Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 86.2 Accidental Kiss

Yan Hao tried hard to focus, but he couldn’t. In the end, he pleaded in a compromising tone, “Senior, can you…. can you close your eyes?”

“?” Now it was Sheng Heng’s turn to be puzzled.

“When you stare at me like this, I can’t concentrate.” Yan Hao felt that he was too useless. How could he be so unfocused when it came to something so important as examining Sheng Heng’s sea of consciousness?

Hearing this, Sheng Heng closed his eyes obediently. However, the suppressed smile at the corners of his lips resurfaced, and it was a hundred times more intense than before.

Finally feeling a bit better, Yan Hao exhaled then focused on examining him once again. However halfway through the examination, there was a knock on the door, followed by Cheng Wenkang’s voice, “Boss, are you guys done yet?”

Sheng Heng frowned, and just as he was deciding how to scold Cheng Wenkang without scaring his little junior, he heard his little junior turn his head and reply, “Not yet, give us another minute.”

Instantly, there was silence, both inside and outside the ward, at the same time.

Sheng Heng bit his lip tightly, barely holding back the laughter that had already reached the tip of his tongue.

Outside the ward, Cheng Wenkang and Kang Ren, along with Sima Mingxuan and Yan Fei, who had both been stopped by the first two at the door, displayed two completely different reactions. The first two were shocked, while the latter two were puzzled.

“Cough… They seem to be quite affectionate.” Kang Ren said in embarrassment, as he had just walked in on something.

“I… I didn’t expect it either.” Cheng Wenkang started to recall their experiences over the past three months. He remembered that during the last assessment on the Desolate Planet, the two weren’t together yet. Could it be that they had developed something and that he didn’t know at the school during these past few months?

Sima Mingxuan and Yan Fei who were listening were utterly confused, but neither of them spoke. When a minute had passed, Yan Fei reminded quietly, “It’s been a minute.”

Cheng Wenkang turned, saying in disgust, “What’s the rush?! Even I am not in a hurry.”

“….” Yan Fei.

Just then, the door was opened from the inside and Yan Hao appeared behind it. He nodded at Cheng Wenkang and Kang Ren, “We’re done, you can come in.”

As for the two people following behind, he ignored them completely.

“…..” Yan Fei, who had been about to say big brother was once again choked by ellipsis.

“Boss, that was….. just two to three minutes, right?” Cheng Wenkang walked to the bedside, smirking as he winked.

At this moment, Sheng Heng was in an excellent mood and so didn’t bother to argue with Cheng Wenkang. He just glanced at him coolly then didn’t engage further.

“Checking the condition of one’s sea of consciousness only takes two or three minutes.” Yan Hao explained when he heard Cheng Wenkang’s words.

“….” Cheng Wenkang.

“….” Kang Ren paused for a moment before coming to a realization, “So you were checking Sheng Heng’s sea of consciousness just now. I thought you guys were… Wait, you can already use your mental energy to examine someone else’s sea of consciousness directly?”

The control of mental energy was challenging. Ordinary mecha builders and even pharmacists needed incredibly strong mental control when using mental energy to make mechas as well as its parts. However, this was still limited to only objects. Whether it was mecha parts or medicine, if one’s control of his or her mental energy wasn’t good, the worst that could happen was the parts being scrapped or the medicine being destroyed. However examining the sea of consciousness with mental energy was entirely different. If there was even a tiny mishap during the process, the sea of consciousness of both people would be destroyed. As a result, in medical practice, pharmacists preferred using instruments to examine patients’ mental maps and to determine the condition of their sea of consciousness, not using mental energy unless absolutely necessary.

To directly explore a sea of consciousness with one’s mental energy, one had to be a pharmacist with at least a decade or two worth of experience and a highly talented one at that, but Yan Hao was still a student, right?

For a moment, Yan Hao didn’t know how to respond. On the one hand, as a 19-year-old student, he couldn’t possibly possess such proficient mental control. On the other hand, if he said no, he would have to formulate medicine based on the test he had just done.

“He can only examine mine.” Sheng Heng spoke up.

“Oh~~” Kang Ren suddenly understood, “It turns out you’ve opened your sea of consciousness to him completely? What an enviable affection.”

Hearing this, the emotions of everyone in the room varied again.

Sheng Heng: Yes, our affection is that enviable.

Cheng Wenkang: This sour smell.

Sima Mingxuan: They are together now?

Yan Fei: Sure enough, this two are in an illicit affair. No wonder he was so supportive of Yan Hao last time.

Yan Hao: No wonder the mental examination went so smoothly just now. It turns out Senior Sheng has opened his sea of consciousness to me directly. Since Senior Sheng trusts me, I must definitely not let him down. I will be the best partner I can be.

“Doctor Kang, thank you for helping me prepare the medicine last time.” Yan Hao said gratefully to Kang Ren. He should have thanked Kang Ren first, but the situation just now had been a bit awkward.

“Yan Hao, you’re too polite. In fact, I’m the one who benefited from this, because otherwise, I wouldn’t have had the chance to see such a special prescription.” Kang Ren told him. “However, that prescription was tailored for Sheng Heng’s injury, right? Can others use it?”

This was the question Kang Ren had been holding back.

“If the amount of each herb is halved, others can use it, but it will be less effective” Yan Hao said in reply.

“Even if its less effective, it might still save lives in critical situations.” Kang Ren said. The high threshold of one’s mental energy could destroy a person’s sea of consciousness in an instant under the most dangerous circumstances, and Yan Hao’s medicine, even if it wasn’t effective, as long as it could lower the threshold for a short period of time, could be considered as buying some more time for some people, giving them a chance to get to a pharmacist.

Kang Ren was too excited. It was only after he was done talking that he realized his mistake. This prescription wasn’t his.

“Sorry, I… I got too excited. Don’t worry, I understand the rules. I won’t leak the prescription.” Kang Ren apologized.

“Doctor Kang, if you want to use it to save people, feel free to do so. But if the medicine isn’t calculated to precision based on one’s mental map, the effect of the first dose can only last for half an hour at most. It really won’t be very helpful.” Yan Hao explained.

Hearing this, Kang Ren was overjoyed, “No problem, no problem. Even half an hour is good.”

Perhaps someone would survive just because of that extra half hour. Not everyone had mental energy as extraordinary as Sheng Heng. Most people’s mental energy was below the A level.

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