Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 120.2 Threat

Editor: Jodi

Comparing mechs, did he think he was stupid? And attacking his weak points? Even if he was a level eight mech warrior and able to do whatever he wanted, why would he want to split it fifty-fifty with him? And thinking this way, Sheng Heng’s immense mental energy surged out. However it didn’t attack Sima Mingxuan directly but swirled around him. Close enough for Sima Mingxuan to feel, yet not close enough to harm.

But just this display was already enough to cause Sima Mingxuan to retreat several steps in fear.

“Heh!” Sheng Heng sneered, seemingly mocking Sima Mingxuan’s weakness.

Sima Mingxuan gritted his teeth in fury. Just then, a knock at the door interrupted their standoff.

“Knock, knock.”

Sima Mingxuan turned and walked to the door, opening it. Sheng Heng didn’t want to hurt others accidentally, so he reeled in his mental energy.

“Mingxuan, did you forget to take your meds again? I brought them for you.” Yan Fei called out, his tone very intimate.

Sima Mingxuan’s face changed. However just as he was about to speak, Sheng Heng suddenly walked over.

And seeing Sheng Heng, a look of surprise flashed across Yan Fei’s face.

“It turns out it’s time for senior to take his meds. Looks like your mental energy hasn’t fully recovered. Then we won’t compete today, otherwise it would look as if I have an unfair advantage. We can try again another time.” Sheng Heng said, passing between the two and leaving the training room.

Sima Mingxuan was the future leader of the Sima Legion, hence Sheng Heng couldn’t really ruin him, but a warning was sufficient.

Watching Sheng Heng’s retreating figure, Sima Mingxuan’s eyes blazed with anger.

“Mingxuan, why was Sheng Heng here? Wait, why is your mental energy so messed up? Quick, drink this.” Sensing Sima Mingxuan’s turbulent mental energy, Yan Fei brought the medicine to his lips hurriedly.

“Slap’ Sima Mingxuan raised his hand and slapped it against Yan Fei’s hand hard, and the pain caused Yan Fei to lose his grip on the medicine, making it spill everywhere.

“Mingxuan?” Yan Fei looked up, and meeting Mingxuan’s intensely angry gaze, took a trembling step back.

“Why did you come here!” One moment he was being mocked by Sheng Heng for his weaker mental energy, and the next Yan Fei was giving him medicine. What was he trying to do? Provide Sheng Heng with evidence?

“I… I was worried you’d forget to take your medicine. Your mental energy isn’t stable right now; you need to take them on time.” Yan Fei said timidly.

“Medicine, medicine, medicine. What good are these medicines?” Sima Mingxuan yanked Yan Fei’s shoulders and dragged him into the training room.

Yan Fei let out a shriek and before he could react, Sima Mingxuan had already thrown him against a wall. In pain, Yan Fei started to speak, but Sima Mingxuan was on him again, one hand squeezing his face and the other pressing him to the wall.

“Ming… Mingxuan, what… what are you doing? I’m scared.” Yan Fei’s voice quivered, tears almost spilling from his eyes.

Sima Mingxuan just stared coldly at him. It was only when Yan Fei’s face was streaked with tears that he seemed to snap out of it, suddenly releasing him.

“Cough, cough, cough~~” Yan Fei leaned against the wall, gasping for breath, his coughing echoing in the room.

Just then, a pair of arms reached for him again, however Yan Fei shuddered, instinctively trying to pull away.

“I’m sorry.” Sima Mingxuan’s voice was filled with regret.

“Mingxuan?” Yan Fei paused in his struggle, looking up at his lover’s guilt-stricken face.

“I… I lost control again. Did I hurt you?” Sima Mingxuan looked with pain at the marks on Yan Fei’s cheek, “How could I… How could I treat you like this?”

As he said this, he leaned down, gently kissing the marks on Yan Fei’s cheek, as tenderly as if handling a precious treasure.

Mingxuan still loves me. The fear in Yan Fei’s heart was replaced by overwhelming love. That’s right, Mingxuan loved him. His actions were because of the agitation in his mental energy affecting his behavior.

“It’s okay. I’ll make another medicine for you when I go back.” Yan Fei told him, taking the initiative to wrap his arms around Sima Mingxuan’s waist.

“Xiao Fei, you love me, don’t you?”

“I… I’m already yours. If I don’t love you, who would I love… Yan Fei blushed deeply.

A fiery glint flashed in Mingxuan’s eyes, and he leaned down for a deep kiss, leaving Yan Fei in a daze. However throughout the entire deed, Sima Mingxuan’s gaze remained eerily calm, as if he were a detached observer.

Around the corner of the staircase, there was a strange expression on Sheng Heng’s face as he pulled back the last strand of his mental energy.

He had just wanted to know what Yan Fei and Sima Mingxuan were talking about, so he kept a tiny sliver of his energy focused on them, confident that Sima Mingxuan wouldn’t detect it in his current state. And sure enough, Sima Mingxuan hadn’t noticed. Sheng Heng had heard some of the conversation, but…

The two of them had already slept together?

Even though he found both of them annoying, he couldn’t help but envy their progress in certain matters. Meanwhile, his own would still blush when they were kissing.

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