Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 27.1

“Big brother, you ……” Yan Fei seemed to be stunned by Yan Hao’s sudden outburst, his clean little face paling a little, his teeth biting his lips tightly, as if he was trying desperately to hold something back, “But you can’t give up your profession in pharmacy because you hate me. You obviously paid so much for it and you even repeated the grade the first year. You can’t ruin your life because of a moment of impulse…”

“Don’t worry about it.” Yan Hao wasn’t someone who was good with words. He would only glare at others fiercely with red eyes every time he got angry, and then shiver with anger. He had a strong logical ability to calculate all the mathematical formulas in his textbooks, but he didn’t know how to refute Yan Fei’s words.

Why did this person in front of him say every word was for his own good, yet he only felt disgusted?

“Yan Hao, don’t be insensitive.” A figure suddenly rushed out from nowhere and pushed Yan Hao viciously.

Yan Hao had been desperately trying to hold back his anger, so he hadn’t expected anyone to push him at all. As a result he was momentarily unprepared, hence staggered several steps back after he was pushed.

“Mingchuan?” Yan Fei looked at the person in surprise.

This person was none other than his and Yan Hao’s high school classmate, Wu Mingchuan, who had entered the Federal University together with them.

“Yan Fei, did he bully you again?” When Wu Mingchuan saw Yan Fei’s miserable white face and red eyes, he turned his head in anger and glared at Yan Hao fiercely.

“Mingchuan, my big brother didn’t bully me.” Yan Fei explained eagerly.

“Don’t defend him, he has always bullied you since you were little.” Wu Mingchuan growled in anger.

There it was again, it had always been like this since he was a kid. Why did these words make him feel sick when he heard them, yet others didn’t feel sick?

“What the f*ck are you?” Along with a roar, a book flew out from behind Yan Hao and smashed into Wu Mingchuan viciously.

“Be careful.” Yan Fei pulled Wu Mingchuan out of the way of the attack.

“Who are you?” Wu Mingchuan looked at the three-quarter thick book at his feet and stared angrily at the teenager who had suddenly appeared.

“You have the nerve to ask me? What the h*ll are you? Running to our Mech Building Department to look for trouble, you think we don’t have anyone so you can bully us, right?” He Shao’s voice was so loud that it immediately attracted the attention of the people around.

Previously, because the argument hadn’t been too huge, and it looked like the people arguing knew each other, they hadn’t cared much. But when they heard He Shao’s words, their expressions changed. Someone had come to the dormitory of the Mecha Building Department to bully them? How could this be allowed?

In an instant, a dozen of unkind eyes looked over.

Wu Mingchuan’s arrogance suddenly died down a little, but he still shouted in a stern voice, “Don’t reverse black and white, Yan Hao was clearly the one bullying Yan Fei. He yelled at Yan Fei so loudly just now, everyone saw it.”

He Shao smiled and turned his head to look at Yan Hao.

Yan Hao looked at He Shao and was about to open his mouth to explain when he saw He Shao suddenly turn his head again and say loudly, “If he bullied him, then he bullied him, so what?”

Yan Hao was stunned when he heard this.

“Why are you so unreasonable?” Wu Mingchuan said angrily.

“You want to talk about reason right? Fine, then let’s talk about it. This is the Mech Building Department, which is half a college away from the Pharmacy Department, which means you guys came here first. Since you guys came to our doorstep looking to be bullied, is it wrong for us to fulfill your wish?” He Shao sneered.

“We are here to see Yan Hao.” Wu Mingchuan stated.

“What is it?” He Shao asked.

“This student, you may have misunderstood.” Yan Fei explained hurriedly, “I have something to discuss with my big brother, I didn’t come here to argue.”

“Then why did he push Yan Hao?” He Shao pointed at Wu Mingchuan angrily. He had just gone back to the dormitory by himself because he didn’t want to get involved in Yan Hao’s family affairs, but had felt that Yan Hao didn’t look to be in the right mood, so he was a bit uneasy and had squatted at the third floor window to look over. When he saw that Yan Hao had been pushed, he was so angry that he grabbed a book and ran downstairs.

Their Yan Hao was usually well-behaved, simple and easy to be deceived with nothing in his head but his IQ.

“Mingchuan also misunderstood. My big brother and I have often had conflicts in the past, that’s why….”

Great, this was how you used to bully Hao Hao.

“He misunderstood and pushed our Yan Hao, then I’ve also misunderstood. Don’t I also have to bash him a bit?” He Shao interrupted Yan Fei’s explanation, walked over, picked up the book he had thrown over just now, pointed at Wu Mingchuan and said, “Tell him to stand still and let me hit him. I’ll take that as a misunderstanding.”

“You…. how can you do that?” Yan Fei looked at He Shao in shock, “I’ll let Mingchuan apologize to my brother is all. Mingchuan, apologize quickly.”

Wu Mingchuan glanced at Yan Fei, looked at Yan Hao, then looked at the fat person who was shouting, pursed his lips and was about to apologize in the attitude of ‘the situation was greater than him’ when Yan Hao suddenly took a step back and said coldly, “I don’t accept it.”

“Yan Hao, don’t reach for a yard after getting an inch.” He pointed at Yan Hao and scolded, “From childhood up till now, teachers, classmates, and even your parents, which one of them thinks you are a good thing? Only Yan Fei still thinks of you as his big brother, so you bully him all day lon… ah ah ah.”

“A harsh scream suddenly rang out from Wu Mingchuan’s mouth. A tall figure wearing a silver and white school uniform had appeared at Wu Mingchuan’s side at some point, grabbed Wu Mingchuan’s finger that was pointing at Yan Hao with one hand and broke it heavily.

“Senior Sheng?” Yan Hao was surprised as he looked at Sheng Heng who had suddenly appeared.

Sheng Heng had just arrived at the training room when he received a text message from He Shao, saying that someone was bullying Yan Hao outside the dormitory. He had rushed over hurriedly and when he arrived, had heard Wu Mingchuan cursing and pointing from the back.

From childhood to now, teachers, classmates and even his parents, didn’t like Yan Hao. No wonder, no wonder his little junior had developed such a disposition.

“This senior, let go of my friend, his hand is about to break.” Yan Fei pleaded for mercy hurriedly and even reached out to pull Sheng Heng’s arm, but Sheng Heng was a student of the Mecha Department, so his physical strength wasn’t something that a pharmacy student could shake.

Without any choice, Yan Fei could only beg Yan Hao, “Big brother, let Mingchuan go, his arm is about to break.”

“Hey, why do your words sound so wrong to me? It’s obviously this person who wanted to make a move against our Hao Hao, why should he be released?” He Shao then turned and said to Yan Hao, “Hao Hao, this kind of person has to be beaten up. After taking a beating, he will learn to behave himself.”

“Big brother, don’t. I’ll apologize on his behalf okay? Please let him go.” Yan Fei begged bitterly, the expression on his little face pitiful.

Actually, Yan Hao wasn’t listening to them, because his entire being was a little confused. The scene in front of him was so different from his past experience that he felt it was unreal.

Yan Fei, the main character, was here, but the people around him didn’t accuse him; even He Shao and Senior Sheng Heng were on his side. The uneasiness that had been in his heart suddenly disappeared and he was finally sure that he had really made a friend, and that his friend wouldn’t leave him because of Yan Fei.

Fine rays of light flashed at the bottom of Yan Hao’s eyes, like the bits of a fire that slowly started to blaze, which caused Sheng Heng to freeze and subconsciously let go of Wu Mingchuan’s hand.

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