Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 11 Testing the effectiveness (2)

As soon as Sheng Heng opened the door of the training room, Cheng Wen Kang pounced on him like a hungry wolf, snatching the breakfast out of his hand with a dexterity that didn’t fit his body.

“Boss, what took you so long? I almost starved to death.” Cheng Wenkang took the bread out of the bag, and swallowed it in one gulp.

“Have you never eaten bread in your life?” Sheng Heng said with disgust.

“Boss, that’s not a conscientious thing to say. I risked hypoglycemia, and not eating breakfast to come here to grab the training room.” The mecha department had a lot of training rooms, but there were more students, and there was a new semester test recently, so there were even more people coming to train.

“Hypoglycemia?” Yan Hao looked at Cheng Wen Kang with concern.

“Little junior, you’re here too.” It was only then that Cheng Wenkang saw Yan Hao.

“Don’t mind him, he’s just greedy. He screams whenever he doesn’t eat.” Sheng Heng said disgustedly, “Look at his size, does he look like a person who has low blood sugar?”

“What’s wrong with my size? My body type needs a lot of energy, that’s why I’m more prone to hypoglycemia.” Cheng Wenkang said with a grunt.

“So, you’re using low blood sugar to avoid losing weight at home?” Sheng Heng raised his eyebrows.

“I…. I… of course not.”

Sheng Heng stopped paying attention to him. He turned to Yan Hao and reached out: “You want to test the effectiveness of your energy blocks, right? Give them to me.”

“Okay.” Yan Hao took out all the level 4 energy blocks from his space button hastily.

“Five pieces.” Sheng Heng exclaimed, somewhat surprised, “It seems I’ve underestimated little junior’s talent.”

“Huh?” Yan Hao was stunned, not knowing how to react.

“A 100 percent success rate, that’s not often seen among freshmen.” It wasn’t that there hadn’t been a history of Federal University students creating level 4 energy blocks on their first try, but Yan Hao wasn’t very good at it, because Sheng Heng clearly remembered that when he had bought the materials for him yesterday, Yan Hao had originally only planned to buy a few level 1 raw materials first to practice with. Hence it was obvious that Yan Hao was only a beginner in making energy blocks.

And just now when he ran into Yan Hao outside and heard him ask him to help test the effectiveness of his energy blocks, he had assumed they were either level 1 or level 3 energy blocks. He didn’t realize they were level 4.

“It’s not just the success rate, he’s even faster at making them and his calculation of the instability points is just like that of a light brain’s.” He Shao said.

“Really?” Sheng Heng looked at Yan Hao with a little more surprise.

Yan Hao was a little embarrassed by this look, his earlobes silently turning red.

‘Already shy after just two compliments.’ The corners of Sheng Heng’s lips hooked up and holding the energy blocks, turned towards his mech.

“Wha, what? Little junior made a level 4 energy block on his first day of school?” Cheng Wenkang, having finished his breakfast also came over, “Five pieces. Boss, it’s too much work for you to test them one by one. I’ll test two for you.”

A mech could install three energy blocks at a time, to ensure that when one or two of them ran out of energy, there would be enough time to replace them. All five of Yan Hao’s energy blocks needed to be tested, so if Sheng Heng did it himself, he would have to replace them once during the test, which would be a lot of work.

Sheng Heng didn’t think much about it and gave two to Cheng Wenkang.

He walked to his mech, opened the cockpit on the mech’s chest, held the mech’s legs with one hand and jumped into the cockpit with a few sharp jumps.

“How cool!” He Shao’s eyes glistened and Yan Hao’s face showed envy.

On the other side, Cheng Wenkang was currently sitting on his mech’s lift right above the mech’s thighs, but seeing that he had been overtaken again, opened his light brain fiercely and sent a condemning message to Sheng Heng.

[Boss, can you give me some face in front of our juniors?]

Sheng Heng, who had already entered the energy chamber from the cockpit replied with four words when he saw the message. [Mind your own business.]

