hao spoke first: “Do you like the gift I gave you?”

“I like it!” How could Sheng Heng not like it? He was over the moon with joy.

This wasn’t just a gift, it was the dream he had been chasing since he was a child. With these two particle cannons, his Black Soul had the strength to become a level 7 mech, and his father no longer had any reason to forbid him from going to the battlefield.

Master had said to confess when senior was the happiest and most moved. Now should be the time, right?


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