Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 81.2 Trying to assemble a mech

In the first semester of their freshman year, the Mech Building Department mainly taught energy formulas and familiarized students with mech circuit diagrams. The energy formulas were to enable the students earn money, as mech building was a very expensive discipline in its early stages while the mech circuit diagram laid the foundation for assembling mechs. After these two fundamentals were mastered, the students could officially begin to learn mech building.

Professor Qin opened his lesson plan and a virtual screen behind him instantly displayed a level 4 mech at the same time. He tapped it and the mech immediately disintegrated into hundreds of parts of varying sizes.

“Everyone should have learned about the parts of a level 4 mech in high school.” As Professor Qin said this, he swept an untraceable glance at Yan Hao, as he was the only one in the classroom who hadn’t studied mech building in high school. But it was just a glance, as he immediately withdrew his gaze because he couldn’t change the whole teaching schedule just for Yan Hao’s progress. “Now, I will teach you the method for making these parts.”

Saying this, he raised his hand and tapped the screen again and the disintegrated parts reassembled into the shape of a mech. “A level 4 mech is composed of about 2,800 parts, but only about 200 parts have to be mastered; the rest can be produced by machines. Our goal this semester is to master the production method of 50 of these parts. In this lesson, we will first learn about the mech axle, which is generally used in the joint parts of mechs. The precision of the mech axle directly affects the….”

Yan Hao listened attentively throughout the entire class, his eyes locked on Professor Qin intense and obsessed. This class gave Professor Qin an unprecedented sense of accomplishment. Most importantly, in the future, as long as he just thought of how this future mech master had once listened seriously and given him undivided focused attention during his class, he would feel a sense of joy.

After class, Professor Qin, who was bursting with a sense of achievement, called Yan Hao over.

“Yan Hao, you don’t have the basic foundation from high school, so did you find this class difficult?” Professor Qin asked with concern.

“I reviewed the coursework in advance and also disassembled the corresponding parts.” Yan Hao said as he nodded his head a little.

After this class, he suddenly understood why his Master had asked him to disassemble the parts. If he hadn’t disassembled hundreds of parts in the past two days over the weekend and become more familiar with the internal structure of the parts, he would have had some difficulty listening to this class.

“It’s good that you can keep up. However, the complexity of the wheel axle discussed today can only be considered basic. The parts that come after will become more and more complex in the future, so try to preview the materials before class. If you don’t understand, you can ask us at any time.” Professor Qin told him.

“I will. Thank you, Professor.” Yan Hao thanked him.

“Study hard. Now the entire school knows that the Pharmacy Department wants to steal you from our Mech Building Department. If you don’t achieve some results, people will think that our Mech Building Department is stifling your talent.” Professor Qin said.

“Huh?” Yan Hao was stunned.

“What’s wrong, you don’t have confidence?” Professor Qin raised an eyebrow.

“I do!” Yan Hao’s expression turned serious as he responded resolutely.

If Yan Hao had been asked about something else, he might not have answered so loudly, however studying had never been difficult for him, especially when it came to mech building, which he loved.

From then on, Yan Hao entered a state of intense studying. Even Old Zhong, after learning about his situation, stopped making him go to the Federal Academy of Sciences monthly and instructed him to build a solid foundation. Therefore, every weekend, Yan Hao would stay in Old Pang’s lab to disassemble parts and ask him for help whenever he didn’t understand and during weekdays, he would bring the necessary parts to class and listen while familiarizing himself with the parts in his hands.

Since Yan Hao was currently cramming basic knowledge from middle school through to high school, everyone in the class could be his teacher in this regard and it seemed that everyone was particularly enthusiastic about giving extra lessons to the god of learning, making it so that whenever they had free time and noticed that he was confused, they would take the initiative to help him. However, they often confused Yan Hao with their various explanations that in the end, He Shao had to step in and set some ground rules. The first person to approach Yan Hao would be responsible for teaching and others would supervise. If the explanation was incorrect, then others could step in.

After this round of operations, half a semester passed, during which Yan Hao not only mastered most of the knowledge from middle school through to high school, even the other students in the class benefited greatly. Moreover, after mastering most of the basic knowledge, Yan Hao was like a person whose second veins had been opened, often grasping the key points after Professor Qin explained them just briefly.

The only person who wasn’t happy with this was probably Professor Qin, simply because his student was learning too quickly and the little eyes that followed him around brightly during class had disappeared.

Two and a half months later, after Yan Hao had disassembled most of the parts in the pile, Old Pang finally gave him a new task.

“You now have a certain understanding of the parts. If I ask you to repair them, can you do it?” Old Pang asked.

“I can try to repair some of the parts that aren’t completely scrapped.” Yan Hao answered.

He could even try to repair Black Soul if Sheng Heng asked him to go to the Desolate Planet now.

“Very good, then stop the disassembling of the parts. Instead, repair them. Repair all the parts that can be repaired here. If you can’t repair them, find a way to do it yourself. Your next learning task is to assemble your first level 4 mech.” Old Pang instructed.

Yan Hao, who had been listening quietly’s eyes widened suddenly: “I….. I can build a mech now?”

Building a level 4 mech independently was a senior year graduation task, and even in senior year, not everyone could build a qualified level 4 mech.

“What you’ll be doing now can only count as half-assembling a mech. To build it independently, you still have some work to do. But this assembly will provide great help to your future study of other parts.” Old Pang explained.

“Teacher, I understand. I will work hard.” Yan Hao replied loudly, his body trembling slightly with excitement.

His first mech, had already taken its first step towards him.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Adorable, eager kid. I’m sure he helped his classmates too. I used to never refuse explaining stuff at school because it was an excellent review method which anchored memories in my brain. Day of the exam, I always remembered what I explained best.

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