Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 32.2 Buying something

“Yes, Professor.” He Shao answered lifelessly.

“Then, Professor, we’re going back to school.” Yan Hao said.

Professor Qin nodded and was about to wave them off when he suddenly thought of something. Looking at Yan Hao, he said, “There’s a Smart Robots Shop on the first floor, you can stop by and have a look around.”

“Okay.” Yan Hao didn’t understand why, but still nodded his head and agreed.

“Off you go then.” After saying this, Professor Qin himself turned around and went back to the Mech shop they had just come out of.

While Yan Hao and He Shao took the elevator to the first floor.

“Why did Professor Qin ask us to go to the Smart Robots Shop?” He Shao asked on their way up, puzzled.

“I’m certain we will know when we arrive.” Yan Hao explained.

The two of them wandered around the first floor for five minutes before they found the Smart Robots Shop that Professor Qin had mentioned.

The Smart Robots Shop, as the name suggested, sold intelligent robots, and as soon as they entered, they were greeted by robots of all sizes and varieties.

“What would you two like to buy?” A uniformed staff member approached.

“It’s our first time here, so can you please introduce the things here to us?” He Shao said in reply.

“Of course. Then I’ll start by telling you about the latest robots in our shop.” The staff member brought the two of them to a robot that was seventy to eighty centimeters tall and introduced it, “This is the latest intelligent household robot developed by our company, we have completely upgraded its system and added a mimetic sensing system to the original robot.”

“Mimetic sensing?!” When Yan Hao, who had been silent heard the words ‘mimetic sensing’, his eyes suddenly widened as he looked at the small, unattractive robot in front of him in shock.

“A robot equipped with a mimetic sensing system that can record and simulate all of its owner’s movements, including dancing, running, and even fighting ……”

“Can I try it out?” Yan Hao asked after listening to the introduction.

“Of course you can.” The staff member walked over and operated the robot before saying to Yan Hao, “The mimetic sensing system has been activated and has identified you as the first target. It will now perfectly simulate all of your movements from now on.”

Yan Hao turned his head to look at the robot, and as he did so, the robot followed suit. His eyes lighting up, Yan Hao couldn’t help but take a step forward, and the robot followed suit.

For the next few minutes, Yan Hao tried to make various movements and the little robot standing opposite him, like a mirror image of him, perfectly simulated all his movements. The only downside was that the robot’s movements were significantly slower than his fluid movements.

“Sure enough, its reaction is a bit sluggish.” Yan Hao muttered.

“This robot of ours is already so fast in its anthropomorphic response that it can react within a second after reading your movements.” The staff member said.

Yan Hao didn’t say anything, he just raised his hand all of a sudden, spread his five fingers wide and twirled them flexibly. The robot opposite followed suit and raised its hand, then its fingers moved as if attempting to replicate the movement, but ultimately failed.

“It seems….. it’s not yet capable of fine manipulation.” Yan Hao continued to mutter.

“Although it can’t make particularly fine manipulations yet, it can still do some simple movements, such as shaking hands and making fists ……” The staff member explained dutifully.

Unable to take it anymore, He Shao tapped the staff member on the shoulder, interrupting him: “Don’t pay any attention to him, he can’t hear you.”

“Huh?” The staff member was stunned.

“Let him play alone for a while. Come on, let’s go over there and you tell me something else.”

The staff member took He Shao around the rest of the shop and after about half an hour, Yan Hao came running towards them with the robot in his arms: “He Shao, He Shao, I want to buy this. I’ve seen the price, it’s only 8 million, I can afford it.”

“Handsome, we’ll take this one.” He Shao said to the staff member beside him immediately.

“……” Staff member.

So I wasted half an hour just now, didn’t I?

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