Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 30.2 Hand in hand

At the mention of his hand, Sheng Heng’s eyes flashed and his right hand suddenly reached forward and took Yan Hao’s hand in his.

Yan Hao was stunned, but before he could react, he heard Sheng Heng ask, “Little junior, look, has my hand regained some strength?”

As he said this, Sheng Heng closed his five fingers and held Yan Hao’s hand gently. He even took the opportunity to squeeze his fingers.

“……” Cheng Wenkang.

He had to say, boss, this trick of yours it’s too damn flirty.

It turned out that Senior wanted to test whether his fingers had regained their strength. Yan Hao smiled and nodded, “Yes, it’s much stronger than just now.”

When he had examined Sheng Heng’s fingers before, he had made Sheng Heng hold his hand and at that time, Sheng Heng’s fingers had been trembling and had no strength at all.

“Then, I’ll send you back.” Saying that, Sheng Heng pulled Yan Hao out of the mecha practice room without giving him the time to refuse.

“……” Cheng Wenkang, the big light bulb who had been deliberately forgotten from the beginning to the end gave a fierce shout in the direction his boss had just left, “Shameless! You’re obviously taking advantage, but you’re saying it so honorably. Simply shameless.”

“Senior, we’re here. Thank you for sending me back.” When they arrived at the dormitory, Yan Hao thanked Sheng Heng.

“Then have an early rest.” As Sheng Heng looked at the dormitory building behind his little junior, he couldn’t help but feel a little regretful. How come it had taken just a few steps to get here? (Dormitory building: I am a kilometer away from your mech training room, try walking to it in a few steps and see.)

“You as well, Senior.” After saying this, Yan Hao waved and ran into the dormitory building.

Sheng Heng stood there for a while longer, with his little junior’s fair hand waving in front of him: Mhmm, today we held hands for fifty-six seconds. If I count the massage as well, the time that my little junior took the initiative to hold my hand must have been more than ten minutes. I can’t let my little junior suffer, I have to pay him back. I’m still nine minutes and four seconds short, I’ll put that on the books.

When Yan Hao returned to the dorm, he saw He Shao lying on his bed eating a snack with a few packets of food on his bed that He Shao had brought for him.

Seeing that he had returned, He Shao asked, “What were you doing just now?”

“I went to look for Senior Sheng Heng.” Yan Hao answered truthfully.

“What did he ask you to do?” He Shao sprung up like a carp. Heavens, he had just gone out to buy something and his little white cabbage had been deceived by that one surnamed Sheng?

“Senior Sheng Heng’s hand was injured from practicing his mecha so Senior Cheng asked me to help him buy some medicine.” Yan Hao said.

“Couldn’t they buy the medicine themselves, why make you run at night?” He Shao could see through the trickery right away.

“It’s because I used to study pharmacy. Senior Sheng Heng’s hand was badly injured and in need of a second stimulation of the medicine.” Yan Hao explained.

“I’ll be damned, there’s more to this trick?” Playing weak, gaining sympathy, simply brilliant. This method was sure to work on his little cub.


“Oh, it’s nothing. So did he ask you to treat him more often in the future?” He Shao could almost think of the next set-up.

“No, I gave Senior the recipe for the herb packet so he would be able to buy the medicine himself at the medicine shop. Even if I don’t go, the effect will still be the same.” Yan Hao pulled his chair back, intending to continue the book he hadn’t finished reading earlier.

He hadn’t agreed? His cub had made progress!

Feeling a burst of joy, He Shao said with great relief, “That’s right, we have finals coming up so treating him would delay your studies. And you’re not a pharmacist anymore, so if there’s a problem with Senior Sheng Heng’s hand, he should go see a professional pharmacist.”

“En.” Yan Hao smiled, nodded then continued reading.

Relieved that he hadn’t been tricked, He Shao lay back down on his bed to eat. It was only after a short while that he felt sick all over, as if something was wrong. After a moment’s thought, he silently pulled a professional book out of the pile of snacks and opened it with a sigh.

Even the god of learning was working so hard, how dare he be a salted fish?

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