Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 90.2 Gift as a disciple

Old Pang never worried about Yan Hao’s study habits. Yan Hao’s obsession with mech was no less than his own when he was young. While other masters might worry about their disciples being lazy or not working hard, his little disciple would often lose track of time and even forget to eat and sleep when engrossed in his work.

In the blink of an eye, half a month passed, and it was the end of the semester. However, Yan Hao became even more diligent in going to the lab because his first Level 4 mech was about to be assembled.

“Master, why does the weapon activation always lag here?” If a weapon lagged, then for a mech it meant it was essentially powerless on the battlefield.

“The particle cannon you chose was taken from a Level 6 mech. The levels don’t match.” Old Pang told him after examining it.

“But I’ve clearly changed the wiring for the weapon interface.” Yan Hao naturally knew that the weapon was an old one that had been taken from a Level 6 mech and so didn’t match a Level 4 mech. However, the particle cannon had excellent performance and he had wanted to equip his mech with a more powerful weapon, so he had modified the interface in order to forcefully mount the Level 6 particle cannon on the Level 4 mech.

“The wiring of a mech is extremely similar to the meridians in a human body, meaning that the mech’s wiring is an integrated whole. When you changed the wiring at the weapon interface, its energy demand became higher than that of other parts of the mech, causing the entire mech to become uncoordinated. The mech’s core, after detecting the issue, inevitably performed a self-check, which in turn caused your weapon to lag.” Old Pang explained patiently, “Naturally, the more powerful the weapon, the better, but you can’t just fit any weapon blindly…”

Yan Hao nodded dazedly in understanding, but the look in his eyes showed that he was still reluctant to give up on the level 6 particle cannon.

Old Pang could see that he didn’t want to give up, but he didn’t say anything. This kind of wiring modification, whether successful or not, would be beneficial to Yan Hao’s growth.

Just as he was about to offer some more guidance, the terminal of his light brain suddenly received a rang with an incoming call.

Glancing at the display, he turned and left the parts warehouse, returning to the outer repair room before answering, “Old Wen, is the medicine ready?”

In the video call, an elderly man wearing an ancient style robe appeared. It was Old Pang’s friend, Wen Feng, one of the three Great Master Pharmacists in the Federation.

“Do I need half a month to refine a soothing medicine?” Old Wen replied irritably.

“Then why haven’t you made the medicine for me after all this time? Don’t you know I’m waiting to enjoy my disciple’s filial piety?” Old Pang said discontentedly.

Old Wen’s beard curled up in anger immediately at his words, “Who do you want to take advantage of?”

Although the wild phantom beast blood had been obtained by Old Pang’s beloved disciple, he was the one who had made the medicine, so from Old Pang’s words, wasn’t he taking advantage of him?

“Sigh, it was just a slip of the tongue, a slip of the tongue. You know I didn’t mean it that way.” Old Pang apologized with a laugh.

“An apology should have a little bit of sincerity right?” Old Wen said all of a sudden.

Raising an eyebrow, Old Pang laughed, “What, do you have relatives or friends who want me to help make some mech parts?”

Although Old Pang had a reputation and hadn’t made mech parts for others in years, he didn’t mind helping out if a close friend asked for a favor, as long as it wasn’t too excessive.

“I don’t need your broken parts.” It was probably only Old Wen in the entire Federation who would dare call Old Pang’s parts ‘broken’ to his face. “I called you about something else.”

“My eldest disciple has been working on improving the phantom elixir formula and has come up with several solutions that need to be calculated one by one. The amount of calculations is enormous and I don’t have anyone around me who’s particularly good at maths. You always say that you guys who study mech building are good at maths, right? Can you find someone to help with the calculations?” Old Wen said, “Once the calculations are done, I’ll send you the medicine.”

“What do you mean by that? If it can’t be calculated, you’ll even take my medicine?” Old Pang asked.

“If it can’t be calculated, it’s the mech building students and the entire Federal University who will lose face.” Old Wen exaggerated deliberately.

“With the way you’re saying it, I’ll look vain if I don’t prove it. Send the data over.” Old Pang knew Old Wen was using reverse psychology, but he still accepted the request. They were old friends and for nearly a decade, almost all the medicines for mental energy that he had taken were made by Old Wen himself, so even if Old Wen didn’t make any demands, he would help out if he simply mentioned the issue.

“I’ve emailed you the data, but much of it is related to the properties of the medicine and is quite complex and difficult to decipher. How about this, I’ll also give you the contact information of my disciple, so if your students have any questions, they can ask my disciple directly.” Old Wen said.

Receiving the data, Old Pang scanned it, then quickly forwarded it to all his disciples, asking them to find time to do the calculations.

Not even two minutes after he sent out the message, Yan Hao came out of the parts warehouse, “Master, I need to use the Super Light Brain.”

“What do you need the Super Light Brain for?” Researching the wiring of weapons didn’t require a Super Light Brain.

“I need the help of the Super Light Brain to calculate the maths problem you just sent.” Yan Hao answered.

“I just sent it two minutes ago and you’ve finished reading it already?” Old Pang exclaimed in shock.

“I’ve read it, it’s not difficult. I’ll just set a few data points then let the Super Light Brain run the data by itself and by the afternoon, the formula model will be ready.” Yan Hao explained.

“.…” Old Pang.

It took a whole morning of working hard on the wiring diagram of a weapon without any results, yet the calculation formula for a medicine had been solved in just two minutes?

The more Old Pang thought about it, the more he felt that his little disciple would eventually return to the path of studying Pharmacy!

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