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Chapter 40.2 Every piece of your research is money

“Yes.” Sheng Heng knew Yan Hao was thin-skinned and so didn’t tease him. He asked directly, “What is it? Tell me.”

“I have a contract that I want you to help me see if I can sign.” Yan Hao told him.

“A contract? Send it over and I’ll take a look.”

Yan Hao had been waiting for this and so sent the text of the contract immediately. Sheng Heng only took one look at the cover of the contract and guessed the general idea: “You sold the program to WT Group?”

“I didn’t want to sell it. I wanted to give it to them directly, after all, I was the one who caused the trouble. But the other side said I have to sign a contract….”

“Xiao Hao, tell me what happened first.” Sheng Heng’s expression immediately turned serious when he heard that the other party wanted Yan Hao to sign the contract.

It couldn’t be that someone was taking advantage of his absence and trying to trick his little junior into signing some unequal treaty, right?

“Oh.” Yan Hao immediately gave Sheng Heng a rundown of the events leading up to it.

Sheng Heng’s serious expression eased a little after hearing this. At least from Yan Hao’s description so far, this WT Group didn’t want to cheat Yan Hao but wanted to protect their own interests through contract.

“I’ll go back and get someone to look at the contract for you and if there’s no problem, you can sign it.” Sheng Heng said after a little deliberation.

“Okay.” With Sheng Heng’s approval, Yan Hao was instantly at ease.

Sheng Heng was both moved and terribly worried seeing Yan Hao agree immediately. He was moved by his little junior’s trust in him and anxious that his little junior was as trusting as ever.

“Xiao Hao, have I ever said that you trust people too easily?” Sheng Heng couldn’t help but say.

On the other end of the video, Yan Hao shook his head.

“I haven’t said it?”

“No, but senior, I’m not prone to trusting people.” Yan Hao denied, “If I trusted people easily, I wouldn’t have brought this contract to you and asked you for help. I would have just signed it.” Besides, he didn’t know many people.

“Then why are you going to sign it just because I told you to?”

“That’s because I trust you.” Yan Hao said.

Sheng Heng was stunned, and the emotion that hadn’t yet receded from his heart spread again: “You’re not afraid that I’ll lie to you?”

“Would senior lie to me?” Yan Hao asked rhetorically.

“No.” Sheng Heng shook his head subconsciously.

“Then that’s it.” Yan Hao said happily.

Sheng Heng looked at his little junior’s look of total trusting innocence and felt nothing but helplessness, but he was unable to resist saying, “What if I deceive you one day?”

Yan Hao froze, obviously not having thought of the answer to this question.

Sheng Heng looked at the frozen Yan Hao with a little distress, but still said with a hardened heart, “You must remember that in this world, no one’s guarantee can remain the same. It applies to me and it also applies to you. It is kind to be willing to trust people, and it is growth to be appropriately skeptical. Xiao Hao you are smart, but I want you to grow up and learn to protect yourself.”

Yan Hao lowered his head in silence, obviously thinking about what Sheng Heng meant by this statement. Sheng Heng didn’t interrupt him either, waiting patiently.

“Senior, would you be appropriately skeptical of me too?” For some reason, Yan Hao couldn’t help but feel a little uncomfortable when he thought that Sheng Heng would also be suspicious of him. He knew Senior Sheng Heng was right, and that it was right to be properly skeptical, but he was still a little sad nonetheless.

Meeting Yan Hao’s clean, lake-like eyes, Sheng Heng eventually couldn’t help himself: “I won’t.”

Sheng Heng’s reply was like a stone falling into the surface of a lake, causing the surface to ripple and leap with the ripples.

“But I will only give you one chance.” Sheng Heng added, “I trust you, so I am willing to give you one chance to deceive me, but there will never be a second chance.”

“Then I’ll do the same. I’ll give you and He Shao a chance to deceive me. But until then, I will trust you all unconditionally, because you are my most important friends.” Yan Hao exclaimed.