Then he opened the energy chamber, took out the three level 5 energy blocks inside, and replaced them with the level 4 energy blocks made by Yan Hao. After that, he went back to the cockpit from the energy chamber and pressed the green button on the console to start the mech.

“Mech starting, now checking the basic performance of the mecha~~”

The light brain’s mechanical voice sounded then began to check the mech’s performance one by one.

“Left arm axle, 20 %. Right arm axle, 15 %…. Energy compartment filled with 3 energy blocks, level 4. Efficacy, 81.26 %, 83.65 %, 86.77 %. Energy supply would last for 24 hours ~~~~”

The mech was still performing its regular self-test, but Sheng Heng was completely deaf to it, his eyes glued to the three numbers on the display that indicated the effectiveness of the energy blocks.

81%, 83%, 86%, three energy blocks, three different efficiency values.

First of all, energy blocks that were more than 70% effective were excellent level energy blocks. Those that were more than 80% effective were expert level and all three energy blocks were expert level.

Not only that, these three energy blocks had different percentages. It wasn’t that Yan Hao’s performance was unstable, but that because he was still in the learning stage, as his proficiency increased, so did the effectiveness of the energy blocks!

86.77%, could it still exceed 90% and reach the master level?

Right, there were two more energy blocks. Yan Hao had made a total of five energy blocks.

Thinking of this, Sheng Heng clicked on Cheng Wenkang’s video communication which was answered quickly. Looking at the display, Sheng Heng knew Cheng Wenkang had also seen the results of the energy blocks’ performance test.

“What was the percentage of effectiveness?” Sheng Heng didn’t say anything, he just asked.

“One block is 82.15% and the other is 85.06%~” Cheng Wenkang rubbed his eyes vigorously, “Boss, I didn’t see things wrong, right?”

“Such an unpromising person like you, of course you’ve never seen an expert level energy block before.” Sheng Heng had forgotten that a minute ago he was no better than Cheng Wenkang.

“I have seen some before, but Yan Hao is just a freshman.” Cheng Wenkang said, “Is this the legendary genius?”

Indeed, he was a genius.

“That’s enough. Our little junior is very timid so don’t exaggerate too much when you come out, otherwise you’ll scare him.”

“Don’t worry, boss, I’ll treat this baby like an ancestor, I won’t scare him.” Cheng Wenkang promised immediately.

“Right, don’t forget to take out the energy blocks for me when you come down.” Sheng Heng instructed.

“Why?” Cheng Wenkang was shocked, “I’ve never used an expert level energy block before.”

“They are mine.” Sheng Heng narrowed his eyes.

“How come they’re yours? Aren’t you just helping our little junior test their effectiveness? Your three pieces are yours and my two pieces are mine. Don’t worry, I’ll pay him.”

“All five are mine.” Sheng Heng.

“Boss, you can’t be too domineering, I…. what are you doing?” At that moment, Cheng Wenkang heard his mech’s defense alert.

“Danger detected, defense system automatically activated.”

On the huge external screen, the mecha he knew so well, the one he always helped with, called Black Soul, belonging to Sheng Heng, was swinging its iron fist towards his head.


The two men outside the mech saw the scene where one of the mechs was suddenly twisted together, no, one of the mechs was being beaten unilaterally, with a confused look on their faces.

“What’s going on here?” Yan Hao asked.

“Maybe it’s practice?” He Shao guessed.

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  1. Ah, so the breakfast was for the friend. Still funny though, because I think he would’ve given it to Yan Hao had he said that he hadn’t had breakfast yet. 😂
    And expertlevel energy cubes, huh? Not as high as I predicted, but it will probably get there in the future!

    Thanks for the chapter!

      1. Thanks for the chapter. This story is awesome, we don’t see such a male lead, who is willing to support the mc and fight for him from the beginning, often.

  2. Thank you for the chapter! So funny that Sheng Heng and his friend are wrestling around like kids, despite being in very expensive mechs. My money is definitely on Sheng Heng.

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