Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 70.1 Applying medicine

This sudden assault assessment resulted in many people getting zero points, especially the students of the Mech Building Department. Except for Xia Liu, everyone got zero points. The reason why Xia Liu didn’t get zero points wasn’t because he did his job well, but because he was lucky. He was in the same team as the class leader, Sun Zhu and since they had all been injured and thus took three days off, their mechs had suffered almost no damage.

“….” Xia Liu.

Getting zero points wasn’t a big deal. After all, everyone had gotten zero points. Xia Liu’s luck could also be understood, but the problem was that there was an extra Yan Hao, which made the students of the Mech Building Department feel uncomfortable. However there was nothing they could do. He was just a fill-in and also a freshman yet he had done better than they, the seniors in all aspects. If they were to go cause trouble, then they were really shameless.

They had already failed the assessment, they couldn’t add shamelessness to it. So although everyone was depressed, this assessment had also given them a profound lesson and this, was what Xiao Tianhan wanted to achieve.

After the scolding ended, the spaceship’s maintenance rooms were immediately rented out. The students who had just been scolded didn’t dare linger and immediately asked their teammates for their mechs then worked in the maintenance rooms.

And the mech piloting students were kept back by Xiao Tianhan in the control room, where they were taught combat skills based on the practical assessment they had just had.

Walking out of the control room, Yan Hao was on his way back to the maintenance room he had rented when he ran into Sima Ming Xuan and his teammates.

“Little junior Yan Hao.” Seeing Yan Hao, Sima Ming Xuan’s originally slow pace suddenly quickened and within a few steps he was in front of Yan Hao.

“Senior, hello.” Yan Hao wanted to avoid him, but the spaceship wasn’t that big. What’s more at this time they were in a corridor, hence it was impossible to avoid him.

“Has the fierce aura surrounding me not dissipated yet?”

“Ah?” Yan Hao was taken aback.

“Otherwise why do you always look so scared when you see me?” Sima Ming Xuan asked with a smile.


“!” Sima Ming Xuan.

“Puff haha~~” The teammates who were following behind Sima Ming Xuan couldn’t help but laugh. They were the ones who knew their captain best. His words just now were clearly said in a teasing manner, with the thought that as Yan Hao was still a teenager, he wouldn’t admit to being scared, this way he could have a natural conversation with him. Unexpectedly, this little junior was so sincere. Not only did his fear show on his face, he also admitted it openly, rendering their eloquent captain speechless for a moment.

“Cough….. it’s my fault for scaring you.” Sima Ming Xuan said, slightly embarrassed.

“It’s okay.” Yan Hao shook his head.

His lips curving, Sima Ming Xuan was about to continue to find a topic when he heard Yan Hao add immediately: “Can I leave now?”

That pitiful look, that soft tone. Even Sima Ming Xuan himself had the feeling that he had bullied him. Instinctively, he stepped aside, opening a path.

“Thank you.” Lowering his head, Yan Hao walked past Sima Ming Xuan.

Sima Ming Xuan watched Yan Hao’s back as he walked away then he asked his teammates, a bit bewildered, “Do I look that scary?”

“Who asked you kill so fiercely on the battlefield? Who’s to blame for your fierce killing aura?”

“Exactly. Not to mention you were bullying his partner outside earlier. It’s only natural that he doesn’t like you.”

“But, that said, although that Sheng Heng pilots a level six mech and has no battlefield experience, being able to fight like that with Z is already pretty good.”

“I think so too. He has a strong combat awareness and quick reaction. Among this batch of juniors, the only one who has a chance to join the number one team is probably that Sheng Heng.”

Remembering the battle outside the spaceship earlier, Sima Ming Xuan’s eyes couldn’t help but deepen a bit: “He used a mimetic driving system and according to the federation’s current research on mimetic piloting, the mimetic piloting system is only at level six.”

“I remember that this Sheng Heng has a hand injury. The federation has been researching mimetic driving systems for fifty, sixty years and it’s only at level six, which means that even if this Sheng Heng’s combat awareness is strong, he will only be able to reach level six. A pity.”

“Forget it, let’s not talk about other people’s business. Let’s go eat.”

Yan Hao almost ran all the way back to the maintenance room after separating from Sima Ming Xuan.

Yan Hao felt nothing but fear towards Sima Ming Xuan. And this fear wasn’t because Sima Ming Xuan had kicked him in the last life or kicked him out of Capital Star. His fear was that if he had too much contact with Sima Ming Xuan, he would return to the plot of the last life.

Sima Ming Xuan would soon meet and fall in love with Yan Fei and with his help, Yan Fei would quickly become famous in the Federation.

Forget it, he shouldn’t think about it. He should just avoid contact with them and it would be okay.

Shaking his head fiercely, Yan Hao tried hard not to let himself fall into the memories of the past. Anyways in the part of the story where they got to know and fell in love, he, this vicious cannon fodder, didn’t have much of a role, so it should be easy to hide.

Thinking this way, Yan Hao’s heart suddenly felt much lighter. Standing up, he began tidying up the maintenance room.

Although what had happened earlier had been an assessment, the spaceship had still been attacked, and the intense shaking had knocked almost everything in the maintenance room to the ground, causing the place to be a mess, with various parts and maintenance tools scattered everywhere.

Picking the things up one by one, Yan Hao checked for damage then categorized them accordingly. By the time he was done, two hours had passed.

Finally, he walked up to a wall and pulled out the zerg’s front claw that was stuck to it. At that time, the spaceship had shaken so violently that Sheng Heng had almost immediately dropped the front claw he was holding to protect him in his arms. The claw was extremely sharp and under the force of inertia, had actually inserted itself directly into the metal wall.

Fortunately, it was sharp and was inserted into the wall, so it didn’t shake with the rest of the spaceship. If it had gone back and forth like the other mech parts in the room, it would have been dangerous. At that time, a screw the size of a fingernail had almost hurt Senior Sheng Heng…..

He didn’t know if he was injured or not.

Suddenly becoming restless, Yan Hao stood up, put the zerg’s front claw into its box then turned around to go to the spaceship’s medical room. Although the spaceship had a medical room, there was no doctor, just some commonly used medicine. Yan Hao went in, took a portable medicine kit, then ran to Sheng Heng’s room.

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