Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 73.1 Bias

“Wait for me.” Outside the cafeteria, He Shao chased after Yan Hao for a good while before finally catching up to him.

Yan Hao turned around and seeing that Yan Fei and Sima Mingxuan hadn’t followed them out, slowed down and stood in place, waiting for He Shao.

“What are you running for?” He Shao asked grumpily, “Are the two of us afraid of that your weird little brother?”

“They are also two.” Yan Hao replied.

“Two people? That guy who helped him just now, they know each other?” He Shao asked.

“Yes.” They didn’t just know each other, they were also the two male leads in the book.

“No problem. Two versus two, I might not necessarily lose in the fight.” He Shao said confidently.

“I don’t want to see them.” He Shao wasn’t a supporting character in the original book, but Yan Fei and Sima Mingxuan were the male leads. Yan Hao wasn’t sure if He Shao would be affected by the plot if he offended Yan Fei and Sima Mingxuan, so before he could be certain, he didn’t want He Shao to take any risks.

“That’s also true. Everytime that your little brother comes, he looks as if you’ve bullied him. It makes me straight up nauseas.” He Shao told him.

“Come on, let’s not talk about him anymore. Let’s go back and review the circuit diagram.” Yan Hao said.

Soon after Yan Hao left, Yan Fei and Sima Mingxuan also came out of the cafeteria.

“Senior, thank you for helping me out just now, I might have gotten injured otherwise. My name is Yan Fei, a first year student in the Pharmacy Department. If there’s anything you need my help with in the future, you can come look for me.” Yan Fei expressed his gratitude to Sima Mingxuan.

“Your name is Yan Fei? Your surname sounds very similar to Yan Hao’s.” Sima Mingxuan raised an eyebrow.

Why does everyone ask me about Yan Hao every time they hear my name?

Yan Fei cursed in his heart but kept his expression calm as he replied, “Yan Hao is my big brother.”

“You are brothers? No wonder your surnames are so similar. You just said you’re a first-year student; your big brother is also a first-year student. So you two are twins?” Sima Mingxuan asked.

“No, my big brother is one year older than me. He repeated a year in middle school.” Yan Fei answered.

“Yan Hao repeated a year? No way right, he’s so smart.” Sima Mingxuan couldn’t help but be skeptical.

“Senior, are you familiar with my big brother?” Yan Fei wasn’t stupid. He could tell that this person was trying to inquire about Yan Hao in a roundabout way.

“Not very familiar, I’ve only seen him a few times.” Sima Mingxuan smiled as he said, “I’m in the Mech Piloting Department and your big brother is in the Mech Building Department, so I can’t help but pay more attention to him.”

“Is my big brother doing well in the Mech Building Department?” Yan Fei asked.

“What, you don’t know?” Sima Mingxuan asked in surprise.

“Senior might not be aware, but my big brother didn’t study Mech Building in middle school, he studied pharmacy just like me.” Yan Fei explained, “But I don’t know what happened. After he entered university, he suddenly transferred to the Mech Building Major. Although my big brother is very smart, he definitely can’t catch up with the other students in the foundation aspect.”

“It turns out Yan Hao studied pharmacy in middle school. No wonder he could make a level six sedative.” Sima Mingxuan exclaimed in surprise.

Previously, when he was at the base, he had wondered how a student like Yan Hao, who studied mech building could make medicine. It turns out he had studied pharmacy in middle school.

A sudden burst of anger rose in Yan Fei’s heart, but he suppressed it quickly. He didn’t know what was wrong with him, but hearing this person talk about Yan Hao over and over again, he felt particularly uncomfortable. It seemed that things shouldn’t be this way, but he couldn’t explain exactly why he felt this way.

“Since you are Yan Hao’s little brother and you studied pharmacy together, I assume your talent is also good.” Sima Mingxuan stated.

“No, I’m just better at improving formulas than my big brother.” Yan Fei said modestly.

“Then you must be able to make a level six sedative as well?”

“I….. I don’t have enough mental energy for that yet.” Yan Fei hesitated.

“Oh.” Sima Mingxuan laughed then comforted him, “That’s normal, you’re just a freshman after all.”

At this point, the two had reached a fork in the road. Sima Mingxuan pointed to the right path and said, “I have to go back now, Yan….. junior, goodbye.”

“Senior, goodbye.” Yan Fei watched as Sima Mingxuan’s silhouette faded into the distance, his expression becoming more and more distorted.

Throughout the conversation, this senior from the Mech Piloting Department had only asked about Yan Hao and even until he left, had never told him his name. He, Yan Fei, had never been ignored like this since he was a child.

Obviously, obviously you shouldn’t treat me like this.

Making his way back from the Mech Building Department, Yan Fei finally felt a little better when he reached the Pharmacy Department and remembering that he had left half of the medicine he had been making in the lab, turned around to go complete it.

When he entered the lab, he saw Professor Sun standing in front of his experiment station, observing his lab glassware.

