Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 102.1 Moving to aid

Planet S36 was the outermost member of the Federation’s dominions and a key military outpost in the fight against the zergs, and guarding this outpost, was the Federation’s General Admiral Sheng Tianxing.

The military compound was a no-go zone for non-military personnel, but Sheng Heng had had the privilege of visiting every year since he was a child. As his father had put it, every boy of the Sheng family was a soldier for the Federation from the moment they were born.

However it had been many years since he had visited this place, a place he’d had the privilege to visit since he was a child but had stayed away ever since his hands had been injured in an accident and the doctors had said they were beyond repair, crushing his dreams of becoming a mech warrior.

So returning after more than a decade, he found the place oddly familiar. This planet, its base, as well as its starry sky, were all part of his childhood dreams.

“Second Young Master.” A young man in a military uniform appeared behind him.

“Zi’an Ge.” Sheng Heng greeted him with a smile.

The man was Qiu Zi’an, Sheng Heng’s big brother, Sheng Zhuo’s University classmate and now the Deputy Commander of his big brother’s First Legion.

“The Regiment Commander is already on his way back and sent a message asking us to meet him. Do you want to join us?” Qiu Zi’an asked.

“Big brother is coming back? Is there any danger?” Sheng Heng stepped forward nervously.

“Don’t worry, everything is fine.” Qiu Zi’an reassured him. “The zerg sweep this time went smoothly, but their numbers exceeded expectations, resulting in a shortage of energy supply, so he asked us to meet him.”

Planet S36 was the front line defense against the zergs, and on the outskirts of the base, small zerg scouting parties could be encountered at any time. Hence if any mech ran out of power, it would be in danger.

It was with this consideration in mind that Sheng Zhuo had sent word to Qiu Zi’an to meet them in advance, in case there were any accidents.

Hearing that his big brother was safe, Sheng Heng breathed a sigh of relief: “Can I join you guys on your mission?”

“Of course you can.” Qiu Zi’an smiled. “Your big brother told me you’re a level six mech warrior now. Once you’re a child of the Sheng family, then you’re the Federation’s soldier. Now that you can pilot a mech again, could it be that you don’t want to be a soldier anymore?”

“Of course I want to.” Sheng Heng said immediately.

“Then what are we wasting words for?” Qiu Zi’an said in response.

Nodding heavily, Sheng Heng followed Qiu Zi’an out of the base, then jumping into his mech, took off, heading for outer space.

Because it was only a pick up mission, Qiu Zi’an didn’t take many people with him— just five, including Sheng Heng, and apart from the level seven mech he was piloting, the rest were all level six mechs. Yet, on their journey, Black Soul followed closely behind Qiu Zi’an’s mech.

“I heard your big brother say that although your Black Soul is a level six mech, it only has the performance of a level five mech after being modified, so how come it flies so fast?” Qiu Zi’an asked curiously as they flew.

“Black Soul has two systems. One is the original, and the other is a mimetic system. I’m using the original system now.” Sheng Heng explained.

“It turns out it’s like this.” Qiu Zi’an nodded and was just about to say something else when a communication request suddenly sounded in his cockpit.

Seeing the source of the signal, he accepted the call with a laugh: “Commander.”

A young man in military uniform, bearing a slight resemblance to Sheng Heng, appeared on the screen. It was Sheng Zhuo. “How long will it take for you guys to get here?”

“Twenty minutes.” Qiu Zi’an said in reply.

His brows furrowing, Sheng Zhuo was just about to say something when his screen wobbled abruptly. It seemed as if something had collided with his location, causing the signal to become unstable.

Seeing this, the smile on Qiu Zi’an’s face faded. “Commander, you’ve met with an attack?”

“We’ve encountered a small party of zerg scouts, including three level eight zergs.” Sheng Zhuo replied with remarkable calm, not a bit of panic on his face.

“Do you still have energy blocks?” Qiu Zi’an asked nervously. After all, weren’t they moving to their aid because Sheng Zhuo and the others were short on energy blocks?

“The mechs’ energy blocks have been depleted, but the battleship still has some.”

“How much longer can it hold out?”

“Fifteen minutes. I’ll try to move towards you, we’ll meet halfway.” After Sheng Zhuo finished saying this, he cut off the communication.

Fifteen minutes? That left a gap of five minutes. Three level eight zergs wouldn’t need five minutes to tear a battleship apart. Given the chance, they could do it in just one.

Activating the team’s internal communication, Qiu Zi’an said quickly. “The Regiment Commander is under attack by zergs up ahead, so I’m going to meet him. Follow the coordinates and hurry over.”


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