Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 139.1 You guys haven’t done it yet

Editor: Jodi

Yan Hao remained unconscious for three days, and the people outside the hospital waited for just as long, with even more people who were unable to go to the hospital itself waiting for official updates at home, especially with Old Wen’s arrival on Z Star Planet, causing the public to become even more impatient to learn about Yan Hao’s condition. Hence as soon as he woke up, Z Star Planet’s ZF officially announced his recovery and also revealed his mental energy level advancement, something that was a blessing that was gained from his misfortune.

As this news spread, the entire planet celebrated, and the crowd that had gathered at the hospital dispersed gradually. However the Yan couple, despite being the closest to Yan Hao, actually learnt about their child’s recovery from Starnet, just everyone else, causing them to be very dissatisfied. And as a result, they went to Winston again, expressing their desire to see Yan Hao.

“Mrs. Yan, Mr. Yan, although Master Yan Hao is awake, his condition is still quite delicate. What’s more Old Wen specifically instructed that he needs to rest properly, so we can’t allow visitors at the moment.” Winston rejected them politely.

“What do you mean by that? Are we visitors? I’m his mother.” Lu Si Ying, who had been staying near the hospital for several days without seeing Yan Hao, was particularly angry.

“Yes, you are his mother, but isn’t this in the best interest of Master Yan Hao’s health?” Winston asked.

“Then why can that Sheng Heng see Yan Hao? He’s just a boyfriend we don’t recognize; does he have a closer relationship with Yan Hao than we do?” Lu Si Ying argued.

“Sheng Heng exhausted his mental energy to treat Master Yan Hao and is currently lying in the ward.” Winston said calmly.

“……” Lu Si Ying was speechless, unable to say a word.

Pulling his wife behind him at this time, Father Yan asked politely, “Your Excellency, then when can we see Yan Hao?”

“This depends on Master Yan Hao’s recovery. If the situation permits, I will have someone notify you at the first instance.” If it wasn’t because they were Yan Hao’s parents, Winston wouldn’t have met them himself. After all, when had he, the Planet’s Consul ever been questioned by a woman like this?

“Okay then, we’ll wait at the Caesar Hotel next to the hospital.” Father Yan told him.

“Good, I’ll have someone escort you out.” Winston said as he raised his hand and beckoned two men over.

Just then, Yan Fei, who had been silent all this while suddenly moved forward and asked, “Your Excellency, is it really true that my big brother’s mental energy level has advanced to the S level?”

“Of course. The news has already been announced officially, so naturally it’s true.” Winston replied.

A hint of unwillingness flashed in Yan Fei’s eyes, however thinking about the other reason why he had come over this time, he forced himself to ask, “Your Excellency, can we meet Master Wen?”

Winston looked at him in confusion: “You want to meet Old Wen?”

“Master Wen came a long way to save my big brother, so we as a family have to thank him in person.” Yan Fei explained.

When the Yan couple heard this, they thought to themselves in their hearts that it was still their youngest son who was considerate, then echoed, “Yes, we want to thank Old Wen in person.”

“I’ll ask for you.” Winston said, then walked to the side to call Old Wen. After a moment, he returned, “Old Wen is in the Dispensary. I’ll have someone take you there.”

“Alright, thank you Your Excellency.”

Shortly after, the Yan family of three were led to the hospital’s dispensary. Inside, Old Wen was guiding Ye Chen in the preparation of medicine. “The Purple Leaf Herb’s medicinal properties can only be activated effectively at temperatures below minus two degrees, so before you use it, you have to cool it down……”

“Old Wen, Master Yan Hao’s family is here.” The soldier responsible for escorting the Yan family over knocked on the door.

Old Wen turned around immediately, smiling politely at the three people standing at the entrance of the door, “Hello.”

“Master Wen, hello.” Father Yan stepped forward and said a bunch of words of gratitude to him.

Old Wen replied modestly, “Yan Hao and I already know each other, and I came here at the request of his Master. Besides, just based on the fact that he saved the entire Z Star Planet, I had to save him.”

“Master Wen, when can we see Yan Hao?” Lu Si Ying took the opportunity to ask.

His brows furrowing, Old Wen was just about to answer when Ye Chen who was standing on the side suddenly interjected, “Yan Hao’s condition is still unstable at the moment, so we need to observe him for at least another two to three days.”

