Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 115.2 Watch over him

Soon the two students arrived in front of He Shao and Yan Hao and nodding at them politely, introduced themselves, “My name is Lin Qing. I’m a level four mech warrior and I have a level five mech.”

“My name is Song Kai. I’m also a level four mech warrior, but I’m currently taking the level five exams, so I’ll be able to upgrade to level five next semester. My mech is also a level five mech.”

Looking at his friend, Lin Qing scolded in his heart, ‘so cunning’ then added quickly, “I’m also preparing for the level five exams.”

“Hello, I’m He Shao. I was ranked twelfth in class last semester and my strength is in making energy blocks. I can make a level six energy block with 70% efficiency.” Ever since he’d learned that the Desolate Planet assessment required exchanging energy blocks for points, He Shao had studied hard for a while, so now his skill in making energy blocks had entered the top three in their class.

“Hello, hello.” The two of them nodded at He Shao, then turned their gazes simultaneously to Yan Hao who was standing next to He Shao.

Yan Hao froze for a moment, then introduced himself as well, “Hello, my name is Yan Hao and I already have a partner.”

Since he wasn’t planning to find a partner, he naturally wouldn’t talk about his strengths and class rankings like He Shao had done.

“I know you, your partner is the third-year Senior Sheng Heng who is also your boyfriend.” Lin Qing clearly knew Yan Hao, as he said this immediately after Yan Hao finished introducing himself.

Yan Hao nodded.

“But you only have one partner, and it’s a partnership formed because you’re a couple. According to the rules, you should form a partnership with us because we are from the same year.” Lin Qing said in reply.

“That’s right, that’s right. A mech builder can form partnerships with several mech warriors, so why don’t you consider me? After graduation, I want to join the War God Legion.” Song Kai added.

Lin Qing looked at his friend incredulously . This guy is too cunning, too crafty. Why didn’t I think about the War God Legion? Sheng Heng is from the War God Legion, so Yan Hao will definitely go there in the future. Mentioning joining the War God Legion after graduation is clearly a bonus point.

“I also want to go to the War God Legion. Senior Sheng Heng’s solo fight against the level nine zerg was so cool.” Lin Qing chimed in hurriedly.

“This…..” Yan Hao looked at He Shao helplessly, not knowing how to deal with the situation for a moment.

He Shao also had a bad expression at this moment. He originally thought that these two were coming to look for him, so he had introduced himself seriously, but it turns out they were after Yan Hao.

“Are you guys deaf? Didn’t you hear him? He said he already has a partner and doesn’t want to pair up with a new one.” He Shao’s voice was filled with anger.

“You really won’t consider it? How about you take a look at our mechs first.” Song Kai tried to score points with their mechs.

“Scram, scram, scram! What’s so good about a level five mech? We build mimetic mechs.” He Shao scolded.

However who knew that after this scolding, the eyes of the two would shine even more. Hadn’t they come here to find Yan Hao just because he was the only one acknowledged by Old Zhong to have inherited his mimetic mech technology? If they became his partners, maybe one day they could get a mimetic mech of their own.

Seeing their expressions, He Shao realized that his words had backfired, but just as he was about to say something else, he saw Cheng Wenkang walking over from afar.

“Junior, if you can beat me, I’ll let Xiao Hao think about it.” Cheng Wenkang patted the junior’s shoulder confidently.

“Senior Cheng.” Yan Hao greeted Cheng Wenkang with a surprised look on his face.

After a holiday without seeing him, Cheng Wenkang had changed a lot. He seemed to have lost weight and he had become more handsome.

“Who are you?” Song Kai asked Cheng Wenkang.

“Year three, Class one, Cheng Wenkang.” Saying this, he raised his hand and released his mech.

It was a cyan blue level six mech.

Lin Qing and Song Kai looked and seeing that it was a level six mech master senior, realized that they were no match for him and so left dejected.

“Senior Cheng, you’ve changed your mech?” Yan Hao asked.

Cheng Wenkang grinned, “I broke through to level A+ mental energy successfully and my dad was so happy that he gifted me a new mech. The Blue Hornet, how is it?”

“Cool!” Yan Hao praised.

Cheng Wenkang’s expression lit up immediately as he laughed with a ‘hehe’ for a while.

“But, how did you get in?” Yan Hao asked him.

“I was originally always allowed in.” Cheng Wenkang said, then seeing Yan Hao’s confusion , explained, “The partner selection is an event that every mech warrior and mech builder can participate in each year. Even if a partnership has already been formed successfully, if one party is unsatisfied, they can choose a new partner in the next partner selection event. It’s just that this situation is relatively rare.”

“But it seems like there are quite a few today.” He Shao said, looking in a certain direction.

Following his gaze, they indeed saw several mech warriors dressed in senior year uniforms mingling in the crowd, their gazes scanning their direction from time to time.

“It looks like they’re all here for you.” He Shao said to Yan Hao. “This won’t do, I can’t be with you. Otherwise, I might become the first mech builder in the history of the Federal University that no one wants to pair with.”

Yan Hao looked at He Shao with an apologetic expression.

“Wait for me to pick a few alternatives, then you can come and help me evaluate them.” He Shao said and then with a nonchalant turn, walked to the other side.

“Heng Ge just knew this would happen, that’s why he asked me to come.” Cheng Wenkang looked at the senior students who were walking over while his mech, Blue Hornet remained out, standing firm and tall.

“Senior asked you to come?” Yan Hao blinked.

It seemed Sheng Heng had been detained at the War God Legion for some reason. They had talked a while ago, and Sheng Heng had said he would return to school half a month later.

“Yes, he gave me instructions a week ago, afraid you’d be snatched away by someone else.” Cheng Wenkang told him.

Yan Hao’s ears turned red: “I….. I just have to refuse them.”

Cheng Wenkang looked at him but didn’t say anything. Sheng Heng’s original words had been: “Our little junior isn’t good at rejecting people. He’s naive and easy to fool, so you have to watch over him for me and if anyone dares to trick him, break their legs for me.”

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