Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 59.2 High score that makes one lose hope

“My good friend once said that mech warriors fight on the battlefield, guarding the peace of the Federation, and the only ones who can protect them are mech builders. When we came here, our teacher had us form a team, and since we are a team, it is only right that whiles they are on the battlefield, I should also be on the battlefield, even though our battlefields are different.” Yan Hao explained his understanding of the situation.

“You’re right, go on.” Xu Peng patted Yan Hao’s shoulder with satisfaction then turned to leave the mech access room. Once outside, he made the first mark on his assessment sheet for the mech building students who had come for the assessment.

Apart from Yan Hao, who scored a perfect ten, the rest had scored three and zero respectively. The threes were for students who had been in the access room in the afternoon and the zeros were for students who hadn’t been in the access room at all.

Yan Hao stayed in the access room until 10 p.m. before returning to the dormitory and making an appointment with Qin Hu to come over for another deal. Throughout the day, Yan Hao had made a total of ten energy blocks, of which he gave six to Qin Hu.

“Six blocks made in one day, junior, your production speed is very fast.” Qin Hu praised while transferring the points for eight energy blocks to Yan Hao.

“Thank you.” Yan Hao thanked him.

“I’d like to buy some more if there are more tomorrow.” Qin Hu told him.

“Are nine pieces not enough for senior?”

“It’s always good to stock up on master-level energy blocks.” Qin Hu said in reply.

“No problem, I can sell you six blocks every day.”

“Then sell them all to me.”

“But aren’t you going on a mission the day after tomorrow?” Yan Hao had planned to look for another buyer in the evening.

“I can give you the points first and then get them from you when I return from my mission.” Qin Hu said.

“I’m going back to the Federal University after the assessment.”

“It doesn’t matter. Our team is on a rotational break, so there will be another team member coming back in a few days, so it will be the same if I ask him to come and get them.” Qin Hu told him.

“Alright then.” Being able to sell to one person at once would prevent him from going to the trouble of going out to find another buyer.

Qin Hu was instantly overjoyed: “I don’t have enough points here, so I’ll go back and ask the captain for some and call you later.”

Yan Hao agreed and Qin Hu left and about half an hour later, Yan Hao received a huge transfer of points.

Hearing the beep of the points coming in, Yan Hao turned on his light brain to take a look and with just one glance, he noticed that there was something wrong. The points in his account seemed to have increased a bit more than it had to.

There were one hundred and twenty-three extra points.

Yan Hao’s calculating ability was so strong that his brain had already calculated it as soon as he realized that there were more points. He immediately clicked on the details to check the details of his points entry and saw that there was an additional detail of points transfer.

Your team member, Sheng Heng, transferred 123 points.

The points had been transferred by Senior Sheng? Senior must be worried that he didn’t have any points to use at the base.

This transfer had been made ten minutes ago, so Senior should be resting at this time. Yan Hao thought about it then sent a message to Sheng Heng immediately: [Senior, I have enough points to spend. Pay attention to your safety out there, don’t rush to kill the zergs.]

Yan Hao was worried that Sheng Heng would take the risk to kill more zergs because they had the least number of people in their group and didn’t have enough points.

Somewhere in a camp on No. 3 Desolate Planet, Sheng Heng immediately understood Yan Hao’s meaning when he saw his message. The corners of his lips lifted slightly as he replied, [I know.]

“Have you guys read the notice? At twelve o’clock the teacher will give us scores for our first day’s assessment.”

“Scoring on the first day, how?” Some of those who hadn’t had time to read the notice asked.

“We’ll be graded based on points. There are two leaderboards, one for the total number of team points and one for the number of individual points. This leaderboard will be updated in real time during these seven days until the end of the assessment.”

“The teacher is harming us too much. Isn’t this just forcing us to kill zergs?”

“It’s alright, we won’t be last anyway.”

In an instant, Sheng Heng felt several eyes fall on him.

During the daytime action, the expedition had been set up based on teams, so apart from Cheng Wenkang, no one else had seen Sheng Heng fight. Sheng Heng’s hands were injured and Yan Hao was just a freshman, so even if Cheng Wenkang was a good fighter, he wouldn’t be able to carry two of them, so in their minds, the last place went automatically to Sheng Heng’s team.

Sheng Heng didn’t react to the seemingly not present stares, but Cheng Wenkang couldn’t do it: “Why are you looking at us, do you know how many zergs we’ve killed?”

“How many have you killed?” Someone asked curiously.

“You’ll know when it’s twelve o’clock.” Cheng Wenkang grinned with a ‘heh heh’, waiting to see them get slapped in their faces later. The boss had been killing like crazy today and not a single zerg they’d come across had been able to escape.

The others chuckled, but they were all looking forward to the list at twelve.

Soon, twelve o’clock arrived, and the crowd waiting to see the leaderboard clicked on their light brains at the first opportunity.

“D*mn, is there a bug in the system?” Someone shouted.

“What’s wrong?” The crowd looked over.

“Look for yourselves.” The person simply projected the leaderboard. There were two lists in total, lined up side by side, with the first place being hung in gold bolded font in first place, shining incomparably in the dark night. In front of the overall points list was Yan Hao’s name, and on the single points list, Sheng Heng’s name.

“Team total points 5,518, more than 5,000 points more than the second place, how is this possible? And it’s still Sheng Heng and his team.”

“What do you guys mean by that?” Although Cheng Wenkang was also surprised at the ridiculously high points, he subconsciously asked in response.

“Can’t you see for yourself that Sheng Heng’s points are 123 and yours are 50, adding up to 170? So where did you get these 5,345 points?” That person asked.

“What about the mech builder?” Sheng Heng said.

“What can he do to earn so many points?”

“That’s right, all the rest of us together don’t have as many points as your team’s, so there must be a bug.” On the first day of the assessment, everyone had still been in the scouting mode, so the Mech Piloting Department’s individual points were basically under 100, with Sheng Heng being the only one over 100. And with a total of fifty of them, it would only be five thousand if no one had 100.

“Let’s find the teacher and ask.”

With that, someone sent a message to ask the teacher and then a line of red bolded font appeared at the bottom of the list: [The values were checked correctly. Yan Hao alone in the group of mech builders earned 5,345 points].



How the h*ll could they even compare? This high score simply made them lose hope.

Sheng Heng’s mood at this time wasn’t much better than that of the other students. His little junior really never lied, he really didn’t lack money.

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