Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 64.2 Genius in Pharmacy

Xiao Tianhan also discovered what the problem was at this point: “About two hours or so ago, Yan Hao brought two level 6 sedatives out. Didn’t you make those two sedatives with him?”

More than two hours ago? Then that meant Yan Hao made the sedatives in a little over an hour and made two in a row?

“Who did he make those two sedatives for?” Doctor Hu asked nervously.

“The two of them.” Xiao Tianhan pointed to Sheng Heng and Cheng Wenkang.

Doctor Hu immediately walked over and examined the two. When Cheng Wenkang saw Doctor Hu’s grave expression, he was a bit confused, but Sheng Heng acted much more calmly.

“Doctor Hu, how are they? Is there a problem?” It was only at this point that Xiao Tianhan realized that Doctor Hu was completely unaware of the two sedatives at all, causing him to suddenly be nervous as well.

“There’s a problem.” Doctor Hu said.

Frowning, Sheng Heng said immediately, “Doctor Hu, I feel very good and my mental energy is stable. I don’t think there is a problem with the sedative.”

“It’s because you feel too good.” Doctor Hu said excitedly, “By definition, even after taking a level 6 sedative, your mental energy would still be slightly shaken and you would experience headaches and nausea. But you’re in such a state that it’s as if you’ve never been hurt before.”

Cheng Wenkang subconsciously glanced at the other three students who were experiencing headache and nausea.

“Yes, just like them. Those are the normal symptoms one is supposed to have after taking a level 6 sedative.” Doctor Hu responded.

“So…. are the sedatives made by Yan Hao good or bad?” Xiao Tianhan asked with some uncertainty.

“As much as I hate to admit it, that freshman kid …… has made a level 6 sedative that is more effective than mine.” Doctor Hu said with a sigh, “Besides, it took me almost four hours to make these two sedatives but he only took an hour and a half. Teacher Xiao, is he really from the Mecha Building Department and not a personal disciple of one of your school’s Master Pharmacists?”

“He’s from the Mecha Building Department.” This was something he had confirmed with the freshmen Mecha Building Department class teacher.

“What is such a good seed studying Mecha Building for? Aren’t you people just wasting his talents?” Doctor Hu said bitterly.

“……” Xiao Tianhan was speechless for a moment. Their Mecha Piloting Department and Mecha Building Department had always been very close, but after this incident, even he agreed with Doctor Hu’s opinion somewhat. This kind of talent with a specialty in pharmacy should go to the Pharmacy Department.

“Xiao Hao prefers mech building.” Sheng Heng said out loud.

“But his talents are clearly in pharmacy.” Doctor Hu said.

“He’s also very talented in mecha.” Sheng Heng said in response.

Doctor Hu gave Sheng Heng a sidelong glance. Seeing the teenager’s persistent gaze, he didn’t bother arguing with him anymore; these mech warriors had always been fiercely protective of their exclusive mech builders.

“Forget it, let’s put this matter aside for the time being. Where is Yan Hao? I need to ask him about the sedatives.” Doctor Hu was keen to know what it would take to make a level 6 sedative that eliminated the after effects after awakening.

“He was mentally drained and so has gone back to rest.” Xiao Tianhan answered.

“Then we will talk about it tomorrow then.” Getting up, Doctor Hu told Xiao Tianhan, “Since the sedatives are enough, I’ll go back and rest. Call me if you need anything.”

Xiao Tianhan administered the level 6 sedatives he had just received to the two remaining students and his heart that had been hanging in the balance dropped completely. After observing them for a while longer and seeing that the sedatives had taken effect and that the two students breath had stabilized, he continued to ask regarding the previous question, “Sheng Heng, the base gave you 1000 bonus points for your single kill of the level 6 mutant zerg.”

Sun Zhu and the others looked at each other, unable to help it as the expressions on their faces turned envious. They were now, on the average killing just over a hundred level 4 zergs a day each and they didn’t know if they would be able to scrape together a thousand points in these seven days. And now with Sheng Heng obtaining a thousand points at once this time, not to mention their team taking first place, there wasn’t even a chance for any of them to be first on the single person list. It seems they could only try to get second place.

However they didn’t have any objections concerning the base’s decision. If it wasn’t for Sheng Heng, they would have been wiped out.

“But Sheng Heng, why have you suddenly become so powerful?” Sun Zhu couldn’t help but ask.

“Yeah, you said before that your hand wasn’t healed, so how have you been piloting your mech for the past few days?” Another student asked, following suit.

Xiao Tianhan had also been about to ask this very same question, so he looked at Sheng Heng along with the students.

“It’s true that my hands aren’t healed. The only reason I can pilot my mech is because it has been modified.” Sheng Heng didn’t hide it anymore at this point. With this battle, no one would suspect him of lying anymore, “Before school began, a mimetic piloting system was installed in Black Soul.”

“A mimetic piloting system?!” Everyone in the ward, except for Cheng Wenkang who knew the inside story, couldn’t help but exclaim in shock, including the stoic Xiao Tianhan.

“The research of the mimetic piloting system has been successful?”

“Is the Federation going to promote it to the public soon?”

“Sheng Heng, who did you get to modify your Black Soul?”

As mecha warriors, there was no one who wasn’t anticipating the arrival of the mimetic piloting system which would greatly enhance their combat capabilities as well as extend their combat lifespan. For decades, the Federation had spent a lot of manpower and resources on researching this technology, but until now, there had been no definite results. So how could they not be surprised to hear out of the blue that Sheng Heng had already piloted a mimetic mecha.

“Black Soul is custom-made and cannot be promoted for general use at the moment.” The core of Black Soul’s mecha was the Tempest Stone. The Tempest Stone was expensive and scarce and couldn’t be produced in quantity at all.

“Did your family customize it specifically for you?” Xiao Tianhan asked.

The fact that Sheng Heng was from the Sheng family of the Military Department was unknown to most of the students in the class, but Xiao Tianhan was aware of it.

“Yes.” Sheng Heng nodded his head.

Cheng Wenkang glanced at Sheng Heng but was wise enough not to open his mouth.

“No wonder you were dead set on not letting Xiang Jun touch your mech and instead asked Yan Hao to come. With Black Soul’s current state, it really isn’t suitable for it to be maintained by a student.” Xiao Tianhan said with a sudden realization.

“En.” Sheng Heng didn’t mean to hide it from his teacher and classmates, but he just subconsciously felt that Yan Hao probably didn’t want too much attention on him and preferred to do his research quietly. He had only just started his studies on mechs, so it wasn’t good to get too much attention from the outside world at this point. As for the future, with Old Pang and Old Zhong, these two Mecha Masters protecting him and with him around, Yan Hao could go to any height he wanted to go to if he so wanted to.

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