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Chapter 86.1 Accidental Kiss

Two days later, the spaceship carrying Yan Hao landed on time on Planet B135. To make it in time to treat Sheng Heng’s injuries, Yan Hao had practically reserved an entire spaceship for himself, spending an enormous amount of starcoins. If it hadn’t been for Old Pang providing him with the necessary parts for training over the past few months, Yan Hao might not have had enough money to come.

As Yan Hao stepped off the spaceship, he spotted Cheng Wenkang waiting outside immediately.

“Little junior.” Cheng Wenkang ran over excitedly the moment he saw Yan Hao.

“Senior Cheng, why are you here?” Yan Hao asked.

“I knew you would be arriving today, so of course I had to come pick you up.” Cheng Wenkang replied. He and Sheng Heng had calculated the time and knew Yan Hao would be arriving today, so he had been waiting here since early morning.

“I can get there myself, there’s no need to pick me up. You should be taking care of senior at the base.” Yan Hao said.

“….” Cheng Wenkang had thought Yan Hao would be pleasantly surprised to see him, but instead, Yan Hao was worried about someone not being looked after.

Alright, it seems he was the one jumping about.

“Let’s hurry to the base. Is that car parked behind you the one you came to pick me up in?” Yan Hao pointed to an off-road vehicle not far behind Cheng Wenkang.

The moment Cheng Wenkang nodded, Yan Hao walked over quickly, almost jogging to get in the car.

What else could Cheng Wenkang say? Following Yan Hao into the car, he reminded him to fasten his seatbelt. The port wasn’t far from the base, so the car took about half an hour to reach the base of Planet B135 then the two got out of the car and walked for another five minutes within the base before finally arriving at the medical facility.

It’s this room.” Cheng Wenkang said as he pointed to Sheng Heng’s ward.

Yan Hao pushed the door open and as soon as he did, he was met with a pair of smiling eyes. “Senior.”

Seeing Sheng Heng’s face, Yan Hao’s heart that had been hanging finally settled. Although Sheng Heng appeared somewhat weak, he looked to be in good spirits. Evidently, the medicine for relief had worked and the threshold of his mental energy hadn’t surged higher during the two days Yan Hao had been on the spaceship. As communicators couldn’t be used on a spaceship, Yan Hao had been worried that something might go wrong during those two days.

While saying ‘Senior’, Yan Hao had already walked up to the bedside and just as Sheng Heng was about to say ‘Xiao Hao’, he suddenly bent over, lowering his head towards Sheng Heng’s.

“!!” Sheng Heng was shocked.

What was Xiao Hao trying to do? Could it be…..

As Sheng Heng’s imagination began to run wild, Yan Hao’s forehead touched his.

It turns out he wasn’t trying to kiss him.

In just a split second, Sheng Heng’s emotions had gone on a rollercoaster ride, after which he smiled wryly, thinking to himself: This was also right. His little junior probably hadn’t even been enlightened, so how could he suddenly want to kiss him?

Just as Sheng Heng had adjusted his mindset and was about to say something, his gaze fell on Yan Hao’s lips which were so close.

They were so close that they were less than two centimeters away. All he had to do was lift his head slightly or pretend to lean sideways…..

The more Sheng Heng thought about it, the faster his heart raced, however he held his breath unconsciously; and as his gaze grew darker, just when his rationality was about to collapse, the door to the ward was pushed open with a bang. Kang Ren strode in.

“I heard Yan Hao is here?” Kang Ren asked anxiously as he glanced around the ward then immediately seeing what was happening, his pupils constricted as an embarrassed expression appeared on his face. Turning quickly, he left, stammering, “So…. sorry.”

As he left, he even dragged the dumbstruck Cheng Wenkang out with him.

Meanwhile, in the center of the room, Yan Hao was lying on top of Sheng Heng, their lips touching, the tips of their noses pressed against the others’, their eyes meeting as their breaths intertwined, creating an intimate atmosphere.

However, this was only how it appeared to outsiders. The person involved was genuinely startled. Yan Hao scrambled to his feet, apologizing in a rush, “I’m….. I’m sorry.”

It turns out that when Sheng Heng had heard that Yan Hao was outside, he had attempted to sit up by half propping himself on the bed. However just as he was halfway up, Yan Hao suddenly approached and touched his forehead to his, causing Sheng Heng to become lost in his thoughts as he didn’t dare move until Kang Ren suddenly pushed the door open, the noise of which had startled him, causing him to lose his grip and fall back onto the bed and with the sudden loss of support, Yan Hao also fell, naturally landing on top of Sheng Heng. The incident had occurred quite naturally and coincidentally.

Sheng Heng’s eyes grew even darker and the corners of his mouth lifted slightly, revealing a smile that wasn’t quite satisfied yet definitely joyful. “It’s fine.”

He had been considering whether to not be human and then take advantage of his little junior in an ‘accidental’ encounter. However a real accident had occurred so naturally, making him overjoyed. It seems even fate was on his side.

“I was just….. trying to use my mental energy to examine your current condition.” Yan Hao said, somewhat chagrined.

He had been too anxious earlier, that was why he had rushed to examine Sheng Heng before he could sit up completely, otherwise that kind of accident wouldn’t have happened just now. Someone had come in just now, right? They had been seen, right? The more he thought about it, the deeper the chagrin in Yan Hao’s eyes became as his ears turned more and more red.

It turns out he had been examining him.

Sheng Heng had actually guessed something earlier; otherwise, given his little junior’s personality, he wouldn’t have been so ‘enthusiastic’ on their first meeting. Sitting up again, he patted the spot beside him.

“?” Yan Hao didn’t quite understand.

“Come sit here. Weren’t you going to examine me? Or have you finished examining me already?” Sheng Heng asked him.

“No, I haven’t.” Thinking about Sheng Heng’s injury, Yan Hao put aside all other concerns and sat down beside him hurriedly. Their foreheads touched once more. However, for some reason this time, Yan Hao didn’t feel as ‘natural’ as he had before. He couldn’t help but wonder why the same action of checking the condition of Sheng Heng’s sea of consciousness with their foreheads touching suddenly felt so awkward this time.

Was it because Senior Sheng Heng was staring at him? But… but with them being this close, if Senior Sheng didn’t look at him, what else could he look at?

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