Sheng Heng’s smiling expression froze the moment he heard He Shao’s name. How come this He Shao was everywhere?

“Senior, so do I take this money?” Yan Hao asked.

“Yes, why not?” Sheng Heng said in a decisive manner.

“But…. if I hadn’t accidentally published the algorithm online….”

“Even if you’ve published it online, it’s still your research. Xiao Hao, there is one more thing you must remember and learn.” Sheng Heng said in a solemn tone, “Every piece of your research, even if it’s just a very simple string of formulas, can be exchanged for money. If someone wants it, you must charge for it.”

This WT Group incident reminded Sheng Heng that the issue of realizing intellectual property had to be understood by Yan Hao.

“Every single one?” Yan Hao asked hesitantly.

“Every single one of them.” Sheng Heng affirmed.

“But I don’t know how to ask for money.” Yan Hao felt embarrassed to ask people for money for those things he had written without much effort.

“This is simple, take this system program for example. If you don’t know the price, you can compare the price of the same type of products in the market and then add some appropriately. If there are no comparable products of the same type, find a few more companies and ask them to offer you a quote and sell to the one that offers the highest price.” Sheng Heng passed on his experience, “After the price is quoted, you shouldn’t change the price again whether the other party buys it or not. If they are willing to buy, that means they recognize the value of your item, and if they aren’t willing to buy, there is nothing for you to lose anyway. Don’t feel guilty when quoting a price. You have to think, ‘You don’t know them anyway, so whatever they think, they can buy it or leave it’.”

Yan Hao listened very carefully, especially when he heard the last sentence. His mind was enlightened.

That’s right. He didn’t know them anyway, so they could think whatever made them happy. They could buy it or leave it.

“Can you do it?” Sheng Heng asked.

“Yes.” Yan Hao nodded heavily.

Sheng Heng smiled, satisfied, “Have you been eating properly these past few days?”

“Yes. I eat on time and I go back to rest every night as soon as it is eleven o’clock.”

Actually, from Yan Hao’s rosy face, Sheng Heng could already tell that Yan Hao’s work and rest should have been quite normal in the past few days since he left: “It’s senior’s fault for not telling you in advance about the cutting off of the electricity.”

The idea of cutting off the electricity to the laboratory had only suddenly occurred to him in the middle of the night the night before he left, and he had gone to the logistics department in the middle of the night, approached the staff there, lied that he was Yan Hao’s brother and got them to agree to his request. He had thought of telling Yan Hao the next day, but when he left, he was so focused on ordering takeaway that he forgot about the power cut. When he remembered, he was already on The spaceship.

Then he had been worried all the way, afraid that Yan Hao would blame him for acting too relaxed with him.

When he got off the spaceship he had wanted to call Yan Hao on his communicator, but was afraid that Yan Hao wouldn’t hear him when he was seriously studying, so had wanted to wait until dinner, but didn’t expect Yan Hao to call first.

“I know Senior is doing it for my own good because you’re worried I’ll hurt my body.” Actually, in the previous life, he had been considered a regular visitor to the hospital because of the experiments he conducted. Only, the medical standard of the Federation was so good that every time he was hospitalized, he could be discharged in two days at most and so to save time, Yan Hao chose to stay up all night doing research even though he knew he would be hospitalized. It was only when his stomach was completely damaged and the already made medicine had no effect that he sort of restrained himself.

“Also, that reason senior gave to the logistics department could have been demolished as soon as I went there. So, it didn’t really restrict me either.” Yan Hao said.

“Second Young Master, we are here.” The driver’s voice suddenly rang out.

“Senior, you’ve arrived? Then you go home first, we’ll talk later.” With that, Yan Hao hung up as if he was afraid of delaying Sheng Heng’s return home.

Sheng Heng looked at the hung-up communicator then swept his gaze sharply over the driver, “Didn’t you see me talking to someone?”

“Madam said that you should go to her immediately when you arrive home.” If that wasn’t the case, he wouldn’t have done such a stupid thing.

Sheng Heng froze, and then without another word, got up and got out of the car.

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