Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 69.1 Zero Points

The spaceship wasn’t big, so soon everyone was gathered on the deck. Xiao Tianhan, with a serious expression, stood at the front.

“Three minutes ago, the spaceship was attacked by pirates and the enemy’s situation is unknown. The protective shield of the spaceship has been activated, but the shield can only last for ten minutes. We need to evacuate the ship now and fight the enemy.” Xiao Tianhan scanned each student standing in front of him, “Everyone, check your mechs in two minutes and evacuate in order.”

Soon, the students who had gathered together were divided into two formations: one that could evacuate and fight and one that couldn’t because of mech problems. The formation that could fight consisted of only about 20 people.

His eyes chilling, Xiao Tianhan glared at those who couldn’t fight: “What’s wrong with you?”

“Teacher, my mech doesn’t have enough energy and I only have one energy block left.”

“Teacher, my mech was damaged severely during the assessment and I haven’t had the time to fix it.”

The students spoke one by one about their inability to fight, but most of them were due to the two reasons mentioned above.

‘Bang’ The spaceship shook violently again. Xiao Tianhan looked towards the direction of the door, trying to suppress the burst of anger: “Everyone who can fight, come out with me.”

Before leaving, he glanced at the students who couldn’t fight with clear disappointment in his eyes.

As the situation was urgent, the dozen or so people who could fight disappeared quickly with Xiao Tianhan through the first door. The spaceship’s deck, connected to the starlit sky, had two doors in total and between the first door and the second door, there was a standby area, and the second door would only open after mech warriors entered the standby area with their mechs. This was done to keep mech warriors from suffocating due to the lack of oxygen in the vacuum.

On the deck, the students who couldn’t fight were able to watch the standby area through video. When they saw Teacher Xiao and the students who could fight fly out of the deck one by one in the mechs, there was unresignation on their faces.

They had all seen the disappointment in Teacher Xiao’s eyes before he left. As mech warriors and with their mechs right in front of them, they could only sit in the spaceship and wait for others to protect them when facing an enemy’s attack. This was a huge disgrace to them.

Why hadn’t they prepared some energy blocks before leaving the base?

Why hadn’t they fixed their mech before leaving the base?

Everyone kept asking themselves these questions.

“Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Let’s go to the control room.” Someone suddenly shouted and then everyone ran towards the control room, where there was an external screen that they could use to see the battle scene in space.

In the standby area, before the second door opened, Xiao Tianhan instructed, “Everyone, report the status of your mech.”

“Sun Zhu, mech physical examination 80%, energy 80%.”

“Lin Shan, mech physical examination 79%, energy 81%.”


“Sheng Heng, mech physical examination 100%, energy 100%.”

“Cheng Wenkang, mech physical examination 100%, energy 100%.”

After everyone reported, Xiao Tianhan found that only Sheng Heng and Cheng Wenkang’s mechs were in the best condition. Most of the others were around 80%, and even several of them were only 60% in the physical examination, just on the edge of passing.

But there was no time for adjustments now, so Xiao Tianhan opened the door and flew out first.

Outside the spaceship, Xiao Tianhan piloted his mech and stood at the front of the team. Opposite them were five level 6 mechs.

“I’ll block two level 6 mechs at the same time and the rest of you team up to fight the rest. As long as you hold out for twenty minutes, I’ll come back to help you after I take care of the two level 6 mechs.” Xiao Tianhan was a level 8 mech warrior, however the mech he was piloting, Green Blade, was only a level 7 mech so he couldn’t handle more than two level 6 mechs at a time.

Without waiting for the others to answer, Xiao Tianhan led the charge, holding his gun with both hands and attacking two mechs at once. In a blink of an eye, three mechs were fighting together. The two mechs on the other side seemed to be trying to lure Teacher Xiao’s mech away deliberately, causing their battle to become increasingly distant and soon, it was divided into two battlefields.

The only thing the pirate mechs in the distance seemed to fear was Xiao Tianhan’s level 7 mech, so as soon as they saw him leave, the remaining three mechs rushed over with momentum, simultaneously activating the spray function of their particle guns and in a flash, several of the students’ mechs were hit.

“Not good, a part of my right arm has been damaged. I can’t fight anymore.”

“A part of my left leg has been damaged, I can’t fight anymore.”

“Disperse!” As reports of casualties from classmates came in continuously through the channel, Sheng Heng made a quick decision and roared. The three mechs on the other side weren’t shooting randomly. Their gunplay was very accurate, as almost every shot was aimed at the joints of their mechs.

Their side was composed mainly of level 4 mechs which weren’t as agile as level 6 mechs and with level 6 mech weapons that were much more powerful, if they kept their distance and used long-range weapons, they wouldn’t last for twenty minutes.

Sheng Heng glanced at Teacher Xiao’s side. The battle over there was very intense, and this intense battle required a high level of concentrated effort to control the mechs. Teacher Xiao hadn’t spoken until now, showing that he didn’t have any spare energy to pay attention to them.

After assessing the situation, Sheng Heng didn’t speak again and said directly in the channel: “We have to close the distance. If we fight from a distance, we will only be targets.”

“But I’m not good at close combat.” Someone said in reply.

“We are many, we’ll swarm them.” Sheng Heng responded.

“But with this firepower, we can’t get close.” Sun Zhu shouted in the channel.

In this assessment, their team had been attacked by a level 6 mutant zerg and so they had recuperated for three days at the base. As a result, their mechs were in the best condition of all the teams. This time, all five of them in their team were participating in this battle.

“Class leader, bring your team to provide cover fire for me. I’ll go first to stop one mech.” Sheng Heng said, “The remaining two, you guys take them together.”

“Boss, I’ll go with you.” Cheng Wenkang’s voice sounded immediately.

“Your speed can’t keep up with me, go with them.” After Sheng Heng said this, he operated Black Soul, dodging gracefully in the void, weaving through the sea of particle gunfire and moving forward. At the same time, Black Soul’s arms stretched out, assembling Obscure Darkness Lance in midair, with electric light flashing and making noise in the void.

At this time, one of the three level 6 mechs in the distance actually moved forward actively, not waiting for Sheng Heng to approach.

Just in time.

Not hesitating, Sheng Heng twisted his body, held the lance with one hand and thrust out with Obscure Darkness. The opponent’s mech was extremely agile in its operation, as if it had already predicted Sheng Heng’s movements, his mech sidestepping his attack, causing Obscure Darkness Lance to stab the empty air beside his mech’s waist.

Such agile operation techniques.

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