Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 76.2 I want to continue learning Mech Building

“When your parents applied for you, didn’t they even tell you in advance?” He Shao asked, puzzled. “That’s not even right. Even if it was your parents or the school that applied on your behalf, they still need a letter of authorization from you.”

Yan Hao quickly logged into the backend of the Federation’s Talent database to check his application records.

His application record quickly retrieved, Yan Hao saw a very serious application form with his signature on it the pile of documents.

“This…. what’s going on?” He Shao was also confused, as he recognized the handwriting. It was Yan Hao’s.

“In the first semester of my senior year in high school, Yan Fei and I applied for the Special Talent Protection Program together.” For Yan Hao now, this was more than ten years ago, which was why he only remembered it just now.

During his senior year in high school, Yan Fei’s talent in pharmacy had gradually emerged and the teacher who taught them pharmacy at that time had been very impressed with Yan Fei, saying that he had a special talent for pharmacy and that he could try to apply for the Federation’s Special Talent Protection Program and that once it was successful, it would be a great honor for the school and his family.

And listening to their teacher’s advice, Yan Fei had prepared the necessary documents. At that time, he had still been competing with Yan Fei and so had also prepared an application, which he then gave to their parents the same time Yan Fei did. However hadn’t that application been clearly rejected? So why was it still here?

“That was a year ago, but this document was clearly submitted last week.” He Shao pointed to the date on it.

“…..” Yan Hao didn’t say anything.

“D*mn, could it be that they didn’t submit it for you a year ago?” Other than this reason, He Shao couldn’t think of anything else.

At that time, Yan Hao had done everything just to compete with Yan Fei, so after Yan Fei’s application for special talents protection had failed, he didn’t mind too much that he had also failed. He’d just thought that as long as Yan Fei didn’t make it and he wasn’t selected, then that was enough, so he didn’t even delve too deeply into the matter.

“What are they trying to do now? Do they really want you to go back to studying pharmacy?” He Shao seriously couldn’t understand this family’s brain circuit. “Why do they want you to go back to studying pharmacy when you’re doing so well in mech building?”

“I don’t know.” Yan Hao was not only confused, he was also scared.

Could this be the power of the plot? Was the plot correcting his deviation? If it was the power of the plot then what should he do?

Just the thought that he might have to leave the Mech Building Department to return to the Pharmacy Department made Yan Hao shudder with resistance.

I don’t want to go back to studying pharmacy, I want to study mech building. I want to stay in the Mech Building Department, I want to stay with my current classmates, I want to be Senior Sheng Heng’s mech partner, I want to build even more powerful mechs.

“He Shao, I don’t want to leave here, I want to continue learning mech building.” Yan Hao’s expression was filled with helplessness as he looked at He Shao.

“Hao Hao.” He Shao clutched Yan Hao’s hand, “Don’t worry, we’ll find a way. Your application has just been submitted, what’s more you’re not some well-known figure in the entire federation. Let’s look for some connections and go through a back door. Maybe we’ll be able to get your application back.”


What He Shao was saying was true. However it wasn’t easy to find a network of contacts that could shake up the federal government. Just as He Shao was bracing himself to respond, another call appeared on the terminal of Yan Hao’s light brain.

[Sheng Heng]

When He Shao saw Sheng Heng’s call, his eyes lit up immediately. He remembered that Sheng Heng seemed to have connections in the military. Without waiting for Yan Hao to react, he reached out directly and answered the call.

Sheng Heng’s image appeared on the screen. “Xiao Hao, why haven’t you come….. what’s wrong?!”

Sheng Heng’s entire demeanor changed the moment he saw Yan Hao’s expression, his gaze so sharp that it could almost cut through space.


Yan Hao had called him ‘senior’ countless times before, but never like this. He looked helpless, like a cub that had been forced into a corner, powerless to resist and only able to cry out plaintively.

“I’m coming over.” Sheng Heng said decisively.

Five minutes later, Sheng Heng and Cheng Wenkang rushed over together.

“What’s happened?” As soon as they entered, Sheng Heng grabbed Yan Hao’s hand and looking at his red eyes and pale lips, a cold and frightening aura spread from him.

In He Shao’s impression, Sheng Heng was a gentle and accommodating person, but at this moment, he couldn’t help but feel a chill run down his back in the face of his imposing momentum.

“Yan Hao has been included in the special talent protection program for pharmacy. His family did it behind his back…..” He Shao explained the situation briefly.

“The f*ck? That’s ridiculous. Mech building is much better than pharmacy. Why force Yan Hao to go back to study pharmacy?” Cheng Wenkang couldn’t help but curse.

“Right?” He Shao agreed.

Having understood the situation, Sheng Heng’s expression softened a little. “Xiao Hao, don’t worry. I’ll handle this.”

“Really?” Yan Hao grabbed Sheng Heng’s hand tightly, not daring to believe it.

“En.” Sheng Heng smiled reassuringly. “With me here, if you want to study mech building you can do it and if you don’t want to study pharmacy, we won’t study it.”

“But the federal government…”

“Trust me.” Sheng Heng’s tone had a firmness to it that couldn’t be doubted.

“You have connections and can go through a back door?” Yan Hao thought of He Shao’s words from earlier.

“En.” Sheng Heng nodded without any hesitation. “You’re my mech builder, no one can take you away from me.”

When Yan Hao heard these words, a light lit up gradually in his eyes that had turned dull. “It’s a deal, I’m yours.”

“…..” Cheng Wenkang.

“…..” He Shao.

“It’s a deal.” Sheng Heng laughed.

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