Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 14 What an accurate value

A week passed by and Yan Hao and He Shao each brought their energy blocks to the lab class.

Under Yan Hao’s tireless pursuit, He Shao had made great progress in making level 4 energy blocks, his efficiency having reached 69%, and with a little more progress, he could reach the excellent level.

Of course, this sudden improvement was He Shao’s evaluation of himself. In Yan Hao’s expectation, He Shao should be able to reach the expert level as well if he followed his method of learning. As soon as he expressed this, it directly scared He Shao to the point of almost fainting.

He told him straight away: “Big brother, I’m just an ordinary person, well, slightly better than ordinary in terms of talent, but I’m not a genius. You can’t hold me to your standards, otherwise I’ll die of exhaustion.”

“It’s only a level four energy block, it’s not too difficult. You just have to be more careful when you do the calculations….”

“No, I can’t be any more careful, I wasn’t even this careful in my high school exams. Really, big brother, at this level I’m sure I’ll be in the top five of the lab class tomorrow. I’m already satisfied, please just let me go.” He Shao was on the verge of tears.

“Is it really okay?” Yan Hao doubted.

“It’s really ok. Big brother, to be honest with you, the energy block that a normal student can take out tomorrow would basically be only above the pass line. Doing this so well, aren’t you afraid of attracting hatred? Besides, if every beginner was an expert, what need would there be for a professor?” He Shao said in a serious tone.

Yan Hao had always learned things faster than his teachers taught him ever since he was a child, but now that he heard He Shao’s reminder, he realised that he seemed to have committed his old mistake again. He did too well and did tend to attract hatred.

Hence he changed his mind and purposely made a level 4 energy block with an efficiency of 76% to attend today’s lab class.

Inside the lab class, the professor had already prepared the raw materials for the level 4 energy block, obviously intending to have the students recreate it later after he gave instructions. Both Yan Hao and He Shao sat in the last row, quietly listening to the sounds of communication around them.

“Mine is barely 66.12% efficient.”

“That’s not bad, mine is only at 61.89%.”

“It’s okay, we all figured it out on our own, the professor hasn’t taught us yet. I heard from our sophomore seniors that usually within a month after the professor teaches it, we can basically make energy blocks with an efficiency of 70% or more.”

“70%, that’s an excellent level and one can be sold for over a 1,000 star coins, right?”

“The market price is 12,000, but the campus price is 1,000.”

“Look at you, you’re just a money lover.”

“Aren’t you? We’ll be learning how to build mechs, what part doesn’t cost a lot of money? Teaching us in the first lesson about making energy blocks, isn’t it just so we can make money?”

“I’ve heard that someone has already made an energy block that is over 70% efficient.”

“Who?” The crowd exclaimed.

Yan Hao subconsciously looked at He Shao, who waved his hand and said disdainfully, “If I want to brag, I’ll brag about your expert level efficiency, what’s so great about 70%?”

That’s right, after only knowing Yan Hao for a week, He Shao’s eyesight was several levels higher.

Yan Hao thought about it, and at the same time had an epiphany in his heart: 70% was a bit high profile, he should be judged by He Shao’s level.

He Shao: ……

At this moment, Professor Qin walked in with a smile, holding a small black box, “Does everyone know what I’m holding?”

Yan Hao took a look at it but didn’t recognise what it was. However the other students all answered in unison, “An effectiveness detector.”

So this was an effectiveness detector, this was the first time he was seeing one.

“I have seen that you students have done well with the homework I set, so now I will start checking.” Professor Qin held up the effectiveness detector in his hand and said, “The effectiveness of a machine made energy block is 60%, but given that this is the first time you have made it, I will lower it for you by 5%. 55%, below that score, I fail you for the year.”

“Huh?” The classroom erupted in stunned screams.

“What? Someone really got below 50%?” Professor Qin’s eyes behind the lenses scanned the classroom.

“No, no.” The percentage given by Professor Qin must have been calculated with the expectation that most of the students would pass. The reason why the students were so surprised, was mainly because they were surprised at how harsh Professor Qin was.

“If there is, it’s okay.” Professor Qin smiled, “I will now go through the first row in turn and explain your shortcomings one by one, and during this time, students whose energy block’s effectiveness is below 50% can use this time to recreate a new energy block. This is your last chance.”

As soon as Professor Qin finished speaking, two students in the classroom immediately began to recreate theirs.

Yan Hao couldn’t help but be amazed as he looked at them, “There really is.”

“These two students must not have practiced properly, thinking that they would wait for the professor to explain before doing it.” He Shao said, “Actually, this grade given by the professor can basically be achieved if you practice hard within a week. He came up with this today just to tell us that he’ll let whoever dares to do the homework he assigns perfunctorily fail the course.”

“There’s still this layer of intention?” Yan Hao’s understanding was refreshed.

“What do you think? Forget it, you’re the god of learning so naturally you can’t feel the professor flogging for the dregs.” He Shao grumbled to himself.

Although Professor Qin said he would explain to them one by one, the students were smart enough to come over and listen when they heard him explain to others, so except for the first one or two students who took a little more time to explain to, the rest of the explanations went very fast, as the majority of the students produced energy blocks that were above the pass mark.

There were even two energy blocks that exceeded 70% in the middle of the process, which caused a big splash in the classroom and Professor Qin even had a rare smile on his face as he praised them for being good and explained in more detail.

“Li Chun, to achieve 76.21% on your first attempt at making an energy block, you’re considered one of the more enlightened students I’ve ever taught.”

“Thank you professor for the compliment.” Li Chun was so excited that his face turned red.

As He Shao watched from the back, he turned to Yan Hao unhappily: “If I had known earlier, I would have allowed you to create an energy block with 77% effectiveness and not allow him take advantage.”

“No, 76% is fine, I like second place.” Yan Hao had had enough of the hardships of first place. In this life, he loved second place.

Finally, Professor Qin came to Yan Hao and He Shao. They were both sitting at the end and the students in front of them had already heard all they needed to hear and were using their newly acquired knowledge to make a new energy block, so no one came around.

Professor Qin tested He Shao’s first: “69.33%, almost enough to reach the excellent level.”

“Professor, I’ve tried very hard.” He Shao said flatteringly.

“Let me see whether you worked hard or not.” Professor Qin picked up the energy block and sensed it with his mental energy, “Your mental energy wasn’t stable enough when you made it, the combining of energy wasn’t careful enough, the calculation process was too long…..”

Professor Qin said sentence after sentence, almost every one of which was exactly the same as what Yan Hao had said when he had corrected him. After hearing this, He Shao couldn’t help but give Yan Hao a thumbs.

Seeing this, Yan Hao hurriedly reached out to press it down.

“In the next lab class, I want you to come up with an energy block that is more than 70% efficient.” Finally, Professor Qin told him.

“Yes, Professor, I will do my best.” He Shao nodded obediently.

Professor Qin nodded in satisfaction then his eyes fell on the last energy block of the day. He picked up the efficiency detector to measure it and the efficiency value was immediately displayed. 76.00%

Professor Qin’s eyes flashed, then he measured again. Still at 76.00%.

“76.00%, what an accurate value!” Professor Qin smiled.

“Thank you, Professor, for the compliment.” Yan Hao said in a small voice.

Hearing these words, He Shao, who was at the side, immediately covered his eyes with a slap.

Hao Hao, it is impossible for ordinary people to calculate such accurate values when they make an energy block. Moreover, saying that your value is accurate is not a compliment, but a reminder.

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