Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 87.1 Acting spoiled

Although Sheng Heng’s injury had been alleviated by the medicine, it was still dangerous. So after exchanging a few pleasantries, Yan Hao asked Kang Ren if he could borrow the pharmacy room. Kang Ren, who had just received the prescription from Yan Hao had just been thinking about how to express his gratitude so hearing his request, led him enthusiastically to the pharmacy room.

“I’ll be back in two hours.” Yan Hao said to Sheng Heng before leaving.

Smiling, Sheng Heng nodded. Because of the unexpected kiss earlier, his face was rosy, making him look healthier. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was still lying in bed, it would have been difficult to tell that he was a patient.

Before coming, Yan Hao had been worried that the base’s medicinal herb reserves wouldn’t be comprehensive enough, so he had purchased three sets of herbs from the school’s herb store. As a result, after he followed Kang Ren into the pharmacy room, he began making the medicine right away without needing to visit the herb room to select more herbs.

Kang Ren just assumed that Yan Hao had brought his own herbs in order to keep his formula secret, hence he didn’t say anything and seeing that he had started, excused himself and left. Although he was curious as to how this medicine that could reduce the threshold of someone whose mental energy was at the S level was made, spying on someone else’s medicine making process without permission was a major taboo among pharmacists.

Walking out, he turned around the corner of the corridor and run into Yan Fei who was approaching. Kang Ren had a good impression of Yan Fei; they had interacted quite a bit in the ward recently and Yan Fei had unique insights on certain prescription configurations. Moreover, Yan Fei was a pharmacist favored by Sima Mingxuan. It was worth noting that Sima Mingxuan was also an S level mental energy powerhouse, and to be his pharmacist, Yan Fei had to be quite skilled. Most importantly, Yan Fei was still just a university student.

Of course, compared to his big brother Yan Hao, he still had some catching up to do.

At this moment though, Kang Ren, having just received a prescription from Yan Hao felt a mysterious admiration and fondness for him.

“Yan Fei, what brings you here? Are you looking for some herbs?” Kang Ren asked him.

“Yes.” Yan Fei replied with a smile. “I want to prepare some backup medicine.”

“Let me show you the way.” Kang Ren volunteered.


Turning, Kang Ren led Yan Fei back the way he had come. In no time, the two arrived at the herb room at the end of the corridor. As they entered, Yan Fei looked around then asked casually, “Has my big brother… finished preparing the herbs?”

“Yan Hao brought his own herbs. He’s already in the pharmacy room making the medicine.” Kang Ren replied casually.

He brought his own herbs? Yan Fei was slightly taken aback, a hint of disappointment in his eyes.

“What herbs do you need?” Kang Ren continued to ask.

“I need some basic herbs for the phantom elixir.” Adjusting his emotions, Yan Fei said with a smile.

“That’s right, you guys caught a phantom beast. According to the Federation’s rules, those who discover a wild phantom beast can obtain a portion of its blood.” Kang Ren said enviously. “I’ve been a pharmacist for so long, but I’ve never had the opportunity to work with phantom beast blood.”

With that, he walked over to a large section of herb cabinets and said, “The basic herbs for the phantom beast elixir can be found here. Let me help you find them.”

Yan Fei nodded, picked a few herbs, then said with a worried expression, “I wonder how my big brother’s medicine making is going.”

“Since Pharmacist Yan Hao could develop such an incredible medicine, I’m sure the medicine making process won’t be a problem.” Kang Ren reassured him.

Yan Fei hesitated for a moment before saying, “Doctor Kang, why don’t we go check on my big brother? He’s been studying mech building for the past year and hasn’t made medicine himself in a long time. I’m a bit worried. How about we go and offer some help?”

Kang Ren hesitated for a moment then told him, “I’m afraid that might not be appropriate. Yan Hao is currently making a completely new medicine and he calculated the formula himself. We should avoid any suspicion.”

“Yes, you’re right, I’m just worried.” Yan Fei said. “Sheng Heng is Major General Sheng’s youngest son. If something goes wrong with his mental energy, I’m afraid the Sheng family might cause trouble for my big brother.”

Kang Ren frowned in confusion, “From what I’ve seen, their relationship seems quite good. Besides, didn’t Sheng Heng himself say that even if his mental energy is ruined, he won’t blame your big brother?”

“Sheng Heng likes my big brother, so of course he won’t cause him any trouble, but the other members of the Sheng family might not think the same way.” Yan Fei said with a worried expression.

“You…” Kang Ren looked at Yan Hao then asked in puzzlement, “Why do you seem to have no confidence in your big brother?”

Yan Fei hesitated, “I… I’m just too worried.”

Kang Ren knew that Yan Fei and Yan Hao were brothers, but he wasn’t aware of the discord between them. Although Yan Hao hadn’t interacted with Yan Fei earlier, Kang Ren had assumed it was because they had been pressed for time, so even though he found Yan Fei’s words a bit odd, he didn’t think much of it. He just thought Yan Fei was overly worried.

“Why don’t you send a message to your big brother and see if he needs any help?” Kang Ren suggested.

“….” If he would let me in, would I have been talking to you for so long?

“My big brother might be at a critical stage in the medicine making process right now, so it’s better not to disturb him.” Yan Fei said.

You were the one who wanted to go in just now, and now you’re the one saying it’s better not to disturb him. Do you want to go or not?

Kang Ren couldn’t help but stare at Yan Fei for a few more seconds. Feeling a little uneasy, Yan Fei grabbed the herbs from the cabinet hurriedly, “I think I have all the basic herbs for the phantom elixir, we can leave.”

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  1. I am worried that Yan Fei will tamper with Yan Hao medication in order to gain a favor with Sheng family.

    Or even worst steal Yan Hal’s prescription and steal the credit for inventing it.

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