Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 121.1 Weapon Customisation

Editor: Jodi

Time passed, and the semester went by quickly. During this half semester, Yan Hao’s level 6 mech took shape slowly, the limbs and certain key parts already formed. Now, only the cockpit and a mech core, as well as weapons, were missing.

Yan Hao hadn’t yet decided what weapon to customise for his first level 6 mech and found himself in a dilemma for a while. For long range weapons, particle cannons were the go-to choice. However, close combat weapons needed to be tailor-made according to the user’s habits.

And his first thought had been to customize a weapon based on Black Soul’s Obscure Darkness Lance as he was most familiar with Sheng Heng’s fighting style. However after thinking about it, since Sheng Heng already had Black Soul, the chances of him using the weapon he had customized wasn’t high, hence he dismissed the idea.

“What, still undecided?” Old Pang walked over to check on his progress, and seeing him lying on the table sketching weapon designs, asked casually.

“En.” This was already the first version of his design.

“Didn’t you say the last time that you would customize a close combat weapon first?” Old Pang asked.

“I thought about it, but it doesn’t seem right. The biggest feature of close combat weapons is that they’re tailor-made according to the user’s combat habits, which would ensure that the mech warrior can use it effectively. If I customise one at random, although it doesn’t seem to be a problem at first glance, it would be a waste if I can’t find the right person to use it.” Yan Hao replied seriously.

Hearing this, Old Pang nodded approvingly. At first, when Yan Hao had been about to customise the weapon using his own idea because he didn’t have someone specific to customise it for, he didn’t intervene, waiting for a potential issue to arise before offering guidance, so that it would be more persuasive. Yet, in such a short time, he had been able to come to this realization on his own. This showed that he wasn’t just a theoretical Mech Builder.

“Not bad. Xiao Hao, you have to remember that we mech builders have to consider the practicality of the mech and not design just anything based solely on our imagination.” Old Pang advised.

Yan Hao was a little embarrassed by the compliment: “All these insights came from reminders given by Senior.”

“Sheng Heng? How is he doing on the front line battlefield?” Old Pang asked him.

“Senior achieved another military merit a while ago and is now a First Lieutenant.” Yan Hao said with a hint of pride.

“First Lieutenant? Such fast promotion. Wasn’t he a Second Lieutenant just two months ago?” Old Pang said in surprise.

Although not many students from the Federal University received military ranks during their school years, it wasn’t unheard of. However, rapid promotions like Sheng Heng’s, climbing two ranks in a single semester, were rare.

“The War God Legion awards ranks based on military merits, and senior killed many zergs, so he got promoted a little faster.” Yan Hao explained.

After Sheng Heng killed the level nine zerg singlehandedly during the vacation, he officially became a member of the War God Legion. Students from the Mech Piloting Department at Federal University always had real combat missions after their junior year, and these missions usually took place on relatively safe battlefields. However Sheng Heng took the initiative to apply to go to the forefront of the frontline of the Federation’s confrontation with the zergs, and that was where the War God Legion was stationed.

And thanks to the video of him from the holiday that went viral across the Federation, the school approved his request without much hassle, thus he became the only junior to reach the very front lines and also the only one with a military rank.

This made many juniors, especially those in his class very envious, and one by one they also run to apply to fight at the very front lines, only to be scolded by their class teacher.

“Come to me when you can singlehandedly kill a level nine zerg, otherwise, just wait patiently for your senior year.”

It was the tradition at Federal University that, all juniors would fight alongside their teachers on the front lines, and that by their senior year, after becoming familiar with the battlefield and the major Legions, they could choose their preferred battlefields. Of course, the prerequisite was that the heads of their chosen locations also had to be willing to accept them before they could join them.

So one by one, the students in the class ran to Sheng Heng to tell him that when they became seniors, they would ask him to pull some strings to get them into the War God Legion. There were even some who asked him to work hard to get promoted, so that by the time they joined, he could directly recruit them into the squad he was leading.

Without realizing it, Sheng Heng had already become the leader of the third years, and if there were no surprises, by the time Sheng Heng graduated from the Mech Piloting Department, most students from his batch would probably join the War God Legion.

And it was precisely because Sheng Heng spent most of the semester on the battlefield that when he usually spoke to Yan Hao, he mostly talked about combat, that Yan Hao had such a profound understanding of the practicality of mech weapons.

“Then how do you plan to go about the design of the weapon?” Old Pang shifted the topic back to the weapon.

“He Shao gave me an idea. He suggested that I auction the mech online, and said that I should customise the weapon for whoever ends up buying it.” Yan Hao told him.

“That’s not a bad idea.” Old Pang nodded in agreement.

“Master, you also think so too?” Yan Hao looked at Old Pang, his expression showing some reluctance.

“What, you don’t agree?”

“This is the first mech I’ve built, so I don’t really want to sell it.” Yan Hao told him what he thought inside.

Old Pang chuckled, completely understanding his feelings at the moment. For Mech Builders, especially those who were really passionate about mechs, every mech they made with their own two hands was like their child, so who would want to sell it? However if they didn’t sell it, a mech that should be dominating the battlefield would just gather dust in the lab, and that, would be a waste.

This kind of conflicted feeling was subtle, that was why even up until now, even he only customized mechs for those he approved of.

“How about, I give you a suggestion.” Old Pang told him.

His eyes shining, Yan Hao looked at him intently.

“In customizing weapons, besides customizing them based on the user, you can also customize them according to the target of attack.” Old Pang reminded.

Yan Hao was stunned for a moment, then as if he’d had an epiphany, shouted, “Master, I understand! Thank you Master. I’m going to make a call right now.”

And saying this, he left his half-finished weapon design and ran out to use his communicator.

Old Pang shook his head helplessly.

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