Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 102.2 Moving to aid

Qiu Zi’an was piloting a level seven mech, which was inherently faster than the others’, hence as soon as he sped up, he quickly left the others behind, shooting off into the depths of outer space’s starry sky.

Almost simultaneously, the mech that had been following closely behind him also accelerated sharply, dashing forward, turning into a streak of light as it hurtled through space, and astonishingly, ended up far ahead of the others but just behind Qiu Zi’an’s mech.

Detecting that there was a mech following him, Qiu Zi’an looked back and was surprised to see that it was Black Soul. “Sheng Heng, why are you catching up?”

“I came to help.” Sheng Heng said in reply.

“The zergs ahead are level eight zergs, you can’t handle them.” Qiu Zi’an already regretted it. He had thought this would be a simple pick-up mission with no real danger, which was why he had brought Sheng Heng, who had long been absent from the battlefield to gain some experience. He hadn’t expected that they would encounter three level eight zergs en route.

Sheng Heng was just a sophomore in university, piloting a level six mech, where did he stand a chance against level eight zergs? Even seasoned frontline soldiers like them would need at least three mechs to hold off one level eight zerg if they were piloting level six mechs.

“I’ll deliver the energy blocks to big brother.” Sheng Heng told him.

“You have level eight energy blocks?” Sheng Zhuo was a level eight mech warrior. If he could equip himself with energy blocks in time, then those level eight zergs would be no match for him.

“Yes, I’m currently equipped with a level eight energy block.” Sheng Heng told him.

Good heavens, a level six mech with a level eight energy block, that’s quite extravagant. No wonder he can keep up with my speed.

“Alright. Once we get there, I’ll distract the zergs and you take the opportunity to board the battleship and deliver the energy blocks to the commander.” Qiu Zi’an instructed.

Then the two stopped talking and flew at full speed.

Qiu Zi’an was the first to arrive at the battlefield. Despite the fact that Black Soul was equipped with a higher level level eight energy block, a level six mech was still a level six mech, and so in time, Qiu Zi’an pulled ahead.

By the time Qiu Zi’an arrived, a full minute had passed from the fifteen minute window Sheng Zhuo had mentioned, and in the void, a silvery white battleship was evading passively, chased by a dozen or so giant zergs.

Among them, three zergs were particularly massive, almost half the size of the battleship and were swinging their dark front claws, slashing at the escaping battleship.

Horrified, Qiu Zi’an fired a particle cannon immediately without thinking.

Feeling pain, the level eight zergs turned their heads toward Qiu Zi’an, however they didn’t go after him immediately. Instead, they sent out a series of mental waves, ordering three level seven zergs to fly toward his mech.

Just as Qiu Zi’an was about to take out his melee weapon and charge, Sheng Zhuo’s communication came in again: “You can’t break the zergs’ siege on your own. The battleship still has some energy blocks left and can move fast. Cover us and stall until the reinforcements arrive.”

“Roger that.” Putting his melee weapon away, Qiu Zi’an activated all the long range weapons installed on his mech and began to bombard the dozen or so zergs, obstructing their rapid progress.

Qiu Zi’an’s fiery blasts were somewhat effective against the level seven zergs, but not so much against the level eight zergs. Finally, under his incessant blasts, one of the level eight zergs changed targets and rushed towards him at high speed.

“Be careful!” Sheng Zhuo warned.

Prepared for the attack, Qiu Zi’an was about to pull away when a powerful mental shockwave suddenly slammed into him.

Letting out a muffled grunt, his face went pale.

He immediately took out the advanced sedative he carried with him and ingested it, however in the time it took for him to take the medicine, the level eight zerg was already on him.

And with a bang, swiped its claw at Qiu Zi’an.

Reacting in an extremely quick manner, Qiu Zi’an managed to narrowly avoid the attack by using the recoil from his particle cannon, however the outer shell of his mech was still scratched by the zerg’s claw, his system sounding an alarm, indicating severe damage to his mech’s forearm.

Qiu Zi’an’s face turned ashen. If his forearm was severely damaged, he wouldn’t be able to fight in close quarters, and his mech was a level seven mech. If he couldn’t engage in melee combat, his long range weapons wouldn’t be able to break through the defense of a level eight zerg.

“Zi’an?” Sheng Zhuo’s worried voice sounded over the communicator.

“Commander, I’ll cover you, so you guys should get going. Sheng Heng is right behind, he should be here in another minute.” Qiu Zi’an said quickly. As long as he could hold on until Sheng Heng arrived, his commander’s mech could regain its fighting power.

“Sheng Heng?! Why is he here?” Sheng Zhuo’s expression changed instantly. Why was Sheng Heng here? Black Soul was only a level six mech. Facing a level eight zerg, wasn’t that just a death sentence?

Qiu Zi’an could no longer care to answer as he desperately blocked the zergs from getting close to the battleship, and Sheng Zhuo also stopped asking about Qiu Zi’an’s situation, ordering the battleship to rush forward. Only if they were safe would Qiu Zi’an have the chance to escape.

The distance between Sheng Heng and the two groups wasn’t that far to begin with, and as one side was chasing while the other was retreating, it wasn’t long before they each appeared within each others field of view.

“Big Brother!” Seeing the battleship with the Sheng family symbol on it, Sheng Heng called out subconsciously.

Sheng Zhuo’s communication came in at the same time, and without wasting time, shouted anxiously, “Get on the battleship and give me the energy block.”

At the same time, a blinding flash of fire came from Black Soul’s external screen.

“Zi’an Ge?!” Sheng Heng turned, only to see Qiu Zi’an’s mech surrounded by two level eight zergs, one in front and one behind, with no room to retreat.

Without a second thought, he activated one of the particle cannons Yan Hao had just installed on his shoulders and fired two shots.

And after a blinding blaze of fire, the zerg that had just been about to cut into Qiu Zi’an’s mech was blown back by a sudden shot, its power even stronger than that of Qiu Zi’an’s particle cannon.

Was it the Regiment Commander’s Morning Star?!

Qiu Zi’an turned his screen around, but what he saw was a level six mech that was completely black.

Black Soul.

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