His eyes lighting up, he walked over quickly. “Teacher, you’re still here?”

“Mmm.” Sun Liang looked at Yan Fei then pointed to the seven or eight glassware on the table. “What experiment are you doing?”

“A while ago, I discovered that lotus grass secretes a substance that stimulates mental energy under certain conditions, so I want to do an experiment that…”

“Xiao Fei, you have many ideas.”

Yan Fei’s mouth twitched slightly and he was just about to show a modest smile when Sun Liang continued, “Having many ideas is a good thing, but you haven’t improved the previous formula yet, so it’s not advisable to improve other formulas. Talent will bring you many ideas, but you need to know that all ideas that can’t be realized is just empty talk.”

His smile stiffening, Yan Fei replied in a sullen voice.

“Right, did you see your big brother?” Sun Liang asked.

“I did.” Yan Fei nodded.

“How was it? Is he willing to come back to the Pharmacy Department?” Sun Liang asked.

Thinking of Yan Hao’s attitude just now, Yan Fei shook his head subconsciously.

“It’s good that he doesn’t come back. If he does come back, the position of research assistant will definitely be his.” Sun Liang told him.

Yan Fei looked at Sun Liang, his eyes dark and uncertain, a strong sense of unresignation deep in his heart.

“I’ve already contacted the maths department and they’ve promised to send a student over to help you with your modeling, but the maths department isn’t familiar with the medicinal properties of herbs, so you’ll have to use more effort when modeling it and get the improved formula for the soothing agent determined as soon as possible.” Sun Liang suggested, “If the formula can be finalised, your chances of getting into the lab will be much better.”

“Only if the formula for the soothing agent is finalised?”

“The school regulations state that only outstanding students in their third and fourth years can work as assistants in the lab. Other students who want to enter must be specially approved, and they must have exceptional grades to be approved. For example, your big brother Yan Hao is only a freshman yet is able to produce a level six sedative, which shows that his talents far surpasses that of his peers and thus meets the conditions for special approval. Your talent is improving formulas, but your improvement is only at the conceptual stage and although the overall direction is correct, an improvement that hasn’t been implemented cannot be considered a success. Director Liao won’t grant special approval.” Sun Liang said.

“Teacher, I understand.” Yan Fei nodded.

“These…..” Sun Liang said as he pointed to the experimental glassware on the lab table, “Stop studying them for now.”


“Hurry up.” Sun Liang patted Yan Fei’s shoulder, turned and left the laboratory.

Yan Fei was left alone in the laboratory and as he sat there blankly, his mind turned quickly, trying to find a solution, yet he found that this was really difficult.

He had always been confident in his talent for pharmacy. He seemed to have the ability to immediately come up with an improvement as soon as he studied and understood a formula. It was like this in middle and high school, but why had it become so difficult for him in university?

Yan Fei struggled to think, the words Sun Liang had said before leaving turning repeatedly in his mind.

Ideas needed to be implemented and improved formulas needed to be backed up with concrete data. These were two phrases that Yan Fei heard often after entering university, but previously, he didn’t need to do these. He only needed to put forward ideas and the improved formulas would quickly come with concrete data.

Then previously, where did all this concrete data come from?

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6 thoughts on “Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

  1. Thanks for the chapter! I find it weird that a teacher tells a student to stop studying something new, but well, it’s meant to show how much our MC was part of making the formulas a success.

    1. I think the Teacher was referring to the fact that Yan Fei doesn’t see thing through and so all his ideas remain in the idea/theory stage or initial experimentation where results just aren’t significant enough to be noticeable/deemed worthy. So he wants Yan Fei to stop ‘wandering off’ onto new things and basically finish what he started. It’s like when a translator teases you with a few chapters, then begins translating something else and never seems to finish the first translation lol!

    2. Yan Fei is… flighty. He throws ideas out, but doesn’t own them. It’s like a director that spitballs his new vision for the future, but doesn’t actually produce a strategy for his department.

      If he wants to move into being a researcher, Yan Fei needs to start babying these ideas: taking them from theory to hypothesis to proof to dissemination in front of a quorum of peers are all his responsibility. If he doesn’t care, why should anyone else. At the moment, the moment he’s got to step 2, he gets bored and goes to do something else.

      He’s a first year student. Of course he doesn’t have those skills yet: he’s here to learn them. But he does need to learn them. His mentor isn’t telling him “study less”, he’s telling him “stop playing and study”.

  2. When he finds out all the concrete data used to come from Yan Hao, will Yan Fei says he’s been bullied by being denied the data now? I know it’s his character setting, but it’s very annoying.

    1. I look forward to him trying to make such claims when SH is around so he can slap his head into a different shape.

  3. It feels like the author is setting YF to be a fairly typical antagonist, but I kinda hope they’ll do the atypical thing. The fact he keeps bringing up how things dont feel right is super interesting

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