Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 79.1 Discarded parts

The next morning, after breakfast, Yan Hao headed towards the building of the lab as previously arranged. Today was Saturday and also the first day he would officially begin learning as Old Pang’s disciple.

He arrived early enough that there weren’t many people outside the building of the lab. However when he took the elevator to the tenth floor, he found that every lab inside was conducting experiments, showing clearly that the staff here had been working almost all night.

Old Pang’s lab was at the innermost part and was also the largest and brightest on the whole tenth floor. As Yan Hao walked up to the door, the electronic lock on the door of the lab automatically recognized his identity.

“Lab assistant, Yan Hao, identity verified.”

After he passed the verification check, the door of the lab clicked open and pushing open the door to enter, what Yan Hao saw was still the level 9 mech standing in the center of the maintenance room. Every time Yan Hao saw this mech, he couldn’t help but be attracted to it and would gaze at it for a long time, unable to help but imagine when he would also be able to create such a mech with his own hands.

When Old Pang walked out of the parts room, what he saw was Yan Hao staring at his half finished level 9 mech. However he wasn’t displeased nor did he interrupt him immediately. As a mech builder, if one was indifferent when seeing a high level mech, then that was a problem. Conversely, when seeing a high level mech, the light in one’s eyes, as well as the impulse in one’s heart were the driving force for a mech builder’s learning and growth.

Yan Hao didn’t stay engrossed for too long, however, because after about ten minutes, his light brain vibrated, bringing him back to reality. He was about to lower his head to check it when he suddenly caught sight of Old Pang’s smiling figure standing by the side.

“Teacher.” Turning around quickly, he greeted Old Pang respectfully.

“You’ve come pretty early.” Old Pang had only asked Yan Hao to come at 9 am every weekend, but it was only 8:30 am.

“I got up early, so I came straight over.” Yan Hao answered.

“Have you had breakfast yet?” Old Pang asked.

“I have. I even brought breakfast for you. Teacher, have you had breakfast?” Yan Hao lifted the breakfast in his right hand, however he was also nervous because he wasn’t sure Old Pang would like the breakfast he had bought.

“Now that you mention it, I am feeling a bit hungry.” Smiling, Old Pang walked over and took the breakfast from his hand. Opening it, he looked inside then said in pleasant surprise, “It’s the buns from the third cafeteria.”

“En.” Seeing that Old Pang had accepted the breakfast, Yan Hao’s entire body relaxed.

“I heard they make the buns according to an ancient Earth recipe called soup dumplings. They taste really good but they usually sell them for only half an hour every morning. I’ve always wanted to try them, but I’ve never been able to get them.” Old Pang told him.

“Teacher, I’ll buy some for you tomorrow.” Yan Hao said immediately.

“Good boy.” Old Pang gave Yan Hao an approving look. Sure enough, it was his little disciple who was thoughtful. The only things those other disciples of his knew how to do in the past was to conduct experiments in the lab or ask him various questions. They never thought about whether he had eaten breakfast or not.

(Those other disciples: ….)

This was the first time Yan Hao was being praised like this by an elder, so he was happy, but he was an adult after all, so he felt a bit embarrassed being praised with words like ‘good boy.’

“Teacher, is there anything you need me to do?” Yan Hao asked.

“There’s no rush, let me finish breakfast first. You received an email earlier right? Check to see if it’s anything important.” Saying this, Old Pang took a seat then pushed spare parts and other things away from the table, making some space on it for his breakfast.

There were actually two napkins inside the breakfast bag. His little disciple was really attentive.

Reminded by Old Pang, Yan Hao looked down at his light brain and found an email from the Federation’s Special Talent Center.

“Teacher, I’ve been removed from the special talent protection program.” Yan Hao said happily.

“Mhmm, it looks like your second senior brother is still of some use.” Old Pang said in response.

Yan Hao didn’t know if this email was thanks to his second senior brother or thanks to the person Sheng Heng had asked to help, but the two of them had helped him, so he was very grateful to them.

“Teacher, I want to thank second senior brother.” Yan Hao said.

“It was just a small favor, there’s no need to thank him. What’s more he hasn’t even given you a gift yet.” Old Pang replied nonchalantly.

“…..” Yan Hao.

“But you two should get to know each other. Come here, I’ll make a call and introduce you two.” Old Pang added.

Overjoyed, Yan Hao hurried over to stand beside him.

The video call was accepted quickly and a middle-aged man in uniform appeared on the screen, smiling at them. He was Zhang Yu Fei, the deputy director of the Federation’s Special Talent Center. “Teach, the person standing next to you is our little junior brother right?”

“Hello, second senior brother.” Yan Hao greeted nervously.

“Hello, little junior brother.” Smiling, Zhang Yu Fei nodded at Yan Hao.

“Thank you, second senior brother.” Yan Hao said right after, expressing his gratitude.

“You’re thanking me? Thanking me for what?”

“I received the removal email from the Special Talent Center.”

“Oh, you’re talking about that.” Shaking his head, Zhang Yu Fei told him, “I didn’t do it. Just as I was about to remove your name from the talent pool, I found that your name had already been removed by someone else.”

Hearing this, there was no surprise on Yan Hao’s face.

“It seems you already know who helped you remove your name.” Zhang Yu Fei guessed from Yan Hao’s expression, “Do you have a connection with Major General Sheng?”

Hearing the words ‘Major General Sheng’, Old Pang’s brows couldn’t help but furrow then he also looked at Yan Hao.

“I don’t know Major General Sheng, it’s….” Yan Hao paused slightly. Senior Sheng’s last name was also Sheng. Could it be that he was related to the Sheng family, one of the three major general families of the Federation? “Maybe there’s a connection, I think.”

Smiling, Zhang Yu Fei didn’t continue to ask about his relationship with the Sheng family. He just said, “I wasn’t able to help you this time, but I’ll make it up to you with a gift when I come back to Capital Star Planet in a few months.”

“There’s….. there’s no need.”

“Teacher, I still have something to attend to.” Zhang Yu Fei looked at Old Pang.

“Mhmm, go ahead.” Old Pang said. As soon as he finished saying this, the video call was disconnected.

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