Old Wen looked at him with a surprised expression, and in return, Ye Chen looked at him with a faint smile. Old Wen thought about it, then didn’t say anything more.

“Hello, Old Wen. I’m Yan Fei, a sophomore at the Federal University’s Pharmacy Department. I admire you greatly.” Yan Fei suddenly walked up to Old Wen with an adoring look on his face.

“You’re Yan Hao’s brother right?” Old Wen looked at him with a smile, then thinking about Yan Hao’s excellent calculation abilities, couldn’t help but ask, “What level of medicine are you able to configure?”

“I just passed the Level 5 Pharmacist evaluation last semester.” Yan Fei told him.

“Being able to become a level 5 Pharmacist in your sophomore year, you’re as excellent as your big brother.” Old Wen complimented. “Your Yan family produces talents.”

In between his parents’ polite and courteous words, a hint of dark discontent flashed across Yan Fei’s face. He didn’t like the way Old Wen had complimented him, his words making it sound as if he was inferior to Yan Hao. The change on his face was just for a brief short moment, however it didn’t escape the eyes of Ye Chen who was watching from the sidelines.

“Master Wen, it’s rare for me to meet a master as skilled as you. I wonder if I can ask you a few questions.” Yan Fei asked cautiously, with a look of his face that said he was afraid he would refuse.

Old Wen was someone who appreciated talent and enjoyed mentoring the younger generation. What’s more he was Yan Hao’s little brother, so he nodded and said, “Of course, feel free to ask any questions you have.”

“Thank you.” Yan Fei said with surprise: “I have a friend whose mental state is damaged, so I configured a prescription based on his mental energy map. However I don’t know why I keep on feeling that something isn’t quite right, so I was hoping you could take a look at it. This is the prescription, and this is his mental energy map.”

Saying this, Yan Fei handed over the prescription and the mental energy map.

Taking them, Old Wen looked at the mental energy map, then let out a soft sound, “This is an S level mental energy map, right?”

“Yes.” Yan Fei nodded.

“Little friend, you should always do things according to your abilities.” Ye Chen suddenly interjected. “You’re just a Level 5 Pharmacist, so why do you keep doing things beyond your capability?”

“What, you’ve met before?” Old Wen asked.

“Didn’t you send a prescription formula for stabilizing Yan Hao’s mental energy? At that time, this little friend here came over and recommended himself, saying he wanted to configure the medicine for his big brother. If I hadn’t come, this little friend would have been using his Level 5 Pharmacist skills to configure your previous prescription.” Ye Chen spoke with a calm tone, with even a hint of a smile on his face. However his words made Yan Fei’s face change.

“Nonsense! How can you, a Level 5 Pharmacist just configure a Level 8 medicine casually?” Old Wen didn’t know that such a thing had happened, and so was immediately furious.

“Old Wen, don’t be angry. This little friend was probably just very worried about his big brother.” Ye Chen advised.

“Worried? So because he’s worried he can just do anything? He himself studies pharmacy, so could it be that he doesn’t know that even a slight mistake in configuring medicines can lead to drastically different effects and irreversible consequences? Was he really worried about his big brother, or was he trying to harm him? As a Pharmacist, doesn’t he even have this basic sense of  professional ethics?” The people Old Wen couldn’t stand the most were these kinds of pharmacists who didn’t know what was what and the gravity of things. Immediately, the little favorable impression he’d had of Yan Fei disappeared.

Yan Fei’s face turned white, feeling a kind of panic that came with something hidden being seen through. “I….. I just wanted to save my big brother.”

“That was you wanting to harm him!” Old Wen said back.

“Ai-ya, it’s time for the room check. Old Wen, we have to go to the ward.” Ye Chen interrupted when he felt that it was enough.

And the Yan couple, seeing that Old Wen was angry, pulled their younger son away hurriedly, saying goodbye to him: “Then we won’t bother you.”

“Learn to be realistic without having flights of fancy in your studies. Don’t be overly ambitious just because you’re smart, otherwise no matter how smart you are, you won’t be able to achieve much. Instead, you will harm yourself and others.” In the end, Old Wen said these words to Yan Fei before leaving the dispensary.

Ye Chen followed behind him, handing the prescription as well as the mental energy map Old Wen had placed on the table just now back to Yan Fei: “Your things.”

Yan Fei clenched the mental energy map in his hand tightly, biting his lip so much that he drew blood from his anger